40 Ways to Make Money with WordPress


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Making money is not easy, but it is simple, especially when there are platforms like WordPress to make our lives easier. In this article we will see 50 ways to make money using WordPress, either as a developer or as a platform user.

For those who do not know, WordPress is an incredible platform in PHP that allows you to create blogs, websites, stores, portals, sales pages or other projects on the internet. Most internet sites use WordPress, which makes the business quite profitable.

It can be easily seen that, for a talented and skilled person, there are countless ways to make money with WordPress. You don't need to have a WordPress site to make money, such a platform also gives rise to other interesting ways.

It is also worth remembering that WordPress can be divided into two forms. First you can use it through a free and paid online service on the official website. The second and most popular option is its Open Source version installed on its own hosting server.

Nowadays WordPress is playing a vital role in Web Development. In order to make it easier to navigate through this article, let's leave a summary below and end the article with a listing of the 50 ways to make money from WordPress.

Make Money with a WordPress Blog

The most popular way to make money using WordPress is to blog. What you need is to launch your own blog to offer your services. Blogs can be used to advertise your services and facilitate online marketing.

It is possible to generate sales with blogs selling some digital product, some physical product, some service, using a members area, using ads like Google Adsense, selling sponsored articles and working as an affiliate.

In addition to blogging, you can use WordPress to create:

  • A video site;
  • A tips site;
  • A tutorial website;
  • A news portal;
  • An image website;
  • A portal for the company;
  • An Online store;
  • Downloads site;
  • Members area;
  • Forum;
  • Social network;

Earning from project monetization

Once you have made a website or project in wordpress, you can monetize it with:

  • Google ads or other network;
  • Selling digital products as an affiliate;
  • Selling physical products as an affiliate;
  • Selling services and subscriptions;
  • Receiving donations;
  • And many other forms;
40 ways to make money with wordpress

Make money by installing WordPress

You can make money by helping others to set up your WordPress blogs. You can look for some customers who want to use WordPress to make a blog, but don't have enough technical knowledge to do so.

Its function starts with creating a WordPress blog for them according to their needs. The task of supporting blog setup is endless. Your customer may need you repeatedly for their ever-changing needs.

For example, he may want to change the current theme or create a plugin for a particular issue. If you have a customer base you can do monthly maintenance and earn a lot on top of that. It's like a Web Desginer only using WordPress.

You can reach these customers locally, through social networks or by having your own WordPress site to advertise these services. Installing WordPress, providing support and maintenance is a good option to make money with the platform.

40 ways to make money with wordpress
Initial WordPress settings!

Make money doing WordPress maintenance

Maintenance is an important step in developing a website. Website owners should need someone to provide regular maintenance for the website. Many stop providing services after installation, so you can catch the fish.

In addition to the monthly maintenance packages, there will always be companies wanting to make a certain update, backup, server migration, bug fixes, editing layouts, hosting maintenance, virus removal, security maintenance and others.

Maintenance also covers several other steps that we will see throughout this article. It may involve installing and changing themes, plugins, services, APIs, integrations, store, forum, member system, buddypress and other extra WordPress features.

40 ways to make money with wordpress

Selling and Buying WordPress sites

Not everyone has enough time to run a website, update their articles, so some just buy and sell websites to move money around and make a profit. Some use famous platforms like Flippa.

Profits can be made with a website according to the number of articles, time and authority of the domain and relevance of the website. This is the perfect opportunity to hunt for sites that have been abandoned but have great potential for profit.

Many live by buying and selling websites just because of their content or domain. Small blogs without authority can also be a great source of content for your main site. Buying and selling wordpress sites is a business to be examined.

40 ways to make money with wordpress

Make money developing WordPress Themes and Plugins

One way to make money with WordPress is by developing themes and selling them on platforms like Envato (ThemeForest) or on your own website. Many live only by creating and updating a single theme.

Unique, fast, robust and customizable themes are widely sought after by people who are creating or updating a website on WordPress. If you are a programmer, know that there is nothing better than selling WordPress themes and plugins.

Sometimes a website needs a certain tool, you can create plugins for companies or to sell them to multiple customers. You can see people's interest in particular plugin or theme accessing freelance sites.

Make money selling WordPress Themes and Plugins

In addition to creating, you can simply sell WordPress themes and plugins as an affiliate. You can work as an affiliate on platforms like Envato and Hotmart, make a website for downloading themes and plugins and publicize them in articles like this.

You don't need to be a developer to sell themes and plugins, just find a channel. There are affiliation platforms that pay up to 50% commission for the sale. What are you waiting for?

40 ways to make money with wordpress
Main Plugin that I install on my WordPress!

WordPress Consulting

If you are a WordPress expert, you can offer consulting services to your potential customers. Just train them and facilitate all development for them. Help them choose a better theme for their website or improve the quality of the content.

You can offer your services for free to some renowned bloggers. Later, you can ask for your comments. These feedbacks would act as solid evidence of your quality work and the dissemination of your services.

One of the most popular consultancies involves SEO and content. Others can serve as designer advisors, offer tips and techniques related to domain, brand name or even logo. There are many ways to serve as a WordPress consultant;

Giving Classes or Taking Course on WordPress

You can teach people how to use WordPress, create an online course on the subject, or even sell other people's courses as an affiliate for Hotmart-type platforms. Selling courses can be more profitable than consulting.

40 ways to make money with wordpress

Selling WordPress Hosting

Many lodgings offer an affiliate service to advertise and receive commissions. Anyone who works with WordPress, whether making a website or having a blog, can usually recommend hosting to readers and customers in order to make money.

Others may offer their hosting setup services or even create a reseller hosting service. Others can create a service that helps with WordPress management, a kind of Dashboard as Runcloud.

I myself usually recommend accommodations like Digital Ocean and I've already earned a good income just from that article on such a small site. Do not discard website hosting as a form of monetization or even your main source of income.

40 ways to make money with wordpress

Content Writing Services

WordPress is a great source of income for writers, bloggers, journalists, editors, reviewers and marketers. If you are a copywriter you can offer your services on numerous related platforms or freelancers.

Even WordPress professionals need the help of a content writer. Content developers help them with SEO-based writing, digital marketing or adding visual content to the site.

If you have a natural gift for writing, you can go ahead. Knowledge of graphic design will be an advantage. Usually one author of articles you can earn 20 to 100 reais for articles that can be written in less than a few hours.

40 ways to make money with wordpress

Checklist - 50 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

  1. Creating a Blog;
  2. Creating a Store;
  3. Creating a video portal;
  4. Creating an Image Gallery;
  5. Creating a Downloads site;
  6. Creating a News Portal;
  7. Creating a Forum on WordPress;
  8. Creating a podcast site;
  9. Created a social network in WordPress;
  10. Creating a paid members area on WordPress;
  11. Google ads or other network;
  12. Selling digital products as an affiliate;
  13. Selling physical products as an affiliate;
  14. Selling services and subscriptions;
  15. Receiving donations;
  16. Installing WordPress for others;
  17. Maintaining WordPress for clients;
  18. Backing up and migrating from WordPress;
  19. Selling WordPress site;
  20. Buying WordPress site;
  21. Developing Themes for WordPress;
  22. Developing Plugins for WordPress;
  23. Selling WordPress Themes;
  24. Selling WordPress Plugins;
  25. Offering Consulting;
  26. Selling course on WordPress;
  27. Creating a course on WordPress;
  28. Teaching others to use WordPress;
  29. Being an SEO consultant;
  30. Selling Brand and Logo;
  31. Selling Hosting optimized for WordPress;
  32. Being a WordPress writer;
  33. Offering WordPress Hosting;
  34. Creating a WordPress site;
  35. Creating applications for WordPress;
  36. Offering a manageable WordPress dashboard for servers;
  37. Creating a support forum;
  38. Working with Digital Marketing;
  39. Performing A / B tests;
  40. Generating automatic content;

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