On-call spammers and their fallible tactics


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Always more people try to make money on the internet, but many end up learning the wrong way to make money, through spam on social networks, websites and e-mails. In this article I want to talk more about the subject.

It was Monday, I woke up and went to open that site, what do I find? 10 comments to be approved, all spam from people publicizing some online money making course. Where did they learn that from? Buying such a fallible formula!

There are dozens of online courses at Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze that teach you how to make money through videos made on youtube, comments on website articles, comments on facebook publications and various other forms of spam.

Be very careful not to be one of those people, buying such a useless course that it doesn't give you financial stability and it won't work forever. People are getting smarter, so don't live off the crumbs of others' jobs.

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On-call spammers and their fallible tactics

Website comment spam

All those who make a website need to endure approval of comments, depending on your niche, these comments can be constant and boring. In just one day I received about 10 comments.

There are 3 types of comment spammers on WordPress sites:

  • Those who want to sell course;
  • Those who want to increase domain authority;
  • Those Gringos with comments have nothing;

Most of these people comment using programs and bots, they don't do it manually. If your site is receiving dozens of such comments a day, enable the option to manually approve such comments.

Another thing I did was add a script that deletes the link [URL] of the comments and the profile of the comments. Thus, the spammer's futile attempt to get a backlink goes to waste. Below is the code for functions.php if you wish:

function crunchify_no_comment_author_url( $url, $id, $commentr ) { 
	return ""; 
add_filter( 'get_comment_author_url', 'crunchify_no_comment_author_url', 10, 3);

If you are one of the idiots who tries to get backlinks by comments, know that this technique is already dated, most sites put the links nofollow, Google is also no longer deceived by these spammers.

And if you think that you will really be able to sell courses by posting on comments from random and abandoned sites, better to review your sales strategy, because nowadays it is already difficult to sell with marketing in the article itself, imagine it in the comments?

On-call spammers and their fallible tactics

I was a Spammer on Facebook

When I joined Digital Marketing in 2014 I started doing Spam in Facebook Groups, until it worked and I made almost 2,000 reais selling lottery courses that gave 30 to 50 commission.

I myself had created my own automatic bot that joined groups and published and automatically left for the next one using mouse clicks. Until after a while, I realized that it was no longer working.

The Facebook tool got smarter and smarter, preventing these spam from being published in groups. Today many Facebook users use a different tactic, which is to send private messages to group members.

The same thing happens on Instagram. People following you with course links on their profile and sending private messages trying to teach you how to earn money just so you can buy the course and then be abandoned.

On-call spammers and their fallible tactics

Hell Spam in Emails

Another nonsensical annoying thing is spam through emails. Unfortunately, some companies sell our e-mails, so a lot of e-mails appear, there is nothing advertising products that are not in our interests.

Others simply dismiss the possibility of unsubscribing from the list. Even blocking certain emails, you get the same hellish propaganda from others, that from big companies like Claro, Famous Stores and so on.

I had to block suspicious domains that don't end in [.com, .br and .net]. It's annoying that you see the 10 email notification and know that all are useless. When are these people going to learn that email is boring?

There was a time that my e-mail was infested with spam by gringos, when I clicked on unsubscribe, I did it to subscribe more, receiving more and more e-mails from strange domains that made it difficult to end the infestation.

Because of these unfortunate advertisements, most people today have abandoned e-mails and only use them to confirm registrations and other purposes. Most simply ignore most emails received in their inbox.

On-call spammers and their fallible tactics

Spam only deceives dumb people

Sorry for the offense! But if I don't say it like that, people won't stop being stupid. Nowadays most of those who work on the internet have only one goal, to sell! Even I have that goal, but I am sincere ...

Why are there so many spamms today? Why are there dumb people who believe in anything that appears in front of them. Stop being that kind of person! Don't let people believe anything you find.

I am totally irritated by whats spam that is mostly Fake News. Those audios and videos of illnesses, accidents or things that didn't happen. Don't let these things spread!

On-call spammers and their fallible tactics

Everything that asks to be shared with a maximum of people and has an alarming tone, has a 100% chance of being false and invented news to spread lies or cause fear in people. Remember the Corona Virus Fake?

Someone needs to teach uncle how to use the internet. Messages forwarded in groups or from friends, 99% of being a lie or useless thing. Honestly, the option of forwarding was the worst human invention.

I ended up getting away from it a bit, but that's the truth. The only people who believe these comments about making money on the internet are uncle who has no experience on the internet. So guide your relatives!

How to make money without Spam?

You may have noticed that spamming has absolutely no results. So how can you have a structured, stable business that brings income every month on the internet without spamming? The tip is very simple!

Do as I do, create a website, social networks, youtube, generate valuable content and reach people organically. The results can be time consuming, but they are much better and more satisfying than spamming that will not give any results.

Don't know how to do these things? It has courses that teach the best way to create a structured and profitable business. I recommend the most popular of all Online Business Formula.

On-call spammers and their fallible tactics

Why do I recommend the Online Business Formula? Simple, it is undoubtedly the course with the most comprehensive content I found on the internet. He teaches how to make websites, take care of social networks, youtube, organic and paid traffic, marketing and much more.

In addition, Alex Vargas' FNO is cheap and accessible, I believe it is one of the few courses that is worth what you pay. He really wants to deliver as much information as possible to his followers.

So if you don't know, take your free basic course explaining the affiliate market and see the product page at the link below. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share and leave your comments:

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