Facebook Ads: definitive material to boost your campaigns

O Facebook Ads is an important boosting tool for any company that wants to stay active in the market. The Facebook tool allows you to create posts and leverage within the platform in your company.

The world is going through a process known as digital transformation, where several technological advances have become popular and become much more common for most people.

Because of that, and mainly because of the advances in the mobile issue, people started to spend much more time connected, wanting information quickly and easily with a simple touch on the cell phone, such as delivery management of your purchases.

Of all the time people spend surfing the internet, however, most is on social media. These interaction platforms have conquered the world, and today they are where most users spend their time.

Among social networks, there are a variety of options, all very popular. However, the one that is perhaps the most popular of all is Facebook. Every day, millions of users enter the web around the world looking for information and connection.

Through publications about a integrated management system, users can have access to content designed and planned for what they are interested in, being able to comment, like or share publications they deem interesting within the platform.

It didn't take long for the market to understand the potential of this type of activity, and many companies started to join Facebook. At first, companies created a regular account, just like regular users.

However, the platform itself understood the need to create its own tools for this type of activity, and created the tools for commercial accounts and companies. There are several features of this service on the networks, one of the main ones being Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is the paid publishing system of the social network, which offers a series of formats for the ads that will be carried out. It is very efficient, mainly due to all the targeting possibilities available on the platform.

Through Facebook ads, you can create a series of advertisements for the most varied audiences of a accounting consultancy, choosing references such as:

  • Shared Interests;
  • Geolocation;
  • gender identity;
  • Age group.

In addition to many other options that allow greater targeting for each advertisement made in the application, thus generating a greater chance of conversions for your company through the platform.

Boosting publications is a great way to make your company stand out in the business market. 

The boost costs are much lower than for a traditional marketing action for website translation, for example, with the addendum that on Facebook Ads you can actually identify the results.

The ideal when working with any digital action is to look for organic ways to attract customers. This means that you will be much more directly connected to this type of structure, which allows for a more direct marketing action in your activities.

However, the organic model of capturing customers takes time to start generating results.

Therefore, it is interesting that you know how to work with these elements to know the right time to invest in sponsored publications to better reverse the situation.

The results of this type of activity are usually immediate, ideal for companies that are starting or that cannot wait for the engagement actions to happen in an organic way, accelerating the process to take their material to many other audiences.

In addition, the Facebook Ads tool allows you to create ads from various models, from classic text posts about access control even images and audiovisual content. The more you can explore these features, the better.

In this way, you reach an increasingly adequate number of people, working to convert more and more customers interested in your sales materials.

Facebook ads: material definitivo para impulsionar as suas campanhas - facebook business

Creating a campaign with Facebook ads

Now that you understand a little better how Facebook Ads works and its activity potential, you need to keep in mind what it takes to build a complete campaign using the application.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that this type of activity is highly business-to-business, and this guide is not intended to be a foolproof manual you should follow.

This is a guide for you to identify the main points of investing in a campaign for Facebook Ads, adapting the tool to your reality, such as the sale of franchise software to work more effectively with this type of tool.

setting your goal

The first step to get a quality structure in your digital marketing actions with Facebook Ads is to understand the objective of the campaign. The platform itself has a field where you can choose your objective from the available options.

Knowing what you are using the Facebook Ads Manager for is important so you have a guide for your campaign.

It's no use making traffic engagement advertising material on your page. IT outsourcing (Information Technology) if your goal is to increase your conversions, for example.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to deal with this type of tool intelligently, choosing the main objectives of the tool so that you can keep in mind all the plans that will be drawn with this type of action.

audience segmentation

Targeting is another key step to be more effective with Facebook Ads. When you create a digital marketing campaign, you are expected to know who you are talking to.

The group of people who have a greater interest in working with the elements you are offering is known as your target audience.

It is for these people that your marketing actions will be carried out, so that you get much more effective results in a quick and practical way.

By getting to know your audience through a organizational diagnosis, you can communicate with him, identify slang and even actions.

The target audience is still massive, and not all people will be at the right time to make a conversion, which ends up leaving this metric still too generic for a Facebook Ads booster action.

The solution in these cases is to have a persona. The persona is a fictitious figure, based on studies on its target audience and on previous transactions that the company has already carried out and saved the negotiation data.

A persona is based on its creation being as close to reality as possible. Therefore, a lot of useful information is created to deal with this type of situation. A persona goes beyond simple information like name, address and income.

What really sets these figures apart is the development of a complete psychological profile, which is full of fears, cravings and desires to be explored in order to optimize your sales.

With personas, you can test your marketing strategies even before they happen, enabling greater action and more quality.

ad placement

Knowing how to position your ad is also very important for you to work with more quality this type of action. An ad's location is where it appears to the user during programming.

There are two basic options for applying this type of activity, automatic and manual placements. Automatic, which is recommended for people who do not have technical knowledge in the area, is a way of working with quality this type of action.

That's because the tool itself will choose where the best advertising options are, allowing you to work with much more quality in this type of activity and ensuring more success in your explorations.

So, if you have a marketing team focused on digital work, and you created some kind of differentiated content, the manual option is still quite functional for those who want to work with this type of content.

control of expenses

One of the great advantages of this type of advertising is the fact that you can define how much will spend on your action. In addition to being able to unsubscribe at any time, many people use Facebook ads on a prepaid basis.

Because of this, you invest the amount you want to use in advertising and the application automatically generates these resources, achieving expressive results without you having to worry about breaking your budget.

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Final considerations

Working with driven content can be an excellent way to accelerate your company's knowledge processes, considerably increasing their interaction capabilities.

The more you use Facebook Ads, the greater the chance that people outside your bubble will get to know the company, making you able to work much more effectively.

It is not uncommon for companies that use this resource to become references in the areas in which they operate, as they are ahead of the market in terms of disclosure.