All about the course Power of the keys by Leandro Cerqueira

In this post, we will do a complete analysis on the Power course of Leandro Cerqueira. Let's find out what the course is about, its topics, meet its author and see if the course is really reliable. Get ready to see one of best piano courses and internet keyboard.

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Course objective Key power

One of the best and cheapest courses on the market, Professor Leandro Cerqueira offers a complete course with more than 20 complete modules, 5 bonuses and lifetime access that will take you from basic to advanced on the piano. 

Watch the sales video of the course presented by Leandro Cerqueira! If the video already convinces you, there are buttons that take you to the Power of Keys course page! A great option for those who want to learn keyboard and piano at a low cost.

Leandro Cerqueira is the author of the course. Along his journey he developed several piano techniques, knowing what works and what doesn't. This product is easy to learn because it has a simple and practical language.

You will learn all scales, chords, improvisation, rearmonization and much more, including key technology, it is the class where I teach how to use a notbook with kontakt and other vsti and also about controllers, you will only find this course.

Course content Key power

The Power of the Keys course has several modules and comprehensive content that will solve your problems and teach you the whole subject in over 120 video lessons divided into more than 20 stages.

In this course you will learn everything about scales, chords, fingerings, rhythm, improvised scales, functional harmony, powerful chords, music, sheet music, left hand, hanon, jazz piano chords, neo soul chords and much more.

The course also offers you 4 bonuses, one of which gives you 400 encrypted jazz scores, the other is a book explaining everything about keyboard technology, a set of 15 handouts teaching keyboard techniques.

The last bonus is the Melody chord 01 and 02, where Leandro Cerqueira teaches chord techniques that can embellish any song, with 3 different applications and the secret of several keyboard players! See the course content below:

Is the Power of Keys course worth it?

Is the Power of Keys course really worth it? The results of the piano and keyboard course are up to you. There's no reason to buy a course if you don't make full use of it. Dedication is required!

Fortunately, the Power of Keys course is completely online. Thus bringing many benefits such as:

Flexibility - You study whenever you want.
The Power key stroke can be opened from any device.
You do not need to leave the house to use the product Power of the keys.
Payments through Boleto, Paypal, Cards and others.
Various payment options, without infinite payments.
The Creator has full time to devote to the course content. 
Easier to understand the content.
Online Service and Support to answer questions and assist throughout the course.
 Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests for you to improve your knowledge of the subject.
 Video, audio and text classes.
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Is the Power of Keys course safe?

Most are unsure when it comes to online courses. That's right! You cannot trust any online course. Many create courses just to make money, since people are hungry for knowledge.

Luckily the Power of Keys course is sold by the online courses company called Hotmart. This platform is responsible for distributing 90% of Brazil's online courses along with other trusted platforms called Udemy, Eduzz and Monetizze.

Any adversity, you are insured by Hotmart's own consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund that you get your investment back. The warranty on Hotmart products can be for 7, 15 or 30 days.

The advantage is that Leandro Cerqueira showed all the content of the course in his video, which exudes even more confidence when purchasing the product. Remembering that the result of any online course, depends mainly on the person's dedication.

Tudo sobre o curso poder das teclas de leandro cerqueira - chinesa piano

Alternatives to the course Power of the keys

You may not have sympathized with anything from the Power of Keys course. So we will recommend some alternatives. In fact, we have an article that talks entirely about piano and keyboard courses, the access button is underneath.

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