Sales guide by whatsapp + tools


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In this article we will talk all about sales by whatsapp. You will learn step by step how to increase your sales using the most famous communication application in Brazil, as well as tools that help automate this work.

Whatsapp is currently one of the biggest sources of sales and communication with customers along with Instagram and Facebook. It is possible to earn a lot of money using whatsapp by doing personal marketing directly with a customer.


How to sell by Whatsapp?

Selling on whatsapp requires the same knowledge you need to sell personally to a person in the physical store. The great facility is that you have time to think about strategies and write your texts to win the customer.

The biggest difficulty is getting the customer's whatsapp number, adding it to your contact list and still waiting for him to respond. Fortunately, there are tools that automate this whole process to save time.

Another great option that you need to work on is to have the client look for you. You need to make your number public, visible on social networks and even create direct links that open your number and send a message to your Whatsapp.

We don't know if you have a physical store, sell affiliate products or services, but whats can be used to sell anything, support customers, make a good impression and get them to buy from you again.

I consider Whatsapp to be the new telemarketing of the century, less intrusive and more comforting for people who hate to receive calls from banks and cell phone operators. To master this popular tool, it takes a lot of dedication!

Sales guide by whatsapp + tools

Using Whatsapp Bussines

One of the first steps for those who want to use whatsapp as a sales tool is to install the bussines application on their cell phone. This application dedicated to companies adds extra functions and basic automation tools.

With this App you can leave an automatic welcome message or a message when you are away. You can also generate a link for people to contact you quickly and without having to add your number.

You can also schedule automatic responses to basic questions or on certain dates and times. With Whatsapp Bussines it is also possible to use a Landline number instead of just mobile numbers.

With a business profile you can add your address, area of ​​operation, opening hours, e-mail and website. You can also add shortcuts for quick answers, making your work faster, as well as a statistics system.

The best thing is that the Whatsapp Bussines app allows you to have an account independent of your personal whats. This is perfect for those who do not want to receive unwanted calls or want to display their numbers on web profiles.

Sales guide by whatsapp + tools

How to find contacts for whatsapp?

One of the biggest difficulties of selling through whats is the formation of the contact list. As we already mentioned, it is not easy to get numbers and save them manually in our contact list to chat.

Fortunately Instagram, Facebook and other social networks leave some profiles with cell phone numbers exposed. This opens a gap for several automatic programs to come out to capture contacts on these social networks.

With one of these programs you can also capture an email and already make your email marketing list using some platform like mautic. These programs usually scan friends for a specific profile, hashtags or niche.

Another way to get contact numbers is by using capture forms on a page of your store or website. You can add a cellphone field next to the email capture, but that can lower your commissions.

If you are looking for local contacts, there are many ways to get them. Also remember to always save the numbers of the people who come in contact with you through their number displayed somewhere.

Sales guide by whatsapp + tools

Whatsapp Automation Tools

There are dozens of tools, extensions, programs, websites and automation services for whatsapp. Let's mention the most popular and most accessible today. I hope you like the recommendations below:

Sell ​​on Zap tool - The Sell on Zap tool allows to extract highly targeted contacts from social networks and groups using keywords. It also sends messages, offers, products and services to the target audience automatically and effectively through a chatbot and auto responder.

In addition to the online tool, you have access to support to answer your questions, video lessons teaching how to install and use the tool, all updates at no additional cost, extraction of segmented contacts and unlimited sending of messages. As a freebie you take some digital marketing ebooks and tips for professionals in the field.

Bot2Zap - O bot2zap is a powerful tool that automates the communication flow, automatically forwards videos, photos and contacts, creates segmentation, tags and leads, schedules alerts and payments, captures leads and creates ready and defined messages.

TrueWhapp Service - It is an API generating software for integration, perfect for those who wish to use an application, plugin or third extension that needs the WhatsApp API, but you cannot get such an API due to not meeting these requirements or due to technical difficulties.

TrueWhapp is a software that generates an API for sending whatsapp notifications that can be integrated into any software, web pages or mobile applications without any hindrance.

Sales Templates for Whatsapp - This site promises to increase its sales by 78% through numerous ready-made message templates that increase conversion. In addition to the models you receive a special method and courses on winning leads, creating contacts, sending images, audios and videos.

AUTO WhatsApp - This tool makes Whatsapp send AUTOWASAP messages in bulk to several numbers in one click without the need to save them only through an android phone.

Sales guide by whatsapp + tools

Courses that teach how to sell by Whatsapp

In addition to the tools, some do not have much knowledge in whats marketing, nor will my article be able to supply all your curiosity, maybe it will just make you more curious and confused. The truth is that learning to sell on whatsapp takes time.

The greatest way to acquire knowledge is through reading. See also some Amazon books on whatsapp that may be of interest to you:

We will also recommend a list of courses on Udemy. The main advantage of Udemy courses is their cheap and affordable prices. See Udemy's list of courses on whatsapp below:

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