SEO Guide for YouTube Videos and Channels


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Many people think that growing up on youtube consists only of making videos and optimizing them for good visibility on the platform. What few know is that there is SEO for videos that can boost both your YouTube channel and articles on your site.

In this article we will see the importance of making a good disclosure and SEO of your youtube channels, we will also see the importance of having a channel, even if your focus is a website or blog. Let's see how websites and videos fit perfectly in creating good SEO.

Glossary of article terms

During the article we will mention some expressions that are unknown to some new readers. So I will briefly talk a little about these expressions in order to cure your curiosity and not to confuse the article.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization - It consists of a variety of techniques that aim to make your site more friendly and visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Backlinks - These are links from other relevant sites that point to your video or website. When it comes to youtube, any video embedded in any website can be considered a kind of link or backlink.

Keyword - Are short or long words and expressions that identify the standard purpose of the video. These are the terms that will be searched on the youtube or google search bar by the people you want to reach.

Authority Sites - They are famous sites that receive a lot of visits, that have relevant content and the same niche as yours. Generally these sites have a high SEO score on some metric like DR or DA.

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

Boosting your website's SEO with videos

The ideal of all sites and blogs is that they also have a youtube channel or vice versa. So you can have two sources of income and improve the standard SEO of your articles and youtube channel at the same time.

As a busy 3-site writer, I don't have time to edit full youtube videos, so I use tools like InVideo to create sort of automatic videos based on the texts in my articles. Of course, quality is important if you want to grow on youtube.

If you still don't want to have a youtube channel, always remember to at least add someone else's video to every article on your site. A video makes a lot of difference in the SEO of your page and even allows you to be found in google search for videos.

Usually your article is on the first page, but ends up being overshadowed by videos or articles with videos that appear prominently on Google search. That's why it's important to always put videos on your article page, sometimes several videos can improve your reach and CTR.

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

The importance of having your videos on websites

The best way to increase the reach of your videos is by adding them to websites, directories, youtube imitations and other sites that allow you to send links from or embedded videos (embed).

Video SEO works in the same way as backlinks that indicate your site. The greater the authority of the site where your video is available, the better it will improve its visibility on both Google and YouTube.

The difference is that you do not need the site to link to your video, having an iframe or video embedded in different formats already gives authority to your video and youtube channel. So it is good to look for ways to upload your videos to some sites.

Even if the site does not pass any authority, the chance of someone accessing your video through this exposure may be possible, thus generating an increase in reach. The more people who access your video, the more your channel’s reach increases.

Nowadays the google robot is very intelligent and observes practically everything about you, your website, your channel and your brand. Even citing your channel name on internet sites can end up helping with your exposure and ranking.

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

Adding your videos on authority sites

Look for partnerships, find sites that write articles with the same subject as your videos, offer the idea of ​​them publishing your video next to the article, talking about the SEO benefits for both.

In the middle of 2020 it is incredible that people still write articles without sharing a video, they have no idea how a video is very important within an article. Look for these people and tell them about it.

You should look for directories that allow the posting of videos, there are some directories of places and ads that when you register you generate a page on more than 200 sites at once. Among them we have:

  • Central Index;
  • Scoot;
  • Click2Find;

You should also link your channel to various personal websites, rings of authority tiers, social profiles and wherever you think possible. You can get ideas and use famous social networks to create your profile and link your channel and videos.

Even if the social network, directory or feed site is unknown or not in Portuguese, if it is an authority domain, create an account, upload your channel logo (it’s important), make a nice description and put links in description or profile, where possible.

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

Generating feed from your Youtube channel

If you want to upload your youtube channel to FEED sites, you may need to have a FEED RSS video link. YouTube leaves this FEED a bit hidden, but you can generate it with your channel ID.

If you do not know your channel ID, enter the channel and then use the web inspector and search for channelid. Then just add your channel ID after the following link:

You can also share your FEED link on authority networks and websites like Tier to increase your channel’s authority. The possibilities are many, start by finding FEED RSS sites and directories that are public.

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

Errors when disclosing a youtube channel

Many resort to old and outdated ways to rank their videos on youtube or on the internet. Some often paste infinite keywords, hashtags and random things into the video description in order to increase reach, but that doesn't work.

We recommend filling out your video description well, also using variations of keywords you want to target. However, listing random, meaningless words in your video description will only hinder your reach.

Try to write a natural, real video description, not a list of random words and variations that relate to your video. There are already video hashtags for this job, you don't need to clog your video description with nonsense.

Another thing that I think is ugly and that doesn't help at all is to link your videos in comments to other videos. Many newbies do this, but it is better to increase your reach and visibility with natural comments and not asking to visit the channel in other people's video comments.

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

Understand every part of your video on youtube

For your video to rank well, you need to know what you're doing. There are several techniques that are done in creating and posting the visa that is as important as the SEO Off Page of your video.

Search for key words using YouTube and Google to understand the best choice of title for your article. Generally, video titles need to be specific and clear, usually long, explaining everything the visitor is looking for in the search bar.

In addition to the title, even the file name of your video can influence SEO. So rename your MP4 file with keywords and themes from the video so that youtube is aware of what your video is about.

In all of your videos you must encourage Reviews and Likes of your followers. Generally asking may not be enough, but if you do poll or flashy question, you can make lazy people comment and click on like.

There are many other obvious tips that I may not even need to quote here, so I’ll just mention it in the checklist. Things that all youtubers and dozens of articles on the subject already explain, thumbnails, duration, subtitles, equipment and others.

For the rest, it is enough to act naturally improving the quality of your videos, creating suspense, increasing watch time and other scams that most articles on the internet talk about. By doing this, your channel will grow naturally.

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

SEO courses for videos

I definitely can't teach all the SEO tricks for videos and the youtube channel, nor do I even have time to make videos and teach step by step every little thing mentioned in this article. This is for the courses I publish!

Searching the digital course platforms, I found some interesting courses that can help with these steps you need to take to boost your YouTube channel. Secrets that no other article writes.

To access the course in question, simply click on the title at the beginning of each paragraph:

Online Business Formula - As always, first of all I recommend the online business formula to everyone because it is the most complete and accessible course I have ever seen. He teaches almost everything about working online, whether with website or youtube.

SEO for Youtube - Complete Guide - The Absolutely Complete and Definitive Guide to SEO for YouTube. Everything you really need to learn about this powerful art is within this simple and powerful eBook.

Youtube Adsense 3.0 - The course is focused on using the new SEO on Youtube, using advanced and current techniques to maximize financial gains with adsense, increase product sales or carry out your branding online

Seo guide for videos and youtube channels

Youtube courses at Udemy

The advantage of Udemy courses is that they are cheap and accessible, but they are simpler and more basic than the others:

Books and Guides for Youtubers

I also want to leave a list of books that I recommend that can be purchased on Amazon:

SEO Checklist for your YouTube Channel

During the article we explained several things about SEO on Youtube, but to finish we will once again list all the points quickly in a checklist. If you liked the article, share and leave your comments.

  • Search keywords for your video;
  • Put long and specific titles;
  • Rename your video file;
  • Encourage comments and Likes;
  • Use polls and questions to engage subscribers;
  • Add as many tags to the video;
  • Invite people to subscribe to the channel;
  • Make good thumbnails;
  • Add Caption to your videos;
  • Make videos with at least 5 minutes;
  • Make videos under 15 minutes;
  • Manage your channel's FEED;
  • Create profiles on social networks;
  • Add links to your channel on authority sites;
  • Always use your logo;
  • Make videos in collaboration with other channels;
  • Also try posting videos on facebook;
  • Improve your content;
  • Always learn new SEO techniques;
  • Improve your content even more;
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