Why is monetizze superior to hotmart?


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When we talk about the affiliate market, Hotmart is the main company mentioned, but there is a competitor that is up to date, if it has not already surpassed Hotmart. Today we are going to talk about Monetizze and its superiority in several aspects.

I have always loved Hotmart, but for the past few years it has done things to make the affiliate's life more difficult and improve the producer's life. While Monetizze has focused a lot on affiliates that receive much more benefits.

This article was written in early 2020, it may be that things will change on these two platforms, although I doubt it a little. I hope you like the article and share it with as many people as possible.

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The freshness of disabling affiliation with time

One of the most recent things that made me hate Hotmart is the function that allows the producer to set a time for the affiliate to make a sale, otherwise the affiliation is deactivated. I even understand the situation of the resource, but there is a big problem in all of this.

This feature can be activated on any product, including products with hotleads and Open Affiliation with infinite cookie. What sense does this function have other than stealing commissions? I strongly believe that this function should be disabled in at least open affiliate products.

Perhaps Hotmart should even despite canceling the affiliation, if a previous cookie sale was made, the affiliate receives a commission to avoid the time and investment lost.

I honestly see absolutely no sense in this role, sales depend entirely on the producer and his sales page, the affiliate is not to blame if he sent 5000 visits and did not generate a sale. Could you have this function with clicks of access or leads generated, but sales? It is very hard to play the responsibility for the affiliates.

Fortunately, so far, Monetizze does not have this misfortune, I hope she does not make this absurd setback. This is one of the main reasons for taking the focus away from Hotmart and dedicating itself mainly to Monetizze.

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The conversion of Monetizze products

Hotmart works with a good old cookie system, but it also offers an email capture scheme to track so-called commissions and hotleads that is not available on all products.

Monetizze offers this system similar to Hotleads, but easier and more accessible in almost all products, the platform also tracks commissions in different ways, capturing email, IP and other visitor information.

It is very difficult for your commission to disappear when promoting Monetizze products, while Hotmart has only done disgrace to screw affiliates and improve the lives of producers. The conversion, pixel and other tools are much more accessible and easier at Monetizze.

Monetizze's interface is much cleaner, intuitive and offers a lot of information about the products. Even in affiliate links, you can find shortened links to advertise products. API, Plugins and other native integrations with other tools is much easier and more accessible.

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Monetizze has Physical Products

Hotmart is focused only on digital products, but Monetizze also offers affiliation for physical products. Everyone knows that physical products are easier to convert, making Monetizze an option equivalent to the Dropship market.

There are physical products with high commissions just like digital products. Monetizze also organizes and separates digital products from physical ones, organizing and structuring the entire store.

On the platform there are many strange, innovative and persuasive high conversion physical products such as products related to weight loss, relationships, utilities and other crazy and unique inventions. Try selling some Monetizze physical product on your social networks, website or youtube.

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Referral Percentage

Monetizze looks like a perfect Multilevel Marketing system for those who work as a niche money and affiliates. It offers 1% commission for all sales of a person invited to the platform for one year.

If you are not yet registered with Monetizze, I invite you to register through the my link and button below, I give my full support and collaboration in this affiliate market to those who register by my referral.

Be sure to register with Monetizze using the button above to start working as a real affiliate and still get some tips and support from Kevinbk. I await you at Monetizze ...

Another small great advantage of Monetizze is the option to anticipate the withdrawal of commissions. You do not have to wait 30 days to collect your sales money, you can request an advance withdrawal by paying a small fee. The commission that Hotmart takes from producers is also usually higher.

Where does Hotmart Earn from Monetizze?

Despite all the good things I said about Monetizze, unfortunately Hotmart has superior things like its Hotmart Club, its optimized tools, a good report and marketplace, not to mention that most quality products and affiliates are located on such a platform.

I am already used to Hotmart and most of my earnings come from this platform, but it has left a lot to be desired. Higher fees, no advance withdrawal and the absence of many features present in the competition are just some of the problems.

Affiliates and producers must test and use both platforms, unfortunately Monetizze is new and does not have as many varieties of products and niches as Hotmart. At Monetizze you will come across more and more courses in marketing, gambling, health, beauty, relationships and well-being.

Why is monetizze superior to hotmart? - hotmart

Learning to Sell at Monetizze

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