Text Mechanic – Practical text editing tools

Looking for practical ways to edit your text, but don't know where to find it? Do you want to draw lines, put them in alphabetical order, replace texts, delete duplicates, convert capital letters and much more? In this article I want to introduce the site Text Mechanic totally free.

Text Mechanic is a website that offers dozens of practical text editing tools. I love this site and I use it daily in creating my articles and language vocabulary lists. I often use it even as a text spin.

Throughout the article I will talk a little about each tool that this site offers. Just click on the subtitle to access the tool in question. Before starting, I will leave a summary below to facilitate your navigation:

I set up my own tool with my own text tool

This article was made to talk specifically about the textmachinic and their clones. I would like to point out that I also made my own version of the textmachinic completely online, free of charge and in Portuguese for you to use.

100% free alternative to textmechanic.com

IUnfortunately the free version of the textmechanic.com website ends up limiting you to the number of executions per day. Luckily i found the site textmechanic.co which is pretty much the same, but completely free.

I can't say if this is dishonest or not, because it really looks like someone just copied all the tools on the site and made it available on another site of the same name with a different domain. But they are simple tools, there is no reason why textmachanic.com charges to use them.

They are easy tools to make and with dozens of open source available on the internet. So don't be silly enough to pay for simple, free tools just because a website charges you for it. In fact, you can even download the entire site to your computer and open it offline that it works perfectly.

This tool is integrated and works in Client Side JavaScripting, so only your computer will see or process your data input / output. Thus maintaining your privacy and security of your files.

Sort and Sort lines of text - SORT TEXT LINES

This is another of the most popular and most used tools by me within the Text Mechanic. With it I am able to sort the lines in alphabetical, numerical, random, reverse order and even by the length of characters and words of the sentence.

I use this tool a lot to mix the order of the phrases and my vocabulary lists so it doesn't look like duplicate content from other sites, since there is none copyright list of vocabularies and words.

Text mechanic - ferramentas práticas para edição de texto

Thanks to this tool I am able to streamline my service when it comes to finding lists of words, names and other things to add on my language sites. You can even add ingredients to a recipe and rearrange the order of items.

Convert Uppercase and Lowercase - Letter Case Converter

This tool is very useful and allows you to put the words in your text entirely in uppercase or lowercase. You can make each beginning of a line, phrase or word have a capital letter or make all letters lowercase.

This is useful when copying word lists from several different websites, where some are uppercase and some are lowercase. Not to mention when we change the order of columns in a table, sometimes it doesn't make sense for the first column to have lowercase letters and the second uppercase.

You can also add to randomly make the letters of the text uppercase or lowercase. It is a very useful tool for those who need to organize texts before posting.

Delete Duplicate Lines - Remove duplicate lines

Sometimes you end up copying word lists and vocabularies from several different sites, you end up with lots of repeated words or lines, the textmechanic has a tool capable of deleting duplicate lines.

The removal of duplicate text is only between the content on new lines, the duplicated text on the same lines will not be removed. This tool is perfect for those who need to remove repeated rows from giant tables and lists.

Text mechanic - ferramentas práticas para edição de texto

At least in Numbers, a spreadsheet editor similar to excel. I can copy the row columns and paste in the duplicate row removal tool and remove the rows without destabilizing the table structure, pasting again in the spreadsheet editor.

tools to delete and remove from text

Remove empty lines - In addition to duplicates, I also use a tool that removes empty lines. Although I am also able to do this by rearranging the table in alphabetical order.

Remove Extra Spaces - This tool allows you to remove extra spaces in the text. You can remove the spaces before or after a line, in addition to the multiple spaces that you end up accidentally typing when separating words.

Remove Accents from texts - This tool removes all accents from your texts;

Remove lines containing X - You can remove lines that contain or lines that do not contain a certain word in your text.

Remove prefix and suffix from each line - Allows you to remove specific words from the end and beginning of each line. Unlike removing specific words, here you can prevent this code removal from deforming the actual text.

Invert Text Tool

This tool allows you to invert or de-invert texts. Simply place your text in the field and click on the desired inversion function to perform the process. It can also do the exact opposite, if the text is already inverted.

There are several types of text inversion like:

  • Reverse Text”Will invert the entire text.
  • Flip Text”Will invert each line of text. Useful for reversing a list of words.
  • Reverse Wording”Will invert the word order of the entire text, without reversing the letters.
  • Flip Wording”Will reverse the word order of each line of text.
  • Reverse Lettering”Will invert the letters of each word, without changing the word order or punctuation.
  • Upside Down”Puts the text upside down with special characters;

Encryption and screening tools

The tools below allow you to encrypt the text or hide it in some way. Fun ways to write secret texts without others understanding.

QR Code Generator - This tool allows you to generate a QR code from any text. Despite opening in the browser, it can be a perfect way to hide texts.

Binary code translator - This tool allows you to convert a text into binary code or convert a binary code to text.

Disemvowel tool - This tool removes any "aiueo" vowel from a text. Perfect for assembling puzzles without any vowels.

Encryption generator - This tool allows you to encrypt or decrypt a text using a password and Algorithm (TEA) and base64 encryption. There is also another tool in the text mechanic that uses ROT13 encryption;

Word Scrambler / Unscrambler - Allows you to scramble and unscramble letters of each word or similar words, works best in English.

Random Line Picker - Take the lines of a text and scramble in numerical order in a kind of list.

Text mechanic - ferramentas práticas para edição de texto

OTHER Text Mechanic tools

In addition to the main tools mentioned, which are the ones I use the most. There are also other tools within the site that are useful for specific tasks. There is also a version that encompasses all the tools on the site in just one page.

Add Prefix and Suffix to a Line - This tool allows you to add a word or character at the end of the beginning of each line. In English, the text tool is called Add Prefix / Suffix into Line.

Add and Remove line breaks - This tool allows you to add line breaks or remove existing breaks from text. In English the tool is called Add / Remove Line Breaks.

Character, word and line counter - The name is self-explanatory, it only counts the characters, words, phrases and lines of each text. A useful tool but it can be found in several text editors, including wordpress itself.

Merge texts - This tool allows you to merge lines of 2 texts into just one. You can use a prefix or suffix as a determinant when merging the lines.

Sort Text Lines - This tool allows you to sort lines of text.

Strings generator and randomized; - Allows you to generate or randomize a list of strings.

Text mechanic - ferramentas práticas para edição de texto

Text Mechanic tools involving numbers

Ordinal Number Generator - This tool allows you to generate ordinal numbers with any interval you define.

Number Generator - Number generator - The name is self-explanatory, it allows you to generate numbers according to the quantity and defined limit.

Generate list of numbers - Generate a list of sequential numbers according to the defined interval.

Line Numerator - Add a sequential number for each line of text. & Nbsp; Enumerate items within a list.

Improving your productivity with Text Mechanic

I hope the tools of the text mechanic help you improve your productivity or solve your problems. I also use other useful tools to help me manipulate texts.

For example, in the past I used Dreamweaver to replace tags or remove elements from a tag within html code. I currently use Coda 2 for macOS to make advanced text replacements using attributes and placeholder.

Numbers is also a great tool for manipulating and editing text and tables in a practical way to generate a list. Tools abound to increase productivity. Always think of alternatives that save time in your life.

What do you think of the tools presented on this site? We recommend that you use our tool that has all the functions mentioned in that article. To access our own tool, just click on the buttons in this article.