5 Risks in Using Social Media and How to Protect Yourself

It's hard to find a person or company that doesn't do the use of social networks

After all, these communication platforms are excellent alternatives for:

  • Exchange an idea with friends
  • Interact with new people
  • promote networking 
  • Sell your products and services

However, what few people realize is that there are risks when using social networks.

But calm down! We're not saying you need to get off social media today.

However, you need to understand more about the subject in order not to fall into scams while you are browsing these digital platforms.

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5 Risks in Using Social Media

Know the main risks of using social networks.

1. Phishing

Phishing is a cyber fraud technique that aims to obtain sensitive personal information (such as passwords and credit card numbers) through social engineering and impersonation.

Thus, phishing attacks can be carried out through messages sent in your direct or through malicious links shared in publications.

2. Viruses and Malware

Malicious links can install viruses or malware on your device. As a consequence, this can damage the system and/or steal sensitive information.

3. Publication of Personal Information

When you share your personal information (address, date of birth, phone number, location), you may be more vulnerable to fraud attacks and other security risks.

4. Cyberbullying

In addition to security-related attacks, we need to consider that social media can also be a venue for bullying and intimacy. 

This can lead to negative consequences for users' mental and emotional health.

5. Privacy Control

Social media privacy policies may allow companies and advertisers to access and use your personal information. 

However, this can be invasive and put the user's privacy at risk.

See What is the Best Way to Protect Yourself Using Social Media

To protect yourself, you need to invest in good habits and care when browsing, for example:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Always read the security settings carefully
  • Never click on unknown links
  • Be careful what you post 
  • When installing a new application or accessing a website, analyze what data is requested

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