Marketing for streamers: learn how to promote lives and grow your viewers

Social distancing during the pandemic expanded the number of streamers, but the resumption of face-to-face activities may reduce the audience

Lives on social networks or specific platforms became even more popular as the world went through restrictions during the covid-19 pandemic. In the cultural sector, many theater groups and singers performed live through these platforms, but one trend was even stronger: game lives.

It has become a phenomenon to follow lives of people who play while talking to the public. This was the main companion for many people who were fans of video games or who found this hobby during the pandemic and were looking for a way to share the passion with others.

According to data from Twitch, one of the main platforms for lives today, the company has more than 15 million active users every day. With that, the platform already has 355 billion minutes watched in lives, with 21.3% of its audience being eSports fans.

However, after a boom During the pandemic, many streamers felt the effects of resuming face-to-face activities, making them look for alternatives to capture their audience's attention.

One of the possibilities is to invest in strategies that help bring visibility and gain the loyalty of viewers.

Check below some marketing tips that we separate for streamers to be even more successful in their careers.

Marketing para streamers: saiba como divulgar as lives e crescer seus viewers - image

set your goals

In any marketing strategy, having established goals helps not only to determine whether actions have results, but also to know which actions are best. Goals are therefore an essential step in figuring out what, how and when to do.

Monthly goals, for example, can help keep you focused as a streamer, taking it one step at a time. Depending on the goal, you can publicize it and engage your audience to participate in achieving these numbers, and you can also place rewards for viewers linked to the goals achieved, such as raffles or even challenges to be done.

It's also important to highlight that goals should start out realistic with your situation. Even if you start playing low, it is possible to reach higher and higher levels each month.

Stimulate the sense of community

In addition to finding your audience, it's also important to encourage the idea of community so that everyone feels like they belong to that group.

Although it seems like a complex issue, it can be very simple, especially for those who already have visibility in this field. This can be done by interacting with multiple users, going beyond your own channel. Participating in chat in other lives, in a natural and respectful way, can make a larger audience recognize you and decide to be part of your community.

This can be fed on other platforms as well. More and more streamers use Discord to create groups with their viewers, where you can chat, exchange information and create alerts for the moment you go online.

On Facebook there are also groups, which function as communities with people who gather around a common interest.

Use social media well

Social networks are also important means of interacting with your audience and disseminating your content. Twitter, for example, is among the most popular social networks among the gamer audience, so it is necessary to be present on this platform in order to promote and gain new viewers.

On Instagram, content such as short videos of your live, making offs and photos of your daily life can help break your bubble and create a conversation with your audience to receive feedback and suggestions. Be sure to also use stories, which offer visibility and engagement.

TikTok is also a network that is growing more and more and brings an idea of fast consumption based on trends. You can also use it to share clips of your live, but you can also create videos following the challenge trends or even try to create your own trend.

On YouTube, you can edit entire matches of your favorite games and publish them on the platform. This way, your audience can review the best moments while you conquer other fans of the same game. Be sure to indicate your channel in the video description and the time you are usually online.

Search for the hottest games of the moment

Another way to reach a larger audience is to try and play the games that are featured. After all, many people browse the live platforms based on the titles they are interested in, and thus, they can join your live stream and discover your work.

Check on specialized websites which games people comment on the most or are most interested in playing and bring these titles to your live.

However, in order not to lose your already conquered audience, set aside some periods to play what you already played and that appeals to this loyal audience. A mix of novelties and your classic games can help to retain and win over new people.

Invite other people to play with you

Another way to publicize your work is to invite other streamers to participate in your games, either as a team or even as a challenge. Staying on call on Discord to play as a team is something that can help increase your audience, in addition to entertaining those who already follow you.

It doesn't have to be someone with a larger audience than yours and you don't always need to call another streamer, it could be your own audience. This generates greater engagement with your community, as well as allowing you to create different content.

The gamer audience is usually very loyal to their favorite games and streamers, so take advantage of this feature to conquer and be with your audience.