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The user has a great importance in the purchase process, being the essential link in this process. The market is starting to highlight this importance through techniques that care about the user experience, such as the UX Design.

The relationship between the consumer and the product goes beyond the quality found in it, because if a service stands out for the way in which it satisfies a need, the way in which it does this also has its importance for the customer.

With the arrival of digital instruments in the consumer's daily life, their power in the purchasing relationship became more important.

With a cell phone in hand, he can research the product, price and which competitor has the best cost-benefit ratio in this regard. And as if that wasn't a challenge in itself, today's consumer is also much more aware.

Before hiring the accounting Service of a company, the client is now informed about the company's history, its prestige in the market, and in specific cases, the social values worked by that company.

And this is far from being a problem, as it only demonstrates that the interests of the public are developing, as well as the market and society.

To respond to these concepts, companies need to change their communication, their production methods and often the very design of their products or services offered.

UX Design works with all these topics, so it is a subject that deserves attention from the commercial sector, if it wants to capture the attention of this new audience, more influential than influenced.

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How does UX work?

These two little letters are changing the relationship that brands have with the consumer, passing on the negotiating power to the customer, presenting products or services that make the customer in the best possible way.

UX is not a secret code of advertising agencies, in fact it is the acronym for User Experience, the “consumer experience” in Portuguese. This concept of customer experience can be included in the most diverse aspects of marketing.

The most famous are UX Writing, aimed at writing especially designed to win over the consumer, and UX Design, aimed at the look of the piece itself, which ranges from the position of images in a post to the design of a package.

As a new model of electronic trap, ideal for smaller products, but still working on a large scale, for those working in the industrial sector. This model was created thinking about a specific need of your audience.

Other examples can be found in your kitchen, such as cardboard milk cartons, accompanied by a practical plastic seal, or a sardine can with a special lid, which can be opened without the need for an opener.

Thinking about the user in this way guarantees a better reception of the user on your products, leaving aside traditional issues such as the brand name, or even the quality of the merchandise.

The customer may be willing to pay more for a service, if he fulfills his needs in the best way possible, bringing comfort and guaranteed satisfaction.

A factory can choose a specific model of wrapping machines, as this specimen gets the job done faster and more efficiently, without wasting plastic paper. These are questions that define the purchase in the current market.

And these concepts are not exclusive to the material market, as in the digital environment the consumer experience is even more important, as it is a much more dynamic scenario.

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UX Design in designing websites and applications

The layout of a website or application has a series of factors, such as the number of categories that will be present, the security system installed, the means of communication located there, in addition to several specificities.

A heavy machinery company may want their website to feature new equipment that has arrived in their catalog, such as a alignment machine, or a new model of industrial scale.

UX Design deals with all these particularities, without ignoring the experience of the visitor who accesses your application or website. And for him to have the best feeling in this regard, some issues are taken into account.

The weight of the site

It seems strange to talk about the weight of a website, being something completely immaterial, but your internet certainly understands this concept better.

The more functions and gadgets being added to your platform, the more difficult it will be for the user to load the page, depending on more data, when thinking about who accesses by mobile, or the quality of processing, on a desktop.

A website needs to be practical, easy to load, because no matter how good the promotion is, if the consumer does not get the product page, he will easily give up on the purchase.

Adaptable to all platforms

The variety of electronic devices requires a certain adaptability on the part of your website or application, as the modern consumer not only uses these different gadgets, but also combines their use during the purchase process.

A consumer can, for example, search his cell phone for a level sensor, but only complete the purchase when you sit in front of your desktop computer at the office, because you don't trust the security of these small devices.

In your situation above, the user accessed your website on different platforms, and it is up to your company to present the best possible experience in both models highlighted.

One option is to develop a mobile site, with different specifics from the traditional site, another alternative would be to create a responsive site that adapts to the screen on which it is being viewed.

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After entering your website, the user is also looking for the best experience while accessing the platform. A flashy design grabs the audience's attention, but it serves little purpose if they can't navigate its confusing menus.

In addition to an intuitive structure, the site needs to have a design that matches the style of its products, with striking colors for a paint brand, a sober tone for mechanical service companies or a company that deals with rotary probe.

The appropriate content

One of the goals of content marketing is to identify the profile of your audience, in order to create content that suits the interests of this audience. When thinking about the user experience, this concept continues to be of great importance.

A well-structured website needs to be fed with articles and videos, or thinking of a department store, with the establishment's own catalogue. Having a complete gallery of available templates can make your purchase decision easier.

Make sure your site is found

After all these precautions, creating the best possible website for your client, it is necessary that this user can easily find your address on the internet, simply typing "flow test” in the browser's search tool.

SEO Strategies (Search Engine Optimization), act with the best potential for your site to be found, working with keywords and content better targeted to your specific audience.

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The benefits of UX Design to your company

Employing specialized consumer experience tools into your website or app design can yield many benefits to your brand. 

Some of them are:

  • Greater return on investment;
  • Consumer credibility and trust;
  • Better interaction with customers;
  • Public loyalty;
  • Cost reduction.

The advantages related to audience behavior are easy to predict, as it deals directly with their reaction to your available content, and in the form in which it is presented.

The more satisfied the user is, the greater are the chances of buying again on that site, thus working his loyalty with the brand. But beyond that, a well-structured website can positively affect your company's expenses.

In addition, the customer can buy more often, and still be interested in other related products on your site, such as a referral from a acoustic barrier for those who have just purchased materials for a major renovation.

By being reached in this way, your company saves with communication strategies, such as paid advertisements, acquired with the intention of once again impacting this former consumer.

The consumer experience not only defines their current purchase, but also impacts their future purchase behavior, as the more satisfied they are, the greater the chances they will buy again or recommend to their colleagues.

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