Duda x WordPress x Wix? What the hell is this?


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Watching my videos on Youtube I came across a strange advertisement talking about a guy named Duda, kicking his feet on WordPress. I liked the chicken with handsaw, but is Duda really all that promises?

For sweet customers who just want to have a local website for their company, without making many updates, a DIY platform like Dudley or Wix pro spending. But Duda's comparison with WordPress is completely illogical.

Duda x WordPress

They are two totally different platforms, WordPress is a Open Source that you download and install on any hosting for free. Duda is a paid platform that is in the hands of the company that you do not have all the freedom you want.

If using WordPress is to cut a chicken with a hacksaw, using Duda is to cut a chicken with a small knife. If she wants to make a profit and succeed with a website, she must be aware that she will cut much more than a chicken or even an ox. A little knife won't do.

Platforms that promise countless things always miss something. I personally would not use WordPress to open an online store, nor to make a One-Page website. I use WordPress to manage a website with content and articles posted regularly.

I remember I wanted to quit WordPress, so I looked for a CMS called Ghost, which promised to kill WordPress and give freedom and speed with the node.js language. Unfortunately the lack of functions and support made me rethink this idea.

Anyway, Duda is not the worst of evils. In fact I think it is quite superior to Wix, but unfortunately I would not use anything that was not really mine.

Duda x wordpress x wix? What the hell is this? - duda

Duda x Wix

Duda promises more resources and more freedom than the Wix platform, I will not disagree with this point. But for customers who want to have just one local or business website, Wix is ​​more than enough to fill that.

Duda promises to be a middle ground between Wix and WordPress, but it looks more like a Blogger with an expensive price. Understandable for using AWS as hosting, but it ends up not being viable to pay a dollar amount, if you can get it much cheaper at Wix.

Duda x wordpress x wix? What the hell is this? -

True Comparison Table - Duda x WordPress x Wix

Every website that offers a specific service, usually presents a table of advantages compared to other rivals. Of course, every company shows that its service is better than the others, even if it is not true.

Now we are going to present an honest comparison table between the Duda, WordPress and Wix website creation services. When marked with X, the platform offers a certain service, otherwise it will be a dash.

Service availableDudleyWPWix
Open Source-X-
Virtual store XXX
Total Autonomy +-X-
Layouts creation -X-
Plugins Creation- X-
Ease for customersX--
Community Support-X-
Ease of UseX-X
For startersX-X

I did it more for fun, because there is not much to compare. There's nothing WordPress can't do, Duda is expensive and Wix is ​​better for beginners. That's all you need to know about these 3 platforms.

I can't be a professional Blogger for Wix and I always disgusted these drag and drop platforms where I don't have total control. But thinking in the eyes of those who want ease and do not know how to program, Wix is ​​a success.

But the above comparison was not so fair, because I referred to WordPress Self-Hosted, there is a wordpress similar to Wix and Duda, where the WordPress company manages the services and hosting with limitations.

For a fairer comparison, I will leave below a table that compares Duda and Wix with website service on wordpress.com. Just don't forget, Self-hosted WordPress is completely open source and free of any limitations.

Free planOnly available during the trial periodSubdomain in wixsite.comFree option + Open Source
Available themes~ 150~ 30 for the basic designer, more than 600 for the advancedInfinite
SEO functionalityEmbedded basic SEOSEO assistant includedSEO tools only in business plans
Import optionsImports (some) site contentnoneImport from WP, blogger and others
Export optionsAvailable on some plansnoneBasic data export
Google AMPNot supportedNot supportedAutomatically supported, editable
No brand on the siteFor all plansPaid plansFor business plans only
Reporting, analysis functionalityIntegrated basic analysisThird-party applicationBasic analysis incorporated via JetPack
Google AnalyticsFully supportedFor business plans onlyFor business plans only
Social media integrationAutomatically pull feeds and comments from FB, Twitter, Yelp etc.Available via apps, dashboard toolPost to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more
StorageUnlimited3 - 50 GB, depending on plan6-13 GB for personal plans, unlimited for business
Support, supportEmail, chat, phoneEmail, chat, phoneEmail, live chat
Plugins~ 20 rules, 17 third party e-commerce pluginsOver 250 free and paid third party apps availableSeveral hundred plugins available; can upload additional
commentsIt is necessary to use third parties (Facebook, Disqus)BuiltFull comments
AffiliationNot availableEmbedded, including registration, social networks, profiles, postsAvailable via third-party plug-in
Project management or collaboration toolsIncluded in certain plansBasic workflow tools includedAvailable via third-party plug-in
Reservation functionalityScheduling via integrated vCitaFull-featured booking incorporatedAvailable via third-party plug-in
Marketing ToolsCan connect email service, embedded social media marketingIntegrated email marketing and social posts, more by plug-inAvailable via third-party plug-in
AdvertisingFacebook, Google Adwords supportedGoogle Adwords supported, Adsense available by pluginAdwords available via third-party plug-in
GDPR compliancePrivacy page, cookie notifications, IP mask, form registration notificationSome GDPR tools availableAvailable cookies consent widget

What is the Best Option for a Self-Hosting Blog?

Honestly, none of the mentioned options I recommend as an automatic hosting blog. If you are going to pay to have a website in the hands of a company, it is best to use Google's Blogger which is free and has a good community.

If you want to give the project a store or website look rather than a blogger, it is better to buy your hosting and use the installed WordPress. Sometimes it is much cheaper than any option like Wix or Duda.

Of course, this will require technical knowledge and a lot of dedication, but I believe it is much easier than learning all the tricks of the other platforms. Just take a course like Online Business Formula or WordPress.

If you don’t mind spending and want something TOP, you can take a look at Ghost Blog CMS which has the self-hosted option and also Open Source to install on servers running Node.JS.

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