Download your music with quality using Telegram

When you search for music downloads on the internet, you will always come across a huge amount of programs that download audio from videos on youtube and other sites. A total disappointment for those looking for quality music.

These days I was trying to download quality music to my cell phone, and unfortunately the search on Google was a failure, I came across several times with a lot of pirated programs that didn't work, websites full of advertisements, offline links and other headaches.

When I was able to find the download of a song, it was in low quality, weighing less than 5mb and without any information like photo of the album (cover) or the lyrics of the song embedded in the file.

Baixe suas músicas com qualidade usando telegram

It was then that looking for ways to download music from Deezer, I came across a bot on Telegram that does everything hard work and solves your life when downloading high quality music to your computer or cell phone.

Telegram bot that downloads music

I found on the website a bot called @SpotifyMusicDownloaderBot that when typing it in one of my Telegram chats, I entered another chat that solved all my problems.

After years of trying to find an app or program that downloads unknown music (I love Japanese music), I found this wonderful bot that does it all in an instant.

Just write the name of the song and singer, or simply paste the music link from spotify or Deezer, and the bot responds with the song to be played in high quality, with album photo, lyrics and everything else.

Baixe suas músicas com qualidade usando telegram

If you are using a PC or Mac program, just wait for the audio to load inside Telegram, right-click, export the music by clicking save as (save as…);

I don't know how it works on Android and iOS devices, but I believe it can be exported easily or using alternative ways.

If the bot does not find the song, he will keep a figurine of a sad character. You can also change the keywords sent to the bot in order to find a different version of the song.

Other music bot on Telegram

There is not just this Telegram bot that sends you music. Telegram is an amazing application that can do just about anything. I still don't know why people waste time on Whatsapp.

  • @vkm_bot
  • @findmusicpleasebot
  • @getmusicBot
  • @spotybot
  • @bingmusicbot
  • @i_am_friday_bot
  • @BandtraqBot
  • @scdlbot
  • @scloud_bot

Some bots listed above can do many things besides downloading high quality music. Some send videos and other relevant information related to your search.

Baixe suas músicas com qualidade usando telegram - telegram

There are eating codes to assist the bot, but remember that the bot I used @SpotifyMusicDownloaderBot you don't need any code to search for the songs. Just type in the name and wait for the bot to respond.

Telegram is a perfect application that can solve any problem through a bot. I hope you liked the bots that allow you to download high quality music and export it with album cover, lyrics and everything.

Some people even use Telegram to download movies, get direct program links and other important documents. What did you think of today's tip? Did you know that it was possible to download music through Telegram? If you liked it, share and leave comments with friends.