Why do most people give up working online?

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Why do most people give up working online? In this article I will answer that question without trying to push you through a course, email registration, digital book or anything. I'm just going to answer that question in my own words.

The 5 biggest lies of working on the internet

Working online is a boon for many people, but the great truth is that most people are discredited when it comes to working over the internet or even having a business of their own. Besides finding unstable they give up halfway.

What causes 95% of people to give up working online? Thousands of people buy courses, get excited about working, but simply give up because they don't get results. What will be the great cause?

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

Before explaining in detail about why people end up giving up working on the internet. I want to talk briefly about the 5 biggest lies about working on the internet and that makes people give up.

Many end up believing the following lies:

  • Easy money;
  • Fast money;
  • You don't have to work hard;
  • You don't need to invest;
  • Not everyone succeeds;

Keep these 5 lies in mind when reading the article. These 5 lies make people easily give up working on the internet. They try, try and fail. This article will help you stay away from these and other lies and also never give up.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?


Thousands of people try to work and make money on the internet through marketing. One of the most lucrative and also deadliest things is the promises to make money online through miraculous methods and methods.

There are dozens of courses that promise to make money online with a trader, selling as an affiliate, creating websites, importing, betting, jobs and many others. As many wonderful courses as there are, a few hundred are just false promises.

Of course, for these courses to sell, they need to teach correctly, and they really do. The big problem is that they promise absurd profits in a short period, not all of these people are lucky or able to achieve that.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

Some are also disappointed, because they end up paying dearly for something that can be easily found on the internet through youtube or by alternative means. Working on the internet is not an easy task as the videos and courses promise.

These misleading advertisements end up using mental triggers and persuasion techniques to get visitors to purchase such a product or course on impulse. Many aware of this, end up falling into another trap called the toxic community.

Totally toxic marketing community

Thousands try to make money on the internet by selling something, this ends up filling the spaces of websites with banners and texts full of promises and alarming information. Things like Fake News and hyped news clog the internet.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

Currently, things are at a worse level. If you belong to a Facebook affiliate group, Instagram or whatsapp, get ready for some random person to add you or send a friendly message, talking random things.

At the end of the day he will try to force you and convince you to get into some lucrative business, either by promising earnings or even mentioning something free to attract you. You can fall like a desperate fish behind a hook.

Whenever I comment or post something on Facebook affiliate groups, someone sends a private message trying to make me a customer. Don't be silly and don't believe anything. The invitation will make you a parasite like him.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

In addition to private messages, in facebook groups and even paid ads you will find a ton of comments having nothing to do with subject matter inviting you to some lucrative business or online course that teaches you how to make money.

Unfortunately the community of affiliates and internet marketers is rotten, using evasive tactics, bothering people and using lies to convert and earn a miserable commission. The only wealthy are the producers who create such products.

They don't know how to work and they want to depend on others

Most people who buy courses on working on the Internet, end up not used to using computers or doing advanced browsing. It always ends up depending on the instruction of others.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

I've already written a long article on laziness of people, unfortunately many do not know how to do anything on the internet, like registering on a website, and already want to start earning fortunes.

I don't want to discourage lay people from the internet, on the contrary, online courses are just to help and teach these lay people. The courses are great and teach you step by step everything a person needs to know.

The only problem is that there are people who only know how to depend on others. Some do not know what independence is and cannot manage on their own or search for a solution to a problem on Google. To work online one needs independence and self-taught skills.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

To be successful working online, one needs to discover, create, venture and learn new things and all that, alone. Stop asking your friend how to do this or that, try to find out for yourself! Without independence you will not last long on the internet.

People give up very easy to make money online

As I mentioned earlier, lies and evasion end up discouraging people from having their own internet business. Many bought several courses and gained a lot of knowledge, but end up not having results because they are in desperation to earn quick money.

Working on the internet is as difficult as secular work. People who promise fortunes through their courses are likely to invest a lot of money in advertising and pay several employees and profit from the help of affiliates.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

I've been working on the internet for 5 years and still haven't managed to earn more than 100,000 a year. Of course, I work very little and I also do not submit to false promises, misleading advertisements and not even wasting time bothering people and insisting they buy things.

I just focus on my content, write daily articles for my main sites and always the money comes. Unfortunately my main niche is not very profitable, but I don't give up on it… I keep fighting daily.

If you want to make money online, you should never give up! People end up giving up too quickly because they want immediate results. I only started to see money fall into my account after years of effort.

Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

Of course, I had no knowledge of anything, nor did I take any courses on marketing, websites or sales. If you dedicate yourself to studying this whole market, you can achieve results much faster than me. The important thing is to never give up!

The 5 biggest truths about working online

At the beginning of this article, you saw 5 big lies about working on the internet. Now let's see the 5 biggest truths about working on the internet. This serves as a checklist of every article you've read.

We already mentioned it, but we will mention it again. Keep in mind the 5 truths about working online so that you can have satisfactory results and don't give up. The 5 truths are:

  • Working online is time and money;
  • Working online is tiring and not easy;
  • Working online requires knowledge;
  • Working online requires patience;
  • Anyone can do it if they don't give up;
Por que a maioria das pessoas desistem de trabalhar online?

Remember that to have results, you need to acquire the necessary knowledge and think like an entrepreneur. Following step by step courses can be a big mistake. You need to think on your own, innovate and never give up.

I wrote this article in less than 30 minutes. Honestly, I don't know if it was very good, because I only wrote in my own words in a short period. Still, I hope you enjoyed this article.

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