The dangers of copied content on your site

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There is a popular saying that “nothing is created, everything is copied”. Does this apply to internet sites? What is the danger of writing duplicate and copied content on your website? How to copy avoiding plagiarism? Can I translate articles from another language? These and other questions will be answered in this article.

I recently found several sites that copied articles from my site I personally sent messages to both sites, not criticizing or cursing, but advising that it can be harmful for them and not for me.

How does Google view copied content?

Some rascals often create RSS sites or with copied content in the hope of increasing visits, generating money from ADS or affiliate sales. This practice was common a few decades ago, but today it is impractical.

Anyone who creates a site trying to copy content from other sites has a ZERO percent chance of success. Google simply crushes all the authority that this site or domain could have in the near future.

So, if you simply browse other people's websites by copying whole articles or giant chunks and pasting on your article, you are simply digging your own grave. Google will simply throw earth on top and end it all.

Even Adsense earnings can be affected if the content is copied and of poor quality. Your chances of ranking on the first page with copied or duplicated content are virtually nil. There's no point in changing the date of the post!

O destino de todo plagiador
O destino de todo Plagiador

How do others view Copied content?

In addition to their own failure with Google, those who copy content from other sites receive haters. Some may imagine that the copies are imperceptible, but even if you change the content, people will notice.

Who does not remember the case of Mateus Hwang or Satty on Youtube? Can you see the hate that plagiarism or copying of content has generated for these people? This practically burned the image of these people and destroyed their success rate.

Not to mention that the owners of the copied content can sue you or harm you in some way. In the digital environment, if Google doesn't drop you for plagiarism, the owners themselves or others can use BlackHat or Hack to end your site.

In other words, there is no space for plagiarists, copiers or thieves on the internet. Both Google and the community are wiping out any vestige of people's despair and greed. Are there safe ways to copy?

Os perigos de conteúdo copiado em seu site

Is Copying Content Really Wrong?

It is not wrong to copy content from other sites, most do not care, just demand that you assign the appropriate credits. Still, copying entire content can be detrimental to the SERP of both sites, with no results.

For this reason, whenever you copy any allowed content, change as many words and phrases as possible. If you want to take off on Google, apply and transform that simple text into something optimized for SEO, since many stop doing it.

Some are afraid to assign credits with Do-Follow links, but remember that Google also finds strange sites without any relevant Do-follow links. Remember never to cite sources and leave due credits.

I admit that even I sometimes fail to cite sources. Even when writing in my own words, I always use Google as a search engine for my searches for my articles. In fact, nothing is created, everything is copied!

It is impossible for a person to write about a specific subject without obtaining a certain knowledge of the subject. For that reason, whether by college, course, book, article, video, the person writing is inspired by something.

Of course, there are big differences in copying and inspiring. You may be jealous that some people copy and get along. As in the case, some news sites, or perhaps others like to translate articles. We'll talk about that in the next few topics.

Os perigos de conteúdo copiado em seu site

Duplicate news dominating Google's front page

You may find that many news sites simply copy and paste the same article. Even so, they still manage to position themselves on the first page and even get ahead of you in Google searches.

Indeed, news sites tend to copy others, but their authority comes from sources other than Google, they give due credit and change a few words. Not to mention that your articles have an expiration date. As well?

My personal websites have timeless articles, with no expiration date. Can anyone look for something 10 years from now that my article will still be relevant. Unfortunately news sites do not have that privilege, but luckily news lasts for a long time.

Note that many of the articles copied from news sites that appear on the first page are long-tail keywords with very low competition, which is why they are positioned. You can easily debunk the position of those sites.

Os perigos de conteúdo copiado em seu site

Can I copy articles from websites in other languages?

A very common practice is to search for content on foreign websites and translate it into Portuguese. I do it myself, but I use it only as a research source, I always write in my own words, I try to write something original and superior to the competition.

I use Google and search from several different sources. Sometimes I copy entire tables, word lists and the like, but I usually mix, change the column, order and anything to keep duplicate content away.

This is due to the simple fact that even though it is something from another language, Google can detect whether the content is copied or not. Another thing that can happen is that other sites translate that article, making you copy from other sites without knowing it.

Os perigos de conteúdo copiado em seu site

Can I copy texts from people on social networks and Quora?

Another source of interesting content is social networks. There are even plugins and scripts that transcribe content spoken on the youtube video, where some use it to write their articles. Others copy random comments on social media.

O Quora is a great source of questions and answers, both as a source of content and as a source of themes and subjects for new articles. Many use user responses to generate new articles, but this is also dangerous.

Many user responses on sites like Yahoo, Quora or even Facebook comments and other social networks, can be copied from other unknown sites. So even if you want to get inspiration from these sites, do it with caution.

Os perigos de conteúdo copiado em seu site

Spinners - Copy, just don't do the same!

Some resort to programs or websites called spinners that usually exchange words in the text for synonyms in order not to look the same. It is important to remember that Google is not stupid, it is not enough to use spinners.

We also recommend changing the structure of the article, adding H2 headings, placing summaries, trying to differentiate the article from competitors as much as possible. Copying is not wrong, just don't do it the same way, do it better! It is worth spending time improving content.

The big problem with spinners is that it is not enough to translate, throw a text in the spinner and that's it. You need to review it word for word, because many things are often meaningless. Only publish a text after a good review.

I personally recommend not using this tool. The time spent proofreading can be greater than the time spent rewriting in your own words. Reviewing articles is not fun, so much so that it may contain Portuguese errors lol.

Os perigos de conteúdo copiado em seu site

How do I know if my copied article is considered Plagio?

As already mentioned in the article, it is not wrong to copy certain types of content if you give due credit, but it does not have as many advantages in ranking in Google unless you change the text so that it is not considered plagiarism.

When you finish writing a copied or translated article, check on websites that it detects plagiarism. Just search Google for plagiarism detectors to find sites where you can copy a text and check if that text is on Google.

Never publish texts with plagiarism greater than 70% in the detector results. We recommend keeping the rate at 30%, since the plagiarism detector, even with original content, may end up resembling phrases from another article.

Uniqcont - The Best Plagio Plugin for WordPress

After so much searching in the WordPress directory and Google, it took me longer to find an easy plugin to scan articles already ready to look for plagiarism and totally free. The name of the plugin is Uniqcont, quite unknown but very good.

Apparently it is a new plugin, but it allows you to scan your articles for plagiarism in the list of articles, without the need to keep entering article by article in order to do this. It also serves to know who is copying you.

He gives a percentage of plagiarism, but be aware that sometimes he can point to the article he is scanning. I believe the problem has already been fixed. The biggest advantage is that it is completely free and fast! I recommend!

Copied my Content, now what?

If any website has copied your content, don't despair. Copying an article or another, the best thing to do is to ignore it, since it will be harmed and not you. You may want to send an email with this article so that he is aware of the dangers of copying.

If he starts to copy the entire site or many articles, he will soon die suddenly. You can even resort to lawsuits, but I believe that the time the money spent is very large. At least require credits and changes to the content.

Usually you find out that someone copied your content, if they put a link to your site in their article. Sometimes it appears as a quote next to WordPress comments.