Blog post: Tips to turn your readers into leads

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On the internet, all your content must be developed to make your reader become a lead. When we are developing some kind of content on the internet, what we take most into consideration is to create useful and beautiful material. 

In any case, when we create any type of material on the internet, we play the role of professionals who seek to engage their audience. 

If you work to create content for a company, you should know that if the organization does not sell, there will be no investment in the content. 

In this way, what remains is to perfect the strategies so that readers can later become loyal readers. 

Therefore, if your blog is focused on business topics, try to highlight the parts that most interest the reader, such as dealing with factoring bond discount, which in turn is a release of resources that can be very useful to improve the company's results. 

The content you develop should serve not only to educate the audience, but to solve their problems and entertain them. 

It is also worth noting that the purchase process has changed radically in recent years. Through the internet, along with digital marketing and inbound marketing, leads have become the fundamental piece for companies to build their customer base. 

Naturally, marketing strategies began to be developed to improve company communication with the aim of creating strategic content. 

Communication, in turn, is essential for a roof metal structure design, for example, can be developed in a fluid way, preventing possible errors from happening. 

It is through the methodologies that the company will know what are the steps that the reader is going through to finally become a lead. 

As your content manages to generate more and more leads, they will directly reflect on the solution you are proposing through the content that is being developed. 

When you invest in generating leads, there will automatically be new business opportunities. 

In this way, as much as your blog deals with specific subjects such as themes related to microscopy slide box, you should consider investments so that people can be entertained by the content you develop. 

The reason that these opportunities begin to appear is due to the reason of being able to direct the content to the right audience

Therefore, when creating your content, keep in mind that the topic and the words used must be aimed at people who are really interested in the topic in question. 

In practice, it's no use talking about issues related to lifestyle, since your blog is directed to specific areas, such as those that work in acoustic barrier company or related. 

In other words, target the content to the type of person who is looking for the product you sell on your site. If you create content that is not related to sales, try to develop materials that really interest the public. 

In general, strategies help make the business process more efficient, increasing conversion rates and, consequently, improving the company's profits. 

Before going to the tips, it is necessary to contextualize the topic, initially explaining what leads are. For some people, this term is still unknown, so it is worth explaining the concept of it. 

What are leads?

In short, leads are people who have the very great potential to become customers in the future. 

These are people who, when researching topics such as logistics customs broker, for example, demonstrate in some way an interest in working in the area or simply researching the practices that involve the operation routine. 

Within a blog, readers are people who are interested in topics that are discussed daily. In this scenario, we are looking for ways to make these same readers, in some way, interested in what the blog has to offer. 

The lead conversion process can be considered as a set of strategies that seek to arouse the reader's interest. On the internet, it is essential that the owner of the blog that talks about electric screwdriver rental, for example, consider applying marketing strategies so you can increase readership. 

However, the conversion process is not limited to just arousing the reader's interest in the site's offers. It is also about guiding them on this journey, which can often be a difficult task for those involved. 

In order for the reader to actually become a lead, he needs to provide information that facilitates contact between the blog and the blog. This is how a blog that talks about CCTV installation in condominium, manages to win over its customers, this is because readers end up leaving their contacts so that they can make a budget in the future. 

In this way, the blog can start its relationship with its readers so that, later, they can become leads. 

To encourage the reader to provide their data, it is necessary for the blog to offer some reward for doing so. This action is related to digital marketing, which involves Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing strategies. 

Overall, this process begins by offering content and materials that can arouse the reader's interest, providing alternative content that has been developed in more detail. 

Therefore, we can conclude that the conversion of leads favors the realization of more accurate analyzes about the future customer and about the strategies adopted by the company. 

The moment the blog decides to convert its readers into leads, naturally the team will have more commercial productivity. 

Lead classification

To help with this conversion process, there is a lead classification that is used to better organize this activity. In this case, the categories are:

  • Cold lead: reader who made the information available, but did not follow through;
  • Lead in the nurturing phase: potential customer who shows interest in buying;
  • Inactive lead: lead that is not yet ready to buy;
  • Lead in recycling process: potential customer who will make the purchase again;
  • Qualified lead: lead that is already familiar with the brand.

But the question that remains is: how to make this type of content? For this reason, we have listed some tips that can be very useful when creating your company materials. 

1. Use image CTAs 

In practice, the use of banners can even be useful, but we must know how to work with them to avoid the phenomenon of banner blindness. 

The term blindness was created in 1998, in an academic article developed by Jan Panero Benway and David M. Lane. It is used to explain that users have learned to ignore content that looks like an ad, is next to an ad, or appears in places that often have ads. 

In this way, we can see the importance of strategically placing banners within a blog post. In practice, just imagine a post about the alkalizing additive, where they strategically place an image CTA so users can be nurtured with other content. 

The CTAs, in practice, are those buttons that allow the reader to have access to other alternative material, which, in some way, will make him interested in other subjects within the blog. Therefore, the first tip focuses on allocating CTAs in banner format. 

2. Text CTAs

Anyone who is used to writing marketing texts generally knows the importance of internal and external backlinks for SEO. In the process, a portion of these people end up forgetting how powerful these links can also be to generate leads. 

When creating your copy, remember to include a few landing pages from ebooks, webinars, or any other offers that might increase reader interest in your blog. 

To increase visibility, you can consider placing links at the beginning of paragraphs or at the end of them. 

3. Pop-ups

For most people, pop-ups can be quite annoying. But it's the way people put them that make them angry. 

Depending on how you put this feature, like grouping blog posts according to the main topic and then creating a popup that relates to the topic being addressed. 

Finally, consider taking your reader to a page that can complement the topic they are consuming, but that somehow, they can also be interested in the offers that are linked to your blog.