Why don't I teach private lessons?


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Many people and friends come to me asking how much I charge to teach her to work on the internet. Some ask for help for free, wanting to learn step by step and I don't know how to help that particular person.

I myself have the habit of posting my results in the stories, always leaving texts like: Learn to profit as I do! I teach you how to work online! Many send interested messages, but I don't know what to do.

I always end up taking these people to my articles and the courses I am affiliated with. Why don't I teach people in particular how to make money on the internet like I do and promise on this site? I want to discuss that in this article.

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Why don't I teach private lessons?

Teaching someone in person takes time

Time is money, and teaching one person at a time, step by step from scratch, takes a long time. Even though I charge a high price for private lessons, this is not advantageous for me, nor for someone else. First I don't know everything!

Second, I can earn a lot more by recording ready-made classes or writing objective articles. These people just need to read and watch such videos to gain knowledge. Of course, I am available to answer and answer questions, but not to teach step by step.

My articles and videos teach not just one person but several at the same time. I don't even have time to manage all of my sites, what to say about monitoring each student's site personally, so I don't teach a private class.

Why don't I teach private lessons?

There are already online courses that teach

Even if I teach a person all my knowledge, I will never teach more than online courses. There are complete courses focused only on a certain subject that I don't know about. There are countless ways to work online.

I am not specialized in any area, I just know a little of everything, I know the obvious that I watch people do. If you have no experience with computers, the best thing to do is to buy a course that teaches step by step what is done.

I don't have the patience to teach, the courses have classes that can be seen over and over again until you catch the morning, not requiring anybody's patience.

There is a complete course that I recommend for everyone who wants to work over the internet. The famous Online Business Formula it is a complete course that teaches absolutely anything.

If you search the internet how to grow a youtube channel? The people will recommend you FNO. Should you search for how to create a website? They will recommend the FNO to you. Should you look for how to be an affiliate? FNO! How to advertise on Facebook? FNO!

This is undoubtedly the most complete digital marketing course I know, in addition to being super cheap. Since I joined Hotmart in 2014, this course is always among the bestsellers, getting better and better. Go FNO!

Once again, I will recommend the course below FNO! Author Alex Vargas also has a short free course that teaches you about the affiliate market. The button link below gives access to this course and also on the FNO sales page!

Why don't I teach private lessons?

Marketing involves self-teaching

If a person really wants to work online and get ahead of the competition, he needs to learn how to solve problems on his own. Google is full of free information about all workspaces, just search and find the solution.

Unfortunately, many people do not have this ability and see taking questions personally with me. Kevin, how to do this or that? I just feel like saying: Search on Google, search for video on Youtube.

Unfortunately there are people who don't even know how to register on a website, but want to work online. If the person does not learn to manage on the web pages alone, does not read the things that are written, they will not be able to make money online.

I never took an online course to work with Digital Marketing, I learned everything by watching the best, using Uncle Google, watching free videos on Youtube, it was a slow process that took 5 years, but it helped me to create independence.

Why don't I teach private lessons?

People Give Up Easy, then I take the blame

I keep saying that it is easy to work on the internet and that anyone can do it, but some just don't have the patience, want immediate results, or think that working on the internet is easy.

Then I take a person's money to teach him personally, what if he doesn't get results? She will want to blame me. Sometimes it takes time and effort to get satisfactory results, people generally don't understand it.

So it is better to leave a course with guarantee, support and feedback in the hands of my readers and followers. People are curious about the prints of my results, they think I'm a tramp who wins by doing nothing. Then break your face!

Working online is as much work as a fixed job. Entrepreneurs can work 7 days a week 12 hours a day, heating their heads at the computer and having white hair as anxious as I am.

Still, I love my job, it allows me to spend a large part of my day at leisure, using my time the way I want, without trying too hard. It is possible to leave everything on automatic and enjoy life, but in the beginning there is a lot of toil!

Why don't I teach private lessons?

Keeps Helping and Mentoring

As I mentioned in the article, it is impossible and nothing feasible to teach a person step by step to make money working on the internet as I do. The most I can do is give tips, write articles, make videos and recommend courses.

I can also give support, answer questions, mentor or help the person decide the path they want to take. Still, I shy away from the responsibility of making a person have an income online, because that depends solely on him and not on me.

If you really want to work online, forget that I will send you audios teaching and monitoring everything, as I will not take your hand as the gurus of online courses say. For that, there are online courses! With support team and experts in all matters.

Still, feel free to text me Whatsapp that I can answer questions and help you in the best possible way. The only thing I'm not going to do is teach you step by step what you have to do or how you have to do it.

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