The best online keyboard and piano courses

Looking for an online keyboard course? We definitely recommend Willian Silva's, which you can find out by clicking here.

There are thousands of online courses that teach you how to play the piano and keyboard, but which one is the best? In this article we will introduce you to the best online keyboard and piano courses at affordable prices and with spectacular content.

The courses presented in this article are 100% online and each one has a different proposal. You need to examine on your own and make your decision, based on the content and compatibility with the teacher who will present your course through a video or sales page.

All courses are reliable and have a guarantee, if you don't like it you can request a direct refund from the online course payment platform Hotmart without any bureaucracy. I hope you enjoy the keyboard and piano courses presented in this long article.

Most of the courses presented here offer traditional bonuses that tend to be exclusive handouts or extra videos on different or complementary topics. They also often offer group support for social networks and whatsapp.

Remembering that we also have an article talking about the best guitar courses.

Online Keyboard Course - Wiliam Silva

Wiliam Silva's Online Keyboard course is one of the most popular on the internet. He is already famous for sharing several online keyboard videos and having a YouTube channel with over 80,000 subscribers and 400 videos.

The course has a total of 105 lessons that teaches from the beginner to advanced. If you want to spend less they offer the option to choose only the beginner or advanced course, which is not as advantageous as it seems.

The course also features incredible bonus content that will help you make difficult moves, includes a fingering course for piano and keyboard, a chord dictionary and a gospel course.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

MAGNÍFICOS - Your community of Keyboardists!

The platform Music Without Limits presents the Magnificent Community. This Community came about after we noticed the lack of a community aimed at beginner keyboard players who want to learn the instrument. 

The community has a complete course with more than 400 classes, a closed Facebook community, constant class updates and new music. The most complete course of this article.

We are based on more than 8 thousand students from other Music Without Limits courses and now we are putting the Magnificent Community on the market to be sold in Launch format.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online - violino piano

Keyboard Formula Course

The Formula Keyboard course is taught by Alysson Angelo and promises to take you from the beginning to the advanced, focused on people who have absolutely no skills or experience with piano and keyboard.

One of the main objectives of the course is to teach sheet music at the same time that it teaches you to be independent of it and to play freely. You will learn all the functionality of music to exercise it in any area.

The course has a total of 9 modules and teaches things like scales, progressions, harp, harmonic fields, rhythmic analysis and more. Just as a bonus, the course offers more than 34 video lessons, in addition to group support on facebook and whatsapp.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Key power with Leandro Cerqueira

One of the best and cheapest courses on the market, Professor Leandro Cerqueira offers a complete course with more than 20 complete modules, 5 bonuses and lifetime access that will take you from basic to advanced on the piano.

In this course you will learn everything about scales, chords, fingerings, rhythm, improvised scales, functional harmony, powerful chords, music, sheet music, left hand, hanon, jazz piano chords, neo soul chords and much more.

Course for Keyboard Players - Soldier Training

This course aims to help people get out of the basics on the keyboard and piano. The course is taught by Daniel Pynkus from Música Para Geral, a YouTube channel that has more than 100,000 students.

The Soldado training course consists of over 80 hours of relaxed and fun video, divided into 10 modules focused on content, exercises, music theory, analyzed tutorials and a focus on perception to train your ear and learn to play without having the scores.

There are additional modules with extra classes, certificate of completion, complementary material to download, lessons on fingering, harmony and much more for a lifetime access and a price as cheap as slow and exploratory classroom lessons.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Online Keyboard Course - Gil Borges

Another online keyboard course with the same name, but this course is done by Gil Borges and is very cheap, but much more basic. This course is focused on beginners and is divided into 2 modules.

The course begins by covering the musical notes and teaching some practical finger exercises. In the second class you already learn to play a song with your right hand until at the end you learn scores and all the chords.

One of the main bonuses of the course are 3 courses that will teach you how to learn to play any music you want. Upon completing the course you will also receive a certificate of completion.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Piano tuning course

This course is different from all the others we mentioned in this article, because the objective of it is not to teach you how to play the piano but to tune it, thus saving a fortune or even becoming a professional in this area.

The Course is always being updated, and offering the best support to students in the market, this course being one of the only ones in the market. Unfortunately the author of the course did not make any presentation videos, but you can take the course without fear and if something happens that you don't like, just ask for a refund right away.

The course will also help you to buy the necessary tools to tune your piano or work in this area that is very profitable and uncompetitive.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Fascinating Keyboard Course

The Fascinating Keyboard course is taught by Luiz Moralles and will teach you the keyboard with several popular songs. With this course you will learn more than 100 songs, in addition to learning to play and sing at the same time, something difficult for many piano and keyboard students.

The objective of this course is to be as practical as possible teaching with music and sheet music. There are more than 90 videos divided into 30 scores of songs known as butterfly, happy night, my heart in go on and others.

The course will also teach you how to use keyboard accompaniment and keyboard rhythms. The student will learn to use the instrument as if it were a band playing.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Piano straight to the point of Glauco Cesar

Glauco Cesar is a composer, professional pianist and teacher, who knows the Fundamentals, Score and Technique. The Piano Direto course is super complete with more than 50 full lessons and several bonuses.

Glauco has more than 6 albums released, he has been teaching for over 20 years, he has been playing since he was 7 years old. He graduated in Piano, has a master's degree in composition in Portugal and is currently pursuing a doctorate in composition.

He was a professor at the Pernambuco Conservatory of Music in Brazil, taught at several schools and has his studio in Portugal where he teaches and records. Someone fully competent to teach you to play the piano.

Unfortunately I have no partnership and authorization to indicate the link of the course of Glauco Cesar, so below I will leave the link of another course that I believe is the best alternative.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Keyboard Course in 50 days

As the name of the course suggests, your goal is to teach the person to play the keyboard in just 50 days. It may seem impossible, but in reality it is very simple to learn to play the keyboard or piano if the person is dedicated and willing to dive into that world.

The course will cover subjects such as Chords, Triads, Tetrads, Scales, Harmonic Field, Quartile Harmony, Greek Modes and others.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Amado Batista Keyboard Course

Exclusive course focused on Amado Batista's music, for those who want to learn to play the piano and the songs of this beloved singer. In the course you will learn chords, introductions, lyrics, note by note, soles and others.

Learning Keyboard Amado Batista is the most complete and most detailed course in Brazil for you who want to play and learn the songs of this singer who is the icon in this segment! & Nbsp; There are more than 10 classes with the greatest success of this singer! 

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

Complete Piano Kit Course

The Complete Piano Kit course shares a course that will teach you to play the piano starting from scratch, followed by a music theory module, then a module that teaches 1,000 chords, another module that teaches 560 scales and a bonus with over 300 scores.

Giant Harmony

The Harmonia de Gigante is a keyboard or piano course aimed at the harmonic part, addressing subjects that are not spoken elsewhere. The aim of the course is to help people who already have some musical knowledge and try to leverage their harmonic technique.

It has theoretical and practical classes, so that the learning is quick, easy and without tangling. If you are tired of always playing simple harmonies, and looking to play an advanced harmony, this is the place to be.

Magic Keys Course

Taught by Professor Luciano, this course teaches you how to play keyboard and piano from scratch, for a total of 8 modules and more than 120 lessons that teach 550 scales, 1000 chords and 500 bonus scores.

Os melhores cursos de teclado e piano online

What did you think of the best courses?

I hope you enjoyed this list of online piano and keyboard courses. Unfortunately it was not easy to make a list of it, there are thousands of piano courses, but many of them end up being completed since it is a difficult market to compete.

If you liked this article, don't forget to share it with friends and leave your comments. Which of the courses here did you like the most? I hope you made a good choice. You might also like some books:

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