The Best Online Guitar Courses

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Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in Brazil, so there are thousands of courses of this instrument, both free and paid. Youtube is full of videos and anyone can learn. But what are the best paid guitar courses?

We previously did an article on the best keyboard and piano courses online, the article was very successful, so we decided to make an article focused on the best online guitar courses.

Welcome to my personal website where I talk about marketing, music and other things that interest me. To help you navigate this article, I'll leave a summary below:

My experience learning guitar online

When I bought my guitar, I thought it would be an easy and quick instrument to learn, and I was right. With just a few videos from youtube and with the help of cifraclub, I was able to learn some notes and play my songs.

Of course, unfortunately not everything is flowers, the first few weeks are painful for the fingers. Everything seems easy until you try to make eyelashes, fingerings and fingerstyle. Nothing impossible, but unfortunately many end up locking in these parts.

As much as there are thousands of videos presenting solutions, tips and tutorials for these things, it is never enough to get a good performance or to definitely learn the subject.

Most of these channels that post video, have some kind of private course with more elaborate and complete content, not least because they need money. Nothing on the internet is free, I myself gain from writing this article.

- minha experiência aprendendo violão online

What is the Best Online Guitar Course?

This is a very difficult question to answer, especially because it is subjective and personal. The best course will be the one that will please you, but nothing can please everyone. I know perfect courses that receive strong criticism from haters.

One methodology may work for others, but it may not work for you. Some are laymen and like things well explained, others are self-taught and prefer something more subjective and direct. In other words, there is no better course than another.

A big factor in determining whether you will like the course or not, is the sympathy with the teacher and author of the course. Not everyone goes like a teacher or another. The price is also an eye-catching and final factor when purchasing the product.

For this reason we made a complete list presenting the main online guitar courses. I recommend examining the sales page for each of these courses to find out which content and teachers you like the most.

Don't be put off by the seller's words, everyone here is trying to sell your fish. The first ones on the list are the ones that I think are the best (based on temperature), but that doesn't mean that the others are inferior. Look for what you like!

Qual é o melhor curso de violão online?

Triade Method - Heitor Castro

The TRÍADE METHOD promises to teach absolutely everything you need to know to play almost any song on the guitar regardless of the difficulty. Without being a “slave to the figures” and even with little time to practice.

The author of the course is called Heitor Castro, a true musician with about one and a half million subscribers on Youtube. It is without a doubt the most complete guitar course on the internet, Heitor graduated from Guitar Institute Of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood.

Heitor has already taught famous celebrities such as Francisco Cuoco, Claudio Heinrich, Marcelo Bonfá, Paola de Oliveira and Marjorie Estiano. The course lasts more than 9 months with several bonuses totaling an immeasurable amount.

Método triade - heitor castro

Like Solar on Guitar [FingerStyle] - HEITOR CASTRO

From the same previous author Heitor Castro, this course focuses on Solo or Fingerstyle, where you can play the melody of the song as if it were on a piano or violin. Or rather, you can play the rhythm and melody at the same time.

This course is suitable for those who already have a basic knowledge of guitar. If you are new, try to see Heitor Castro's previous course, undoubtedly one of the best guitar teachers in Brazil and the internet.

Online Guitar Formula Course - Fábio de Amorim

The Formula Guitar is a Totally Online and Targeted Guitar Method that combines simple and powerful exercises with high results. The course is taught by Fábio de Amorim and suitable for beginners who definitely want to master the guitar.

The course has more than 140 complete lessons with step by step, 20 complete modules divided into 4 levels in addition to offering 9 bonuses that include specific classes, techniques and more than 5000 figures. In addition to the support and group of students.

The student will follow a real step by step, being directed to the objective of executing the first songs on the guitar in a much shorter time than conventional. It is a very effective, simple and objective step by step.

Curso online fórmula violão - fábio de amorim

Online Course Zero Guitar Lessons - Rafael Alves

It is a 100% Online Method, totally Modern and Innovative focused on those who dream to learn guitar from absolute zero, or to people who dream of mastering advanced techniques in the instrument, in a simple, practical and fast way.

The course is complete and has more than 23 modules and several bonuses. In addition to the addiction course with updates, the student receives figures for several updated songs, including gospel songs, solos and riffs. The course also teaches alternative tunings.

The author of the Zero Guitar Lessons course is named Rafael Alves, owner of one of the biggest Guitar channels on YouTube in Brazil with over half a million subscribers, composer of over 183 arrangements with over 15 years of guitar experience.

Curso online aulas de violão do zero - rafael alves

Guitar Course for Beginners - Mário Cristão

The course for beginners was tested on more than 100 thousand students and uses only practical training that goes straight to the point of learning, always maintaining only what accelerates the results that already appear in the first week. 

The course has 8 modules 4 bonuses and offers its own methodology. The course teaches posture, how to tune the guitar by ear, sounds and characteristics, rhythms, drills, eyelashes, diagrams, figures, chords, fingerings, reeds, pulls, solo and tabs.

The author of the course is Mário Sales Santos, known as Mário Cristão, a musician and guitar teacher for over 10 years. He specializes in teaching guitar for beginners, has a YouTube channel for beginners with over 100 thousand subscribers.

Curso de violão para iniciantes - mário cristão

Harmony Course How to play by ear - & nbsp; Daniel Gomes

The Harmony Course as playing by ear by Daniel Gomes is focused on what the title already says. The course teaches scales, techniques, harmonic field, intervals, beats, inversions, fingerings, repertoire, tetrad and many others.

The course is specific for those who have basic guitar knowledge and want to improve themselves. The course promises to make you able to follow any song without a cipher, in addition to being able to read the harmony of any song.

Access to the harmony course is lifelong, it has more than 04 modules with more than 200 classes, several bonuses and new classes being added all the time. The course has been on the market since 2016 and has helped thousands of students to play by ear.

In the Practical Harmony Course, you learn to rearmonize any type of melody and music in the following styles: 1 - MPB 2 - Gospel 3 - Sertanejo 4 - Jazz 5 - Bossa Nova 6 - Rock 7 - Pop Rock 8 - Pagode 9 - Blues 10 

Curso de harmonia como tocar de ouvido -  daniel gomes

Fast Guitar Online Course

In this course you will quickly learn beats, rhythms, chords to play samba, country music, arrocha, gospel, pop, rock, MPB and many others. All using a simple and easy method, followed by special steps and exercises.

After making your registration you will receive in your email the information to access your restricted area of ​​the course with Login and Password. Your access to the course is released for 1 Year and you can access it whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Curso online de violão rápido

Online Guitar Method Course in 8 Weeks

This is the only guitar teaching method based on accelerated learning that allows you to go from zero to advanced in just 8 weeks even if you believe you have no talent, gift or time to practice. Applying this method will impress you and still be remembered as the guitar guy!

There are more than 15 modules and 2 bonuses given by Professor Victor Teixeira. This training was developed exclusively for those who are level zero on the guitar, Victor takes it in his hand and gives you the step by step of what will have to be done each day.

Home Guitar Course - Janete Moura

Guitar is a companion in my life, because he cries with you when you are sad and celebrates with you when you are happy, and since then he has always been by my side at all times.

Music itself has many benefits for human beings. Playing the guitar helps motor coordination, helps cope with depression, sadness and works the brain. Another of my passions is to teach and share knowledge, and that was where the idea of ​​creating this method was born.

I am Janete Moura I have always been passionate about music and I am the creator of the Guitar Course at Home, a 100% online methodology with the aim of teaching a new way of playing guitar quickly, relaxed and totally different from the traditional one.

It is a method focused on stimulation, contrary to the traditional teaching method that requires you to study theory for at least a year before you even pick up the instrument, so come with me on this journey!

The Best Books to Learn Guitar at Home

As a bonus of this article, we will also recommend some books from Amazon Brazil that you can buy to study guitar at home. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.

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