Epic Games and Apple bullshit, 30% tax and Monopoly


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In this article I will try to present a view that I believe is correct about all the bullshit that went on between Epic Games and other companies accusing Apple of Monopoly because of its 30% rate and some policies that favor alternatives to the App Store.

Don't let your personal hatred for Apple Affect you

Before we start talking about Apple in this story, we need to lessen the hatred that some have for the Company, also for Epic Games in the next topic. If you continue with this hatred, it may affect your understanding of the article.

In Brazil a growing number of Apple fanboys is common, you know that where there is fanboy also Hater (hater). I hate both fanboys and Haters. They are the scum of humanity, most of the time children who don't even think straight.

I confess that I am an Apple FAN, I have iPad Pro, Mac, iPhone and even Apple TV. But I didn't buy these things to show off, or because I devalue money, I bought it because I was in Japan and it was very cheap, cheaper than Microsoft and Samsung.

Since I migrated from Windows Phone and PC to Apple, I have only had satisfactory results in my work and great savings in maintenance and updating of Hardware. All this because I travel to Japan, but I also don't find the prices of the Gray Market so absurd.

Unfortunately in Brazil you need to be rich to consume Apple, and this generates a huge hatred for the company, for those who are unable to buy, or for those who have money, but are outraged that the devices are used to display themselves, as luxury items.

I am also disgusted by this, but I am a fan of Apple, its services and especially its operating systems and I don't care much about the logo. Some also loathe the company for being a closed system, but I really like that.

It doesn't matter if you hate Apple because of its closed operating system, or because of the prices charged in Brazil, or because some use their products for status and to show off, let go of that hate ...

Epic games and apple bullshit, 30% tax and monopoly
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Don't let your personal hatred for Epic Games Affect you

I go to a gaming website and forum where I can see that Brazilians have a very strong hatred for Epic Games and Fortnite. Possibly because they're Steam fans or don't like Fortnite's style of play and success.

The most childish thing is Haters from game companies. I am a fan of Nintendo and I can constantly see the hatred spread also because of the prices of some games, or the graphics and the lack of hardware power, frivolous and senseless arguments.

I recently commented on a website that was looking forward to Amazon's Luna, said that I didn't care about 4k and graphics, I just wanted to play without having to buy consoles. Someone negated my comment so will you understand?

It seems that Brazilians have a habit of bothering successfully and tasting others, the most meaningless thing that exists. The person has her money, she spends what she wants. I think my money is much more spent at Nintendo than at other companies, I already had PS4, I loved it, I don't understand why you can't like several companies…

If you have any trace of hatred for Epic Games or Fortnite, for whatever reason, try to ignore it so as not to affect your judgment in this article. Honestly, haters and fanboys need to be studied by NASA.

Epic games and apple bullshit, 30% tax and monopoly
Photo by Soumil Kumar on Pexels.com

Apple App Store Policies

It is undeniable that the policies of the App Store are made in order to favor Apple, but it is nothing different from any company that dictates its rules. If I have my store, I can dictate my rules and choose which products will be inside it.

For this reason, I don't criticize Apple's policies that gigantically filter the collection of applications that are available on the App Store. In fact, I believe it is a positive point to keep the ecosystem clean that I taste.

Google Play seems more flexible in its app approval rules, but it has the same fee charging rules. Many apps only exist in the Play Store because of certain system permissions that are given to the user.

The Android system is also open to other stores, this being an Open Open Source system. Google also wins by allowing its system on multiple devices, while Apple has only the company's iPhones.

In some past cases, we have seen changes in the App Store's policy to favor its services, but we have also seen changes in the policy that favor other companies and applications that have appealed to certain practices, thus showing possible malleability.

Epic games and apple bullshit, 30% tax and monopoly

How are App Store Fees?

The App Store transaction fee of 30% applies only to applications that offer some digital service. For this reason applications like Amazon, Uber, iFood and others do not pay fees and have their own payment systems in the App.

Some streaming services such as Netflix, in order to refuse to pay such a fee, prevent those who download the application from registering through it. The person needs to go to the computer to register, an interesting option.

Apple's policies Prevent developers from placing ads that target an alternative payment, I don't think that's abusive. Apple recently launched more systems that allow certain Apps to be enrolled in a fee exemption.

Subscriptions after a year drop to 15% on the App Store. So, by retaining customers, companies will have their rates reduced. Unfortunately those who sell products that are not subscriptions, always end up having to pay a 30% fee.

Attacking Apple's 30% rate is Hypocrisy

Criticizing the App Store's policies is one thing, but attacking Apple's 30% rate while other companies like Steam, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Google have the same rate percentage, sounds a lot of hypocrisy.

I understand Epic Games' point of view, taking down the biggest one will affect those who are down. But I personally believe that this is quite offensive, making Apple look like the only villain in history. Many take sides without even knowing it.

Some claim that Epic Games does not attack Google Play very much, because the Android system is Open allows for other alternative Stores or the direct installation of an application in the APK extension. But what about the Nintendo, Steam, Playstation and Xbox brands?

Apple is not the only closed system, consoles also have strict application publishing policies and a closed operating system that prevents the proliferation of piracy and alternative payment systems.

Why do you think developers profit more from Apple than Android, even if they have a smaller base? Why on Android we have many ways to use applications and games without paying developers properly.

Anyway, Hypocrisy!

Is Apple's 30% Fee Unfair?

Anyone who looks at 30% thinks it looks a lot, because of that people have a view that Apple is a great mercenary and hopes for the success of Epic and other companies in order to bring down that rate. Is the 30% rate unfair?

As already mentioned, the 30% rate is not exclusive to Apple, all console companies and stores often have similar rates. It is also worth mentioning that after one year, the subscription fee drops to 15%. On Steam the rate drops with the number of Downloads.

Certainly, lowering the rate would not be bad for anyone other than Apple. Only I do not disagree with such a fee! I work with development and marketing, I know very well the absurd costs spent on advertising and ADS, as well as paying affiliates.

The money Epic Games pays Apple for Fortnite is far less than what it would spend on advertising to try to distribute it differently in the system. In my industry, 60% or more of a sale is spent on advertising and marketing.

Even so, those working in digital marketing or selling online are wealthy, millionaires and don't have as much work as a local salesman inside a store. DEVs are able to profit without any work with the help of the Apple Store.

For that reason, I don't think it's unfair to pay the 30% fee to Apple or other companies with consoles. Not even paying the $ 200 registration fee I think is so bad, since it serves to filter the possible garbage that is found in the Play Store.

Will decreasing the Rate by 30% benefit the User?

In the long run it may even benefit a little, but Epic Games is doing it only for its own benefit. Currently the Epic Games store fee is 12%, but its launch games cost the same price as Steam which has a 30% fee.

Even with Steam having a higher rate, your store still remains far superior and attractive to customers, with more affordable prices and more varieties of games. So lowering the store's rate won't help customers much, just DEVs.

The noble gesture that Epic Games is making, can indeed bring many benefits in the future, it can totally change the course of history, but the way it caused this uproar is totally outlaw, breaking contracts and making a big cardboard.

Epic games and apple bullshit, 30% tax and monopoly

What will be the result of all this?

I personally think that she should do this not only with Apple, but fight them all at once, she went to Apple because it seems to be the easiest way and with the best result, since her policies can really say something.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that it will come to anything, however good the idea is, Epic Games is wrong, it is very likely that Apple also did not do anything that could be questioned by the Law. Such a giant company would not make any mistake like this.

Apple is well aware of the edge of the limit of its rights, lawyers also serve to oversee this, not just to avoid lawsuits or sue. But I believe that this gesture by Epic Games is already having an effect.

Apple has recently changed a few things in its policy in order to benefit DEVs and users. Things may also become more open with the arrival of macOS in ARM, but I don't believe in the need to remove the fee that everyone uses.

No Jailbreak is required to install other apps on iOS. There are already simple and unofficial ways to install Apps using the Profile system, only people know about it. Even the official external distribution has taken place by SetApp.

We are already seeing the easing of policies in the App Store and who knows a future where we can install applications in an alternative way officially / Who knows, maybe it will appear now with the arrival of Swift for Windows? In fact, macOS has always been an open system for programs, even though it is from Apple.

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