What is Click Through Rate? Understand everything about this metric

Finding the most appropriate metrics to track is one of the essential points of marketing strategies. After all, they help to understand through the data what is the return that the actions taken bring to the company, allowing to identify possible errors and assist in decision making.

When the right metrics are analyzed, it is possible to optimize resources and even better leverage efforts for organic results in the places where the campaigns were served. This is the only way to find out if the investment in these shares has actually generated the expected return.

To begin to understand what the acronym CTR is, it is important to unravel its name. “Click Through Rate” is an expression that can be translated as “Click Through Rate”, that is, it measures how many clicks there were on a certain piece or link in relation to the number of times this material was displayed to the public.

Within the universe of digital marketing, Click Through Rate is used especially to evaluate how strategies and ads are doing, in order to understand their performance and which ones need to be adjusted to improve the relationship between clicks and display.

Having a high CTR is extremely important, as it indicates that the published content is being considered interesting by your audience. In addition, it can also help with the organic results of search engines, as well as improving the performance of sponsored links.

In addition, the Click Through Rate can directly influence the amounts that a company will pay for a click on Social Ads, for example. A higher CTR means more people are reaching your chosen ad destination, such as a specific promotion.

On the other hand, when the metric indicators are lower, it means that it is necessary to invest more in ads in order to reach the desired number of clicks.

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O que é Click Through Rate? Entenda tudo sobre essa métrica

How to calculate CTR

Normally, it is not necessary to worry about calculating the Click Through Rate, as the platforms themselves and other digital marketing tools usually do this. However, it is interesting to understand how this number is found to know what the concept of the metric is.

Basically, to calculate the CTR, just divide between the number of clicks on the ad or post and the number of times that material was displayed to users, that is, the number of impressions.

Therefore, it is important to remember that there is a difference between the number of people who saw the link and the number of impressions, since the latter value would include the various times that the user can be impacted by the same link.

Thus, if an ad receives 5 clicks out of 70 impressions, the calculation that must be done is 5 ÷ 70. The result is approximately 0.0714. To arrive at the CTR, however, you need to turn it into a percentage. That is, the CTR of this ad was 7.14%.

How do you know the ideal CTR for an ad or creative?

There is no exact value that defines the quality of the metric. Each situation needs to be evaluated within its specificities, meaning that a good CTR can vary greatly according to the business objective and the type of campaign being carried out. In addition, the company's line of business and the public can also interfere.

Normally, CTRs around 3.17% can be considered positive, with the campaign already going in a good way. Especially since the main social platforms usually deliver lower values.

On Facebook Ads, the average Click Through Rate for companies is 0.9%. On Instagram, this value can be even lower, reaching 0.88% for the feed and 0.54% for stories. Therefore, depending on the objective of the company and the campaign, values above that can already be celebrated.

On LinkedIn, the CTR can be even lower, reaching 0.26%. This can be explained through the purpose of the users of each of these networks.

While LinkedIn usually has an audience that is looking for more professional items, such as courses and B2B solutions, Facebook and Instagram have a greater appeal to a large audience, making retail items have good visibility.

Tips to increase CTR in a campaign

Digital marketing experts offer some recommendations for anyone looking to increase this metric in a piece or campaign. The main one is to elaborate attractive titles and descriptions, which relate to the target audience segmentation.

For the texts in these ads, it is necessary to be persuasive and deliver the main advantages of the service or what it can solve for the consumer. If there are numbers that prove these advantages, the ad can be even more attractive.

While questions are enticing to engage, they shouldn't go unanswered. For this reason, it can sometimes be good to avoid them to make better use of the available space.

Using keywords also helps improve the reach of your ads, bringing them to the right audience. By impacting people who are really interested in the product, the click-through rate starts to grow.

To achieve this, however, make sure that the ads have fluid text and that the words fit together naturally. This helps align the ad with user intent.

It is also essential to invest time in creating pieces that are visually attractive, since on platforms it is common for ads to be displayed alongside many other items that help to distract the user. When thinking about pieces, look for stimuli that call your audience's attention.