How to do site searches without searching


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Have you ever entered a website, looking for an article that you know exists, but can't find any search fields on the website? This is frustrating right? What kind of website creator does not leave a search field? In this article we will explain how you can do searches on sites that don't have a search bar.

What are we without seekers? Thanks to search engines, we are able to find websites from our internet. In addition, within the sites we find search bars that help you find a particular subject on the site. Why the hell do some sites have no search?

Often times, the creator of the site forgets the existence of this tool, or maybe he is hiding the pages of a blog, trying to focus on just a certain page. Many write articles that want to be found only on Google. Fortunately, there are several ways to replace this search bar and do searches on certain sites without problems.

How to do site searches without searching

Using a URL on the website

90% of internet sites use the WordPress as a content manager. Although some remove the search option from the site, it still exists and can be called via the URL. You can try doing a search as follows:

In the address bar one is the link to the website's home page, after [/] type [? s =] + [word you want to search for]. Like we have below: s =word-that-want-to-seek

The function [? s =] allows you to search most sites, even if you don’t have a search bar. It is not necessary to add the [-] in the sentence you want to search, the browser automatically replaces the spaces with characters that represent them.

If the site is a Blogger or, you can perform a search using: / search /? search-word

If the site uses an unknown CMS or system, you can search its source code for some CMS information, search for another site that uses the same CMS and learn how it performs the search by examining the URL.

How to do site searches without searching

Using Google

Using these simple 3 letters on the website domain you are able to search for any article or content present on it. If the human being finds a way to disable this function, there is another option called Google.

That's right, Google offers different search filters that you can use to specify your search. Just type the word you want to search for, then type to find results only on that designated site.

The same can work on other similar search engines, which most often use the same functions as Google. Even if the search engine does not have this function, you can enter the URL of the site and the search engine will show results from that site.

The Google search is sometimes more accurate than the internal search of the site. So if you're not finding something internally on the site, try Google. Sometimes the WordPress search is a little crazy and displays what we are looking for in the last few pages. Fortunately, Google prioritizes relevance.

How to do site searches without searching

What if the site has hidden from Google and other search engines?

Something even more serious could happen, perhaps the author of the site does not want his articles to be found easily (crazy) and has disabled indexing results on Google. What can you do to find something you are looking for?

The author may have deactivated the Google robot, but he probably did not deactivate all the crawlers, looking for the mention of the domain on Google, you may end up finding some site that tracks his pages, facilitating your search.

Maybe the link you are looking for has been sent and some social network like facebook and instagram, try to search these sites for the keywords you want to find. With a little patience you can find what you want.

Website authors always miss something, if you know what you're looking for, don't give up, look in other sources, look in different sites, youtube channels and others. Even if the link is encrypted, you may be able to find it!

I hope the tips in this article will help you find what you are looking for. If you have a website and have disabled the search function, stop being slow and activate this function. Even if it is not used so much, it is a hand in the wheel when looking for.

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