Corporate video: 10 steps to produce and get your message across

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The audiovisual artifice is very important for the media, boosting the absorption of the message present in the advertisement. O institutional video it also acts in this sense, even if its content is not solely commercial.

The function of these videos is to speak beyond the commercial objectives of a company, differentiating themselves from an advertisement, for example.

They may even have a long-term commercial purpose, as presenting a brand to the public increases the possibilities of your products and services being consumed by this audience, but this is not the initial purpose of an institutional video.

An outsourcing company, for example, can carry out specific content in order to present the company's values, the mission that drives the procedures carried out in the company, and at that moment talk about its quality standard.

This is one of the specifics of an institutional video, which together with the message made available there, can talk about themes related to the company's commercial objectives, but not in an open way, as in advertising commercials.

Therefore, an institutional video can be made to talk about the internal procedures practiced, the commemoration of a special date for the public and the company, as well as the launch of a new product or service.

But if this is your company's intention, it needs to pay attention to the tone used in this work, so that it differentiates itself from a video or advertising piece.

As an enterprise aimed at construction, which will now work with the design of studio soundproofing. Instead of the traditional advertisement, it would be interesting for the company to present itself to its new audience, in this case an audience linked to music.

An institutional video, highlighting the company's values, as well as its care in the work carried out, can make a better impression on its new audience, rather than an advertisement announcing this new service.

As much as an institutional video shares some precepts with the production of an advertising video, it works with some particularities. These characteristics are important for a company that is committed to delivering something in this regard.

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10 steps to make a good corporate video

If your goal is to produce a quality institutional video, one that demonstrates all the professional character of your company, while not closing the curtain on some commercial opportunities, you need to follow some tips.

  1. Determine your goals

An institutional video can be made for multiple purposes, in some cases wanting to achieve more than one goal, one being more urgent while the other is connected to a company's long-term desire.

It may be the case of a company that works with the production of glass cover for homes and commercial stores, which intends to talk about the company's values and mission.

At the same time, this company wants to highlight in the same video the visual impact that its products can bring to your home decor, albeit in a subtle way. Defining these purposes will determine the next steps in making the video.

  1. Define your target audience

Just as the tone of the communication changes according to the purpose of your video, the audience it is intended for also asks for a specification in your style, taking into account the interests and what might motivate the audience's attention to this dialogue.

A more refined audience can be better impacted by a more cultured and erudite communication video, just as a younger audience will be more familiar with faster editing video, dynamic dialogue and animated editing.

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  1. Script and storyboard

Based on the information defined in the previous steps, it is time to be creative and put the ideas behind this production on paper. A good script will facilitate the filming process of this specialized production.

While the script is responsible for the structure of the video, with dialogues and textual elements, the storyboard is concerned with the visual aspects of the piece, idealizing the proposal of a work that depends on its aesthetic value.

Even if a rental company mobile dressing room don't think about highlighting your product in the institutional video, its presence in the work in question deserves some kind of highlight, which should be defined by the storyboard.

  1. send a clear message

Subjectivity is important when talking about including your product in this institutional video, but the main message of the work needs a clear highlight, so that the audience understands the purpose of this video.

This proposal is not linked to the commercial value of your product or service, but to the values that your company intends to highlight with a specific objective.

  1. storytelling

If the video's orientation is to sell a message rather than a product, this intention needs to be clear, and one of the ways to achieve this is through highlighting your company's history.

An important content marketing tool, the storytelling it consists of building a narrative for the history of your brand, highlighting the values used in its design, and how this fits the product it delivers.

An institutional video can precisely highlight these points, as a supplier of pumped concrete, that instead of making an announcement about the quality of the cement, you can make a video focusing on your company's tradition.

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  1. Video production 

After determining all the aspects that precede the conception of the video, it's time to put it into production.

And for this commercial piece to reach the full potential of communication that you seek to connect your company, this video needs to highlight the same values and qualities, with a production that catches the public's attention.

Thus, a quality camera, good sound equipment and lighting are some concerns to be raised during institutional video recording, requiring a good investment. After all, we are talking about brand reputation.

  1. Post production

After recording the piece, the investment in this communication has to continue, through the process known as post-production. Choosing the soundtrack and visual elements to highlight can set the tone of your video.

A service of industrial electrical maintenance You may want to highlight your company's safety, much like a soap brand seeks to thrill audiences with a familiar video. The ideal music manages to establish these different feelings.

  1. Video duration

Audiences face intense competition for their attention on the internet, and the size of the video available can help the user choose to watch specific content.

Before despair hits, as this detail was not highlighted before, during the production of the video, know that a good editing can precisely find the perfect rhythm for the work.

Even because a full 20-minute video can be broken down into smaller pieces, with each fragment being ideal for a different channel.

Just as a home decor store produces commercials of different formats for the advertisement of a glass guardrail. This company's institutional video may have a fragment for Youtube, another for Instagram and so on.

  1. Adopt other marketing tools

An institutional video can have several goals, and for each proposal a marketing strategy can be ideal. the use of a Call-to-Action, such as a catchy phrase or a link to the company's website can be a good proposal in this regard.

As well as hiring a prestigious personality, who connects with the public and talks to the company's ideals, in addition to other tools.

  1. Analyze the content produced

More than the final step, analyzing the content and how it resonates with the public is an essential step for the company's future, and for deciding on the best communication strategies to be adopted.

After presenting yourself to the public, and your quality content has been absorbed by the public, your company can better work its services in a commercial way, as an advertisement focused on the flow test carried out by the company, for the construction of a water well.

The advantages of an institutional video

After following all the production steps, it is time to make your institutional video available to the public, with a series of benefits achieved by it, such as:

  • Boost your brand;
  • Engage your audience;
  • Humanize your company;
  • Improve your influence content.

Therefore, all these advantages are linked to a better reception of the brand with the public, building a relationship to strengthen ties. What later can facilitate the process of communicating your products or services.