5 Useless Attempts to Increase Website Visits

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Desperate to receive visits and earn money, many owners of websites, blogs and even YouTube channels make several mistakes in an attempt to increase organic visits. In this article we will see some useless attempts that you should avoid.

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1 - Copy articles from other sites

I recently found some 2 sites that copied articles from my website skdesu.com. I personally sent messages to both sites, not criticizing or cursing, but advising what I am going to say now. This is completely useless!

Some think it needs to fill the site with content quickly, but it needs to be original content. Google quickly recognizes that the content is duplicated and simply ignores, or worse, punishes the SERPS website.

So, if you're a newbie, and you want to grow on Google, copying content is not an option. You will just sacrifice all your effort and throw your website into limbo. With each Google update, he gets smarter! Being punished by Google is depressing!

You may be wondering:

Can I translate articles from other languages ​​into Portuguese?

I usually do this, but I totally change the words and order of writing, since Google is smart enough to know whether an article was copied from another language or not. I personally write the subject in my own words.

When copying content lists, tables and the like, I try to change the position of the columns and the alphabetical order of the list. I do my best to leave my original content. Since other sites in Portuguese may also have copied the article.

5 tentatívais inúteis de aumentar visitas no site - digitando na cama

Why do news sites have the same articles and position themselves on Google?

Indeed, news sites tend to copy each other, but their authority comes from sources other than Google, they give due credit and change a few words. Not to mention that your articles have an expiration date.

Also note that many of the articles on large copied news sites that appear on the first page are long-tail keywords, with very low competition. You can easily debunk the position of those sites.

2 - Use click bait and Fake news headlines

Clickbait is a very common practice among those who want to increase their visits and clicks, but Google is getting smarter. Recently he has been punishing websites that use alarmism, fakenews or irrelevant subjects.

Remember those articles you use:

  • Find out now!
  • Look here now!
  • Buy now!
  • Learn Now!
  • It's fake? Is it a scam?
  • Run, the world will end if you don't buy!
  • Naked Watermelon Woman Naked and Undressed!

Google doesn't want an ad desk, stop hitting 300 keywords in the headline or use hyped headlines. Google wants a clean SERP, it wants reality, it doesn't want sales pages I rank on the first page. (by @Almyfroes).

After so much Fake News because of COVID-19, Google is increasingly strict about the content that appears on its front pages. So stop inventing texts just to bring in visitors and generate sales.

5 tentatívais inúteis de aumentar visitas no site - youtube site

3 - Make SPAM on Social Networks and other sites

When a person creates a website, he wants others to access it. Many end up exaggerating and leave like crazy desperate asking to visit the website, channel, or page on social networks like facebook, instagram and in comments of websites.

Some even send private messages inviting them to access a particular website. I personally believe that this is just a waste of time. As much as social presence and social signals are important, this is completely useless.

This is another mistake that many make in the hope of increasing visits, but they forget that almost nobody clicks on spam links, and that Google and social networks also strongly penalize this spam practice.

5 tentatívais inúteis de aumentar visitas no site - spam

4 - Write subjects without visibility

Many feel that receiving visits will depend on the amount of articles they have on a website. Unfortunately it is better to write giant articles on relevant subjects than to write thousands of articles that will never reach anyone.

Quality is better than quantity! For this reason, look for topics with good reach on Google instead of randomly writing about anything that nobody cares about. Learn ways to discover relevant subjects.

There are several tools like Google itself that can help you find the best keywords for your articles. You can see which subjects generate the most visits to your competitors. Just don't waste your breath writing too much random stuff.

5 tentatívais inúteis de aumentar visitas no site - lista indice

There are sites that promise to add backlinks dofollow to their sites, they really deliver what they promise. Your site is listed in several quality American directories, but most are not relevant to your ranking.

Others simply offer backlink exchanges, leave comments on websites to generate those backlinks, or simply buy somewhere. Honestly, you better focus on content, that backlinks come up on their own.

Google does not focus on backlinks, currently it focuses more on content, social presence and the user. Try to get backlinks, but in the right places, increase your presence on social networks, social profiles and more.

5 tentatívais inúteis de aumentar visitas no site - link ancora

What to do to increase visits to the site?

You can increase visits to your site if you are patient and apply all the SEO tricks that we indicate on this site. If you are sweet or want to go deeper into the subject, you can look for an online course in this niche.

Our website always recommends Online Business Formula, because it is a cheap course that teaches almost everything to create and monetize a website. This is without a doubt the most complete and most popular course on the internet, also the best selling of all.

The mere fact of being the best seller does not discredit its function. The course really teaches absolutely everything you need to know to create your website and receive visitors. Or rather, it teaches you how to profit from your site even if you receive few visitors.

O Kevinbk.com in the beginning of 2020 I received about 350 visits per day, but even so I managed to earn more than 1,000 reais a month with sales, not specifically with a digital marketing niche, but niches like music, one of mine hobbys.

So, for that reason, stop focusing on quantity of visits and focus on the quality of your articles. Follow the BLOG, read our articles and maybe seriously think about taking a course like the FNO. Thank you for reading our article! See you!