How did I do my Engagement in Full Quarantine?


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The proposal of marriage or engagement is an important part of the relationship, where you need to impress your loved one. This is not always easy, especially when you are limited by a quarantine and cannot make many surprises.

My goal is to do something unique and different from the traditional one. I didn't want to take anyone by surprise, but rather surprise her! She already knew when she was going to be engaged, I planned everything in our future house under construction, but as I am high, I wanted to do something unique and unexpected.

I'm sharing all the details of my engagement to help you design yours creatively. I hope this article will serve you well in helping to make your marriage proposal in a unique and fun way.

Planning the Engagement

With months to go before the engagement, I quickly started planning things to use by buying everything over the internet. I also looked for some creative things on the internet, I ended up finding things like cryptex, puzzles, invisible light and the traditional balloons.

My goal was to do a kind of treasure hunt where the girl would need to search with my help for clues that lead to certain gifts and the Letters of the Crypt. Below you will understand when we examine each item used.

Initially my goal was to make puzzles for the bride to unveil, I bought a package of 16 Chinese puzzles, but since I wasn't even able to assemble them myself, I decided to use them differently so we wouldn't spend the whole day on it.

How did I make my engagement in full quarantine? - flat engagement

Criptex for engagement

Crypttex is a type of cylindrical safe with letter passwords. I wanted to buy the original Vince's Code movie, but it cost about 200 reais imported from China, due to the delay I couldn't risk and import, so I resorted to 3D printing in my city.

In it I put the password ILOVEU, and inside I just put a message written MOTHER OF YOUR HAND. Many often put the engagement ring inside, but I prefer to break the expectation and deliver the ring myself after the bride reads the message.

I personally believe that it pays to import the original cryptex because it is made of iron and is fully customizable, in addition to being more beautiful and rustic, but I also liked the result of my 3D printer cryptex.

How did I make my engagement in full quarantine? - cryptex engagement
My Criptex made on the 3D Printer

Messages scattered in the gifts

I wanted to leave romantic messages scattered during the treasure hunt, so I took out magazines and cut out letter by letter to put the messages together. The objective was to show the work I had in the preparation, showing how important it is to me.

The messages were glued to each gift of each hunting challenge. In the message there was also a letter highlighted with invisible ink that represented one of the letters of the Criptex together with the position number of the password.

Despite being 6 digits, I made a total of 3 gifts consisting of an emoji pillow, a rose on the dome and a drawn portrait of me and my fiancee.

How did I make my engagement in full quarantine? - gifts

How did treasure hunting work?

Upon entering the house, my girl was faced with a floor full of rose petals forming the way to Criptex with a decoration of chrome heart balloons and a writing “I LOVE YOU!“, In the other room a path for a UV lamp.

In the room with the Ultra Violet flashlight, there were several papers with romantic messages that could only be read using the flashlight (because it is invisible ink). His mission was to find Japanese letters hiragana scattered around the house and inside puzzles.

When she found the letter Hiragana she needed to find the card with a certain letter spread on the counter of the house. The card had a photo that represented some object that was scattered in my lot, where the treasure, the message and a letter of the cryptex would be found.

How did I make my engagement in full quarantine? - engagement

Upon finding the 6 letters Hiragana, the challenges and gifts with the cryptex password, she would realize that the password was wrong. Yes, that's right, the password I gave in the tips is not the exact password (if it wouldn't be obvious it was ILOVEU).

I wrote ILOVEU on a cryptex line, but not on the password line. I took the letters that were in the password line and used them in the game. When she saw that the password was wrong, examining the cryptex she would come across a line written ILOVEU and try to use it as a password.

When opening it she would find the message without the ring, I would take her by surprise with the ring in her hand and end! Every treasure hunt took about 20 minutes, I had to hurry things up a little, giving tips so as not to get too difficult.

How did I make my engagement in full quarantine? - engagement 2

Engagement Video

Below I will leave the video I made of the Engagement to get an idea of ​​how it all happened:

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