4 career opportunities to get into digital marketing

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O marketing carried out from digital platforms brings a series of opportunities to workers in the area. As time goes by, digital marketing becomes more and more relevant to brands and businesses around the world.

Regardless of changes in the social context, the internet is still present in people's lives, so this area remains crucial. As the internet is used for the most diverse purposes in the lives of consumers, actions for the online universe are justified.

In this way, many professionals resort to training that is already consolidated in this area to invest in the best tactics and more assertively organize communication efforts in the digital world.

These trainings are also important to learn how to use the main tools and understand fundamental concepts. For these reasons, training in digital marketing is so necessary and important, bringing new horizons.

In this article, we’ve covered the importance of training in this area of study, pointing out 4 career opportunities that stand out, as well as some course options to get you started and use as a starting point. starting key.

Why seek qualification in Digital Marketing?

O digital marketing it is certainly a segment of the market that is on the rise, which means that there is a great demand for good professionals who are specialized in the area.

The efforts of the digital universe for the dissemination and communication of brands is a great opportunity for the growth of companies. This makes this a segment with constant demand, even with the economic crisis.

So it's a smart choice to train in the area, as there will be many chances and job opportunities. There are several different sub-areas and fronts that you can specialize in, becoming a differentiated professional.

Digital marketing offers more than opportunities to act, but a possibility to grow professionally and evolve. Good professionals are like custom displays that stand out with more opportunities.

It is this highlight that allows for greater possibilities for interesting promotions and to move up in the hierarchy. Another reason for you to seek qualification in digital marketing is the innovation involved in this area.

The market is like a living organism that is always changing, as there are always new chances of inclusion in the area, precisely to ensure that companies will adapt to these changes that the digital marketing professional is necessary.

Studying constantly is something that puts you in front of new trends, allowing you to master new tools and solutions. Also, the marketing industry usually welcomes people from other areas very well as well.

released by a access control project, has a good reception from other professionals such as engineers and journalists. It is not uncommon to see professionals from other areas taking on leadership roles in digital marketing.

In this field, recruiters highly value non-technical characteristics, such as the ability to keep up with innovation and maturity.

Precisely because many switch to digital marketing, this is a highly diversified area, requiring skills such as:

  • Skill with numbers;
  • Creativity;
  • Team work;
  • Communication capacity;
  • Ease of troubleshooting;
  • Programming mastery.

The search for training allows the student to develop their professional profile, becoming more complete and desired by the market.

A complete professional quickly stands out on several fronts, even being able to make digital campaigns for a corporate gifts company.

Top 4 career opportunities

Career opportunities in digital marketing are diverse. In this article, we point out 4 opportunities that stand out today.

  1. search optimization

One of the hottest digital marketing fields today is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This area deals with the set of techniques that aim to improve the positioning of pages in search engines, such as Google.

This means reaching more consumers in the search process on these search engines and standing out.

Being valid for the most diverse areas of the market, even for a mixed poll, as it covers internal techniques such as URLs, titles and meta descriptions, and external techniques such as external links.

It is always a challenge for companies to position themselves, so there is a great demand for SEO. This is a rapidly evolving field, with strategies and trends emerging all the time.

Given this, there is a great demand for people who understand these changes and are willing to deliver good results.

  1. Social media

Social media dominate the internet, focusing interpersonal communication in the digital world. People log in every day, sometimes over and over again, to view trends, news and information.

Therefore, there is a demand for professionals to strengthen communication and marketing strategies aimed at social networks.

In one case, it may provide services to a automation company of digital marketing, this professional aims to better position the brand, promoting its services and products.

Certainly the professional who specializes in this area will find many opportunities in the market.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is another area that stands out as a source of lead generation and sales opportunity in the online universe.

For several companies, such as access control, this is the main tool for attracting new customers, enabling income and success.

Having a specialized view of this field can be highly advantageous for the most diverse professionals. Within content marketing there are some possible divisions of knowledge areas.

You can be empowered to create marketing emails, interactive content or real-time content. It is possible to find out about all these subjects, and then work with each of them in their particularities.

  1. Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing is another great opportunity, being a sub-area that combines data science with the analysis of marketing results to provide better decision making.

Using the robotic process automation and strategic planning, it is possible to create dashboards about your actions and campaigns, to better understand the decisions made, as well as what can be improved.

It is also up to this professional to structure predictive and statistical analyzes that can anticipate future scenarios. It is interesting to specialize in these two fronts to work with Data-Driven Marketing.

Having this understanding of data science and statistics enables greater transparency and predictability for marketing analytics.

In addition, knowledge about marketing and the target audience can provide a basis for the creation of projects and campaigns.

Digital Marketing Courses

There are a few opportunities available that offer good digital marketing training courses. We highlight the main ones below.

mLabs Social Media Exponential

The mLabs Social Media Exponential course is a course focused on social networks, being completely online. It brings fundamental concepts such as sales funnel, persona, customer journey, among others.

Regarding social media management, the course provides information about reach and engagement, about the different types of content, interaction in networks, human psychology, impact of influencers, among other topics.

Digital Results

On the digital results company platform it is possible to find courses on the RD Station system and other more general topics.

An example is the Inbound Marketing course, which covers the consumer journey, persona, sales funnel, among other topics.


Hubspot's Inbound Marketing course is an essential course for anyone looking to specialize in the field.

This is due to the fact that the term Inbound itself was created by this company, which has a lot of knowledge to offer.

In addition, in the digital marketing market, a Hubspot certificate represents a lot, being requested by several companies.

Rock University

At the University of Rock Content it is possible to find training on SEO, email marketing, how to put a website online, content production, among others.

With a complete Content Marketing course, it explains topics such as indicators and KPIs, choosing the CMS server for the website, defining the persona, sales funnel, sales, website publications, among other topics.

It is an excellent set of classes focused on analyzing metrics and organization to succeed with a blog in a modern content strategy.

Facebook Ads

It is possible to specialize on the platform Facebook Ads, with several courses available to use the ad creation and publication tool, aiming to generate traffic.

The course assists in the entire management of the ad, from the moment it goes live, segmentation, details of costs per click, costs per view, among other points.

Final considerations

Digital marketing is a broad segment with a series of sub-areas that offer opportunities for qualified professionals.

Search Optimization, Social Media, Content Marketing and Data-Driven Marketing are 4 career opportunities to get into digital marketing.

Choose your area of greatest interest and start your studies to take advantage of the opportunities that this market brings.

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