TikTok and Advertising: How Internet Users Are Reacting

Is advertising on TikTok meeting advertisers' expectations? Find it out! 

The impact of social media on the consumption of information and interactions in the digital environment is unquestionable. It is no coincidence that brands are increasingly investing more money in advertising strategies

In recent years, TikTok has gained a considerable share of the public that uses these media, especially generation Z (between 16 and 24 years old) who represent 41% of users in Brazil.

In this scenario, advertising on TikTok is already a reality and has an impact on the format and experience of those who consume content on the network.  

The TikTok Phenomenon

TikTok is the most popular social network in the world. In Brazil, the TikTok phenomenon has contributed to the emergence of new digital influencers, especially among younger people — the largest audience that uses the network.

According to data from Statista — a company specializing in consumer and market data — Brazil is the second country that most uses the social network in the world. 

According to the most recent data, in 2022 Brazil had 61.6 million active users on the platform.

The popularization movement happened with the famous choreography combined with the intuitive layout and ease of use of the application. 

Today, it is considered one of the main social networks used in Brazil, which makes it attract the attention of brands and companies that want to produce content and attract the interest of consumers. 

How advertising works on TikTok

On TikTok, paid traffic management occurs in a similar way to that already used in other social networks. 

TikTok Ads uses the method where the advertiser pays per impression, per click or per view. Thus, it is possible to add the budget that will be spent over the campaign period, defining whether the delivery will be standard or accelerated.

Budgets can be set for ad groups or for campaigns. For campaigns, the minimum budget — total or daily — is US$ 50 and ad groups US$ 20.

At the TikTok Business Help Center, you can check out the step-by-step process on how to make an ad and practical tips that will help anyone who has never used TikTok Ads.

How users have been dealing with advertising on TikTok

Most of TikTok's user audience is young people, especially in the 24-year-old age group. However, the tendency is for the volume of users of other ages to grow, mainly due to the popularization of the platform and the migration of users from other social networks.

In general, advertising on TikTok is inserted naturally and is related to the interests of the audience to which it is directed. As a result, users have been very accepting of advertisements and publicity.

As it is a dynamic advertising tool that dialogues with the style of content and the profile of users, the results obtained by advertisers have also been positive.

The tip for those who want to advertise on TikTok is to focus primarily on content production. The focus of the network is to share quick, educational and/or fun content and information. With a good content production strategy, it is easier to achieve the expected results.

Keeping up with the main influencers in your niche can also be a great idea, as you will have elements that can help you build your content production strategy and promote marketing and advertising via TikTok Ads.