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In this article I want to talk a little bit about the affiliate market and how paid traffic can fit perfectly in this situation. I also want to share the experience of a childhood friend who was successful in the area of ​​Facebook ADS and others.

Paid traffic literally consists of paying to take people to a website, sales page, capture page and more. If the person knows how to invest and never in paid traffic, he will always generate money without loss.

It is not a simple market like organic traffic, because it needs knowledge and investment, but the results are quick and huge if done correctly. Nowadays many are generating fortunes through paid traffic on Facebook.

What do I need to know about paid traffic?

In short you pay for sales, if you know how to invest definitely you will make sales and generate fortunes. You just need to know which product to advertise, how to advertise, how much to pay for each click, handle conversion tools, lead and others.

It is not a simple process, but it is also not difficult to do. Just make a good choice of product, which you know will definitely sell, create a very top landing page and generate emotion in the customer.

If you master the way you always invest at least recover the amount invested, you can explore a universe of ways to earn money, whether by selling digital products, physical products, dropshipping and even services.

Paid traffic and affiliate market - vitor beires - affiliates

What I need to know about Affiliate Market

The affiliate market is a universe where you advertise other people's stuff in exchange for commissions that can range from 5 to 60%. Digital products such as online courses generally have a higher commission than physical products.

There are thousands of digital product affiliate products and services like Hotmart, Eduzz, Udemy, Monetizze and Clickbank. Also affiliate services for physical products from different stores like Amazon and platforms like Lomadee and Rakuten.

Just register on some of these sites and explore the numerous partnering options for several different products and sites. Your job is simply to get the person through the link to buy a certain product. Paid traffic is one of the best ways to do this.

To be affiliate has numerous advantages like not needing stock, delivering or taking care of support and after sales. Just simply make the person buy a product through your affiliate link. There are many ways to do this.

Paid traffic and affiliate market - vitor beires - advantage of being an affiliate

My Childhood Friend's Success in the Affiliate Market and Paid Traffic

I have a childhood friend named Vitor Beires, we lived together going to anime events and we even worked on some web designer services at the time. Until I moved to another city and we distanced ourselves.

At the time, I was focusing on my biggest project, one of the biggest Japanese culture sites in Brazil. In the meantime, my childhood friend was studying programming, at that time I heard little of him.

Until I suddenly realized that he was in the same business as me, the famous affiliate market. The big advantage is that he joined the big ones, learned from Pai do Traffic, one of the best Facebook ADS masters in Brazil.

At the time, he was in the dropshipping market generating 15,000 per month with paid traffic. Soon he started working with Monetizze posting daily prints of his smartphone with more than 40 sales made per day with paid traffic.

Paid traffic and affiliate market - vitor beires - mac writing

My frustration with organic traffic

Those who know my story, you know that I’m for 5 years learning and mastering organic traffic with my Suki Desu Japanese Culture website. With him I managed to reach 500,000 monthly visits, but his income is very low.

Unfortunately with Adsense I earn less than 300 $ monthly, together with the affiliate sales I could say that my salary circulates around 5,000 reais monthly. Something low compared to Vitor Beires who generates more than 15,000 per month.

In a few months he was able to dominate paid traffic and achieve these results, while I have been for many years, with a certain fear of investing in Facebook ADS and making advertising investments that have not given so many results.

This does not mean that everyone who invests money in paid traffic will get immediate results, it is more likely to have losses. It is not easy to find a perfect product and make a beautiful copy in order to make sales with ads.

The point is that only those who try will have resulted, and I am close to doing so with the help of the course I bought from my childhood friend Vitor Beires. (I mention his full name several times for reasons of IF THE).

Both paid or organic traffic can make you rich, just knowing how to reach the right audience and make sales. I personally prefer organic traffic, but it would be a lie if I say that paid traffic is no longer profitable, and in the short term.

Paid traffic and affiliate market - vitor beires - typing

From zero to pro affiliate

Vitor Beires is a greedy guy who only dreams of growing financially, totally different from me who just wants to have a good income without having to work so hard. Despite dealing with paid traffic, Vitor Beires is always working.

Soon he created his own online course on paid traffic that calls From Zero to Affiliate Pro. His goal is to help people deal with paid traffic just like he did. He teaches everything he has learned from the Father of Traffic.

For this reason, if you want to learn about paid traffic and the affiliate market, I recommend Vitor Beires' course as it is cheap and accessible. I'll leave the link on the button below for you to take a little look:

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