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One of the most ingenious things ever invented is the gigantic amount of bot made for Telegram that are capable of performing any function. These robots make the tool much more useful, playing the modinha do Whatsapp In the hole.

Those who want to improve their productivity and avoid installing unnecessary programs and applications to perform certain functions, can take a look at this huge list of bots for Telegram that we will leave below:

There are thousands of bots working around the clock to perform certain functions. You can even post and receive information from other apps, messengers and social networks. Below we will separate the main Telegram bot by category.

To use one of the bots below, just write it in some chat and click on them. Some bots work on the messages themselves, without the need to click and access their own chat. Depending on the function, just write the word after the bot code.

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Essential telegram bots that everyone should have

Below I will list the bots that I find most important and useful for everyone. They can also be mentioned in other specific categories.

  • @rastreamentobot - Used to track orders, just send the tracking code;
  • @topdf_bot - Convert images and text files to pdf;
  • @Gif - Allows you to show gifs related to a word you write later; .
  • @PronunciatonBot - Sends audios with the correct pronunciation of a text in several languages;
  • @DicioBot - Shows the definition and meaning of a word using the dictionary;
  • @FakeMailBot - Generates a fake email and receives all content directly from the telegram (perfect for registration);
  • @StoreBot - Shows a list of popular bots;
  • @CalcuBot - Make mathematical calculations directly from Telegram;
  • @glegoobot - Bot to do Google searches;
  • @GlobalAppsBot - Bot to download apps for Android;
  • @URLPro - Shortener of links;
  • @TheFeedReaderBot - follow RSS feeds and social networks;
  • @TGHUBot - Search for channels, groups or bots;
  • @BotExplorer_bot - Find bots;

Telegram Bots - emails and reminders

  • @GmailBot - Official Gmail bot;
  • @IFTTT - Integrate the automation of the IFTTT website within Telegram;
  • @TweetItBot - Receive notifications and send Twitter messages via this bot;
  • @noticiasmundobot: News on science, sport, culture, entertainment;
  • @TheFeedReaderBot - Monitor websites, Facebook / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram accounts;
  • @AximoBot - Monitor websites, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram accounts;
  • @therssbot - Receive updates from blogs and websites through RSS;
  • @telefeedbot - RSS reader;
  • @SkeddyBot - Create reminders;
  • @NoteFatherBot - Create reminders (including recurring ones), notes and lists;
  • @do_itBot - Create reminders;
  • @AlertBot - Create reminders;
  • @savingsbot - Receive phrases and quotes;
  • @temp_mail_bot - Create temporary email addresses, which self-destruct in 10 minutes;
  • @ejectmail_bot - Create email account and redirect to Telegram;
  • @fakemailbot - Email redirection addresses;
  • @DropMailBot - Create temporary email addresses;

Telegram bot - Music and audios

The Telegram bots below perform functions related to audios, such as download music for free in high quality. Other bots can convert text to audio, transcribe audios to text, translate audios, etc.

The bots below work with music:

  • @SpotifyMusicDownloaderBot - Perfect bot to download music;
  • @vkm_bot
  • @findmusicpleasebot
  • @getmusicBot
  • @spotybot
  • @bingmusicbot
  • @i_am_friday_bot
  • @BandtraqBot 
  • @scdlbot
  • @scloud_bot

The bots below work with other things related to audio and music:

  • @transcriber_bot - Allows you to transform audio into text;
  • @iSoundBot - Discover music with your voice;
  • @encoderbot - Compress and convert audio files;
  • @YaMelodyBot - Discover song names;
  • @lyricslandbot - Search by song lyrics;
  • @letrasbot - Search by song lyrics;
  • @voicybot - Convert / transcribe voice messages to text;
  • @mususbot - Find music;
  • @yotbot - Download audios from Youtube and SoundCloud;
  • @YTAudioBot - Download and listen to audios;
Lista completa de bots para telegram - bot @ - manusear ipad

Telegram Bots - Products and Money

  • @LoteriasBot - Check results of Loteria da Caixa;
  • @loteriascaixabot - Check results of Loteria da Caixa;
  • @ExchangeRatesBot - Inform exchange rates and convert between currencies;
  • @AmazonGlobalBot - You can check the price of any product on Amazon;
  • @priceMonitorBot - Send a link and be notified when the price of a product changes;

Telegram bots to improve productivity

  • @YTranslateBot - Translate texts from multiple languages ​​without leaving Telegram;
  • @qrqrbot - Create qr-codes easily from any urls;
  • @newfileconverterbot - Convert files to any format using this bot;
  • @TranslationChatBot - Translates a group conversation;
  • @evernotesbot - Send everything you want to your Evernote;
  • @YTranslateBot - Great for quickly translating phrases or expressions;
  • @utilsbot - Utilities for developers;
  • @RemindMeOnTimeBot - Create reminders;
  • @googls_bot - Shorten links;
  • @ShortUrlBot - Shorten links;
  • @referbot - Shorten links;
  • @PhotosetterBot - OCR tool (extract text from images);
  • @etlgr_bot - Send and receive emails without leaving the app;
  • @pomodoro_timer_bot - Tool for time management technique;

Telegram bots about movies and videos

  • @NetflixNewsBot - Used to receive information from new Netflix series and movies;
  • @ytWatchBot - Follow Youtube channels;
  • @imdb - Search the largest database of films on the web;
  • @utubebot - To download videos from Youtube;
  • @SaveVideoBot - Used to download videos from other platforms with Instagram;
  • @AnimagramBot - Download your anime directly from Telegram;
  • @WhatAnimeBot - Allows you to find the anime and episode of an image;
  • @vidusbot - Search videos;

Telegram Bots - Games and Entertainment

  • @Chess_Bot: with this bot you can play chess;
  • @EmuDroidbot - Allows you to emulate old games within Telegram;
  • @gamee - Find HTML5 games that run on the Telegram platform;
  • @PokerBot - it is a bot to play poker;
  • @pandaquizesbot - is an interesting game with more than 25 thousand questions;
  • @DistortBot - Distorts photos;
  • @presidente_brasil_bot - Send random phrases from the presidents of Brazil;
  • @TriviaBot - Fun game of questions and answers on various topics;
  • @HangBot - You can play the classic El Ahorcado;
  • @WJbot - Find and send stickers;

Information Bots - Climate and Weather

  • @weatherman_bot - Predict the weather;
  • @meteovunque_bot - Weather forecast;
  • @weatherbot - Weather forecast with alerts twice a day;
  • @conditionbot - Weather forecast;

Telegram bot – Images and photos

  • @vincibot - Send a photo and receive it stylized, choosing from several filters;
  • @PrismaBot - Send a photo and receive it stylized, with the chosen filter;
  • @music - Listening to classical music. 
  • @ Icon8bot - Send a photo and receive it stylized, with the chosen filter;
  • @imgmagicbot - Apply filters, textures and add text to images;
  • @Moodkeybot - Send creative text-based images;
  • @clippy - Send image to create a sticker;
  • @EffectBot - Create animations and montages from images;
  • @gifscombot - Convert videos from Facebook, Instagram, to animated GIFs;
  • @guggybot - Create animated gifs with the words entered by the user;
  • @ text2gifbot - Create animated images from text, with fixed backgrounds;
  • @gif - Search and send animated images;

Telegram Bots – Content and others

  • @ Goals247bot - Receive notification of the goals of your favorite team;
  • @VersiculoBot - Receive messages, verses and phrases that speak of love and peace;
  • @lohikaarmeappsbot - Bot to download apps for Android [2];
  • @PriberamBot - Discover the meaning of words in this amazing Portuguese dictionary;
  • @NowTrendingBot - Follow the topics that are on the rise in Google and social networks;
  • @pollbot - Used to do surveys, polls and polls;
  • @InstaRealBot: Used to get followers on & nbsp; Instagram;
  • @ImageSearchBot: allows you to find any image;
  • @AfterShipRobot - Track orders;
  • @libretaxi_bot - Alternative to Uber and 99taxis;
  • @WelixUberBot - Order Uber car;
  • @MiTrackingBot - Track international orders;
  • @portabilibot - Consult the operator of a given phone number;
  • @sticker - Find and send stickers;
  • @DriveItBot - Upload files to Google Drive;
  • @MeduzaEyesBot - Move your eyes in a portrait;
  • @easyibbot - Create buttons with links on Telegram;
  • @GO_Robot - Multiservice Chatbot, including lottery results, calculator and searches;
  • @priberambot - Consult the Portuguese language dictionary;
  • @dicpt_bot - Portuguese dictionary;
  • @DicioBot - Another Portuguese language dictionary, with more than 400 thousand entries;
  • @drae_bot - Spanish dictionary;
  • @TheMuamBot - Track parcel post. 
  • @BostyBot - Saves and retrieves links;
  • @catchforme_bot - Register terms and be notified when they are mentioned in certain groups;
  • @letmebot - Direct your “lazy” friends to Google, Bing, Lmgtfy, Youtube searches, among others;
  • @utubebot - Download video or audio from Youtube;
  • @ReadmeBot - Send URL and receive the text for reading;
  • @TransferRobot - Send a file and receive a link for sharing / downloading;
  • @tgfiles_bot - Send a file and receive a link for sharing / downloading;
  • @placabot - Consult vehicles and theft and theft restrictions;
  • @siftbot - Multiservice bot: searches, wikipedia, gifs;
  • @ Send2KindleBot - Send files to Kindle;
  • @eBukBot - Search digital books in the public domain in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German;
  • @tchannelsbot - Explore and discover new channels;
  • @JoboBot - Find jobs;

I hope you enjoyed this extensive list of Telegram bots! If you liked it, share it with your friends and leave your comments ... Let's make people abandon the cancer that is whatsapp for good, and encourage them to use apps that really provide.