Google My Business: Learn how to broaden search results

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Regionality is a business opportunity for many. When someone arrives at a certain place, most likely, she takes out her cell phone and searches the Google the trades options that meet your needs at that moment.

And, precisely because of this, tools like Google My Business are so important. This is because it is a free disclosure mechanism that makes your company appear in Google search engines with various information.

Among the most common information that your company can register on this platform are:

  • Opening hours;
  • Address;
  • Contact;
  • Web site.

This is basically everything a user needs to contact your company and become a potential customer. However, it is important that you know how to use the tool properly, so that you can boost your income.

Therefore, this article, in addition to highlighting the benefits of the platform, will help you to use this tool that is widely used in different types of business.

How to register?

To gain access to the utilities of this platform, it is necessary to make a simple registration, so that your company is properly placed in the Google search engine. So follow the steps below.

First go to the Google My Business page and look for the “Get Started Now” button. Click and fill in the form, indicating the company name, country, address, postal code and category.

Then, confirm the information and check the option that says that you are authorized to manage the registered company and that you accept the terms of the platform. After finishing, click continue.

Enter the mobile number and Google will send a confirmation code via SMS. When you receive, enter the code received and confirm.

Now you will be forwarded to your page created on Google where you can manage. 

How do I manage my business through Google My Business?

Suppose you have a trade in electrical panels in a certain region, however it is a location where the electric market is extremely competitive. It is important to know where to start to stand out from the competition.

Good management in Google My Business makes all the difference for those who want to be a reference in the region, because, nowadays, with the colossal advancement of technology, people immediately turn to their cell phones to look for what they need.

Therefore, in the hypothetical case of this store that, in addition to selling panels, still makes electrical assembly, knowing how to manage your location on Google can be a positive point compared to other businesses in the region that don't.

After the registration process, it is important to do a second check. The address verification is done by means of a letter that will go to the indicated address, containing a link and a verification code.

After this step you will be ready to start managing the company. Enter and click on “Manage Location”.

On this page it is possible to add photos, videos, contact telephone numbers, websites, in addition to something that is crucial to maintain a quality standard, which is the customer satisfaction rating. It is also possible to observe the search results about the company.

Google My Business Benefits

Google My Business can very well be implemented as one of the customer prospecting mechanisms within your business planning. digital marketing. It is important to think of specific strategies to make it even more effective.

If you have a physical office for your company that provides programming services and someone searches for restaurant software, in the location where your office is located, with proper management your company will appear at the top.

And the most important thing is that, through this initial contact, you can think of strategies that build customer loyalty that encourage them to rate your company well on Google, so that people always enjoy your services.

If someone else looks for coding gear in the region and reads positive reviews about installing software, firmware update and any other type of service in the catalog, she will certainly be much more likely to hire the company.

But it is important to understand that in the same way that the platform is extremely functional and intuitive to leverage your income, it is also available to the competition, after all, this is unlikely to be one of the only systems companies Of region.

That is why it is important to understand this tool as a facilitator, that is, to use it in line with other practices within digital marketing, such as organic traffic and paid advertising.

The gradual increase in qualified traffic to the company's pages is visible after registering with Google My Business. This is because, without better targeting, it is common for leads to appear that are considered disposable.

For example, if you work for a company that outsources the access controller, it is likely that the quote tab will show leads from suppliers who will offer you products, but not users who really want a quote.

On the platform you will notice that the filtering of users is very well done and with enormous potential to become end customers, not least because those who found you through the platform looked for your service and, therefore, your company is certainly the solution.

This is more evident when your company is in a very specific segment, such as soil collection for geotechnics, for example, where those looking for your service are sure to look for something they are really interested in. In this case, it facilitates the sale.

This is easily explained by the concept of a sales funnel, where the customer who gets to the point of looking for the service in the region is already at a level of interest. In that case, he would already be at the bottom of the funnel. Conversion, therefore, is much more practical.

It is worth mentioning that small and medium-sized regional companies are very effective when they apply Google My Business mechanisms. This is because this platform has a very strong appeal for regionality and, therefore, is a great opportunity.

If a neighborhood mechanic with a focus on Start engine register your company on Google My Business, it is very likely that when someone has any problem with the car connected to that part, they will find the mechanics in question.

And this goes for mechanics, pharmacies, bakery and etc. Whatever your regional business, this Google tool can help you in some way. Especially because this facilitator has already proved to be more effective than leafleting or advertisements in neighborhood newspapers, for example.

Ask yourself this question: if a person has an immediate need, do you think they will turn to a pamphlet or their cell phone? If you chose the second, you are correct. The cell phone is literally a mediator between the audience and the product.

The internet is where people, in addition to buying, interact and evaluate a product or service. That is why there is a real need to maximize possibilities and invest in the quality of service so that your company is always well evaluated in the market.

If you manage to align the right tools with a good service or product, your venture will hardly lack customers. That's why it's important to study the nuances of the platform so that you have greater scope for possible improvements.

Consider using Google My Business, because, in addition to being free, it is something that will allow you to know how your company is seen from the perspective of your customer, that is, it allows you to make adjustments to your planning to always reach the best possible version.

The platform is simple, intuitive and very effective. It shortens the space between customer and company, helping to create a much more lasting bond. If the customer likes it, he indicates and evaluates it well, and this will certainly make your business have the expected success.

Therefore, follow the registration step by step and explore the particularities of the platform to insert this mechanism into your strategy. If your company doesn't exist for the internet, it practically doesn't exist for the contemporary world.

With Google My Business you are using the internet to your advantage, so that it works for you and not the other way around. Who generates revenue for your company is the customer, and this platform is an alternative route that shortens the distance for them to reach you.

When using it, compare the data and results presented and follow the gradual evolution that your business will have with this implementation. With the right practices, there is no doubt that Google My Business will meet your expectations.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content on different segments.