Paid traffic: Know the advantages and how to carry out this strategy

One way to increase the results of a brand, while investing in specific and effective strategies is to use the paid traffic. When it is done carefully and thinking of the best tactics, it can ensure the company's development.

Furthermore, it is very important, because it guarantees that the public will have access to the posted content, promoting results for the campaigns. Remember, you need to ensure that people access what's on offer. 

Thus, it is a very favorable strategy for new companies or companies that are consolidating, as it can help them acquire a qualified audience. 

Before understanding what it means to buy traffic, it is necessary to understand the concept of website traffic. Basically, it refers to the amount of hits on a page, which is very important for the digital marketing of a given company.

With this, it is possible to understand that making paid traffic is related to the purchase of strategies that guarantee the attraction of users to that page. 

In other words, a brand invests a certain amount of value in a strategically chosen font, which guarantees a displacement of a greater number of visitors to the site. This happens through advertisements on certain outreach channels. 

Another situation is for a company to pay for the platform to promote the publication, gaining prominence and relevance within search engines or social networks. However, there is also the possibility to pay in relation to the number of clicks. 

Thus, it is essential to emphasize that for this strategy to work, it is not only necessary to pay for it, it is essential to ensure that the site itself is of quality.

This means that the content posted needs to be of quality, as well as being a reliable site. That's because the platforms responsible for promoting the page evaluate these things in order to improve the user experience. 

Difference between paid and organic traffic

Attracting traffic to a website can be a strategy used in different ways, with different goals. One is through organic traffic. 

The main and clearest difference between these two types of traffic is the cost, in which the organic one has no direct cost. Therefore, it provides the attraction of customers naturally. 

For example, if a person searches the internet for “clamping elements” and accessing a certain site, an organic traffic is made. It makes the site available to a wide audience, providing long-term results. 

A detail of this strategy is that, as it is available among so many other sites, a market with a lot of competition ends up making it difficult to stand out, since appearing among the first results requires more in-depth work. 

Paid traffic, on the other hand, can increase brand visibility. By promoting your site on search platforms, you can find your site more prominently than organic search results, increasing the chance of clicks. 

As such, it is essential to think about the user experience. That's because having a standout strategy allows the company to increase its profit, as well as the advertiser who will have a return on instant conversions. 

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Importance of traffic for a business 

Directing and investing in attracting more audiences to a given company is essential, as it ensures that your strategies will have a consumer audience that will be interested in the posts. 

Traffic uses the digital environment to make the company known. With this, it is able to increase its visibility in the market, engagement, conversion into sales and a greater reach of content

In addition, it is important to have good strategies applied, as it is the main way to get in contact with consumers and potential customers, as he will be responsible for defining whether he purchases the service or product offered or not.

Tráfego pago: conheça as vantagens e como realizar essa estratégia - escadaria piramide

Know the different types of traffic

As mentioned, there is more than one type of traffic to be used by a company, such as organic, paid, referral, direct, social and email marketing. They can be used according to the objectives of each manager and will be analyzed below.


This type works through recommendations from other sources, which gives greater credibility to the company itself. This happens through the insertion of links in the middle of a content. It is the citation of a website on another, allowing for greater navigation for the customer.

For example, a home improvement company that has a blog might recommend a particular surface treatment, inserting your link, then passing its relevance to what was indicated. 

In this way, a certain page manages to transfer its authority to the link that was added to another site, sending the message that it indicates the site and that its content is of quality. 


This type refers to the search performed by the bar, where the user searches for the address of the website he wants to access. Thus, there are no intermediaries between the customer and the desired page entry. For this, he already knows the page and its subject. 

For example, a customer of a calibration company want to contact the company, so he goes directly to the site to access the information. Therefore, he must already know the brand. 


It's the kind that comes from social networks, through sharing links on these platforms. Therefore, it is very interesting to be present in them and guarantee prominence, allowing for a directing of the access flow.

For example, a company that sells sinks you can post on your social networks about your new collection and add the product link there, making people on the platform know and buy what was offered. 

E-mail marketing

In email marketing traffic, messages and links are sent via the email of its users, making it a more personal strategy. They don't guarantee prominence, but they are more efficient in the amount of visits. 

For example, a company that performs flow test can send emails to your contact list with a link to the website and an explanation of your service, driving traffic where you want it. 

How to carry out the strategy correctly?

To make traffic in the right way, ensuring an improvement in results, it is necessary to take into account some points and strategies, such as those that will be analyzed below.

1- Define the goal

Before implementing any plan in a company, it is necessary to define an objective according to the chosen strategies. Thus, a focused work is guaranteed, allowing the return to be greater.

For example, if a company that sells level transmitter it establishes that it wants to increase its profit, it manages to invest only in strategies that will guarantee the attraction of a qualified public to buy. 

In this way, the brand is able to achieve its desired goals, through effective strategies, reducing spending on investments that do not provide a return. 

2- Define the persona

Having a persona means understanding the characteristics of your customers, allowing you to guarantee the effectiveness of the strategy. In this way, the company understands the intent of its searches, improving the experience and attracting more customers. 

For example, if a company that sells accessibility signs she knows that her customers need her products to solve their day-to-day problems, she is able to improve her results because she offers what her audience needs. 

With this, the company is able to invest in strategies that will actually affect its consumer audience, since all its utilities must revolve around pleasing them. In this way, it allows the expense applied to be effective and not wasted. 

3- Choose the contents

With the audience and objectives defined, it is time to choose what type of content will be published on the site, according to the needs and desires of its consumers. 

This is the time to define effective keywords to attract your consumer audience and entice them to visit the page. In this way, it is possible to increase the trend of clicks. 

An example: if a company that sells flow counter understands that her audience is more interested in tips like this in search engine ads, she is able to invest her resources in this, improving the results. 

Top Paid Traffic Sources

There are some platforms that are used a lot as paid traffic, therefore, being very efficient for a company's goals. For this reason, the main ones are:

  • Google ads;
  • Facebook ads;
  • Youtube ads;
  • Instagram ads;
  • UOL ads.

In addition to these, there are also platforms that provide this service and guarantee the quality and results of the strategy used, but those mentioned are the ones that stand out the most. 


Investing in paid traffic promotion strategies can be a very effective technique for a company, especially when it needs to consolidate its audience and attract more people, in a more efficient and guaranteed way, without reducing the investments applied. 

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