Email marketing: Know the importance of opt-in for your digital strategy

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Email marketing is a highly valuable strategy for today's market, taking into account the way in which a business can better connect with its audience, counting on some specific strategies, such as the concept of opt-in.

A configuration within the email triggering service that can make a particular message reach your target audience optimally, thus highlighting the use of a well-developed digital strategy, such as email marketing.

Commercial strategy that uses the e-mail channel to establish better communication with the specific audience of an undertaking, which includes both customers already acquired and those who are in the process of conversion.

Just like a user who starts to search the internet about the services of a commercial video producer, providing your e-mail address to have access to specific communications from this type of company, via reports about this sector.

A conversion process that can be even more useful if such a company knows how to work in the best possible way with this type of communication, taking advantage of the benefits that only a direct channel such as e-mail can guarantee.

This explains the increasing attention given by different commercial sectors to this type of strategy, including companies, communication professionals, in addition to other profiles available in society that can be successful from this digital channel.

An outstanding strategy even for companies with a more specific profile, such as the industrial sector, capable of specifying the characteristics of an important product for this sector, such as a pressure transducer in the manufacturing area as a whole.

A scenario that ends up highlighting the value of the e-mail service within the current framework, even more so at a time when other channels, such as social networks, are increasingly congested due to the high number of companies that are present there. .

But to be successful with the email marketing strategy, some characteristics must be considered, such as the opt-in application, which has a great value in terms of allowing a user to receive or not certain types of emails. -mail.

Understanding opt-in and opt-out relationships

In order for a series of emails to be sent to a particular audience, some characteristics must be considered, starting with providing an email address to which the most diverse types of communication can be directed.

After all, it is impossible to get in touch with someone via phone call without knowing the number kept by that specific person, even more so today, where the telephone operator's profession is no longer available, given the evolution of this type of technology.

Well, the same is true when talking about methods of communication via e-mail, in which it is necessary to know the individual address of all users with whom a company may be interested in establishing some kind of contact.

However, it is not only necessary to have access to a particular address, as in acquiring an email list, for example. It is necessary to have the permission of the users themselves to direct specific contents of a company.

As an action not only on a legal basis, but also to achieve better commercial performance, as a supplier of industrial control devices, which talks directly to an audience, and it is then necessary to speak to that audience.

Since the same type of ad that can be successful with a user who is familiar with the area, it can sound like an unknown for someone who has never even set foot inside a factory, making this message not achieve any type of conversion.

It is precisely because of this attention to be gained via e-mail that the permission to receive a message is shown to be something of such value, thus highlighting the difference between some market concepts, such as opt-in and opt-out.

The second is related to the denial of a user to receive any type of message, which on the other hand ends up highlighting the importance of what is called an opt-in, that is, an expression associated with the authorization of someone to receive a message.

This is a consent that can bring several benefits to the market as a whole.

The benefits associated with opt-in

By relying on the public's permission to receive specific emails, a number of benefits can be highlighted, including:

  • Public attention;
  • Avoid falling into the spam box;
  • Better chances of conversion;
  • Stand out among the number of posts.

All to guarantee a better attention on the part of a user, with such messages received by e-mail acting in the same way as a promotional mobile it can highlight some type of product or promotion within a supermarket, for example.

But with an even more specific concentration, since it is a direct channel with that user in question, in the case of messages that can be accessed by private devices, such as your work computer or even your cell phone.

Highlighting in this case the value of personalized emails, which have some type of message customized directly to an audience profile, being able to optimize the possibilities of conversion in relation to the audience, increasing your chances of sales.

Given the importance associated with this user permission, being something that can even be linked to the way in which someone can interact with the message to be received, it is important to know in depth the characteristics of the opt-in, including its variations.

The types of opt-ins available

Even a specific issue, such as a customer's permission to receive messages from a company after contracting their calibration of measuring equipment, goes through some types of variations within the market.

Accompanying the various challenges and opportunities that any type of business encounters when associating with digital channels.

Given this, it is worth mentioning that there are three types of opt-in models in relation to receiving an email, each with specific characteristics that must be considered so that a company can establish the best possible strategy.

soft opt-in

As its name implies, the soft opt-in model is aligned with a permission granted in a more lenient way, that is, not being as clear as the other opt-in options. This version does not necessarily require a clear authorization.

Dealing with a format in which the user only indicates some type of interest, such as when providing his/her e-mail address to receive an e-book about business automation software development, opening a space for communication with that company.

It was one of the most popular opt-in models, however, from the publication of the LGPD, the General Data Protection Law, this type of practice became prohibited, since the user's permission became mandatory.

In other words, it is important to be careful not to replicate this type of action, as this can even lead your business to be fined, fleeing the search for benefits that are sought with this type of action.

single opt-in

The single opt-in is a practical and essential model about the authorization to receive emails from a company, in the case of identifying the user's interest upon sending these messages through the signaling of something simple, such as a message box. .

double opt-in

The double opt-in, on the other hand, works with a more complex system of double confirmation, in which after signaling the box of interest, as with the single opt-in, this user also receives an email, asking that individual to confirm your interest.

Not unlike other double confirmation services, used by security services to access your email, as well as in manageable switch configuration or any type of equipment that needs an administrator's authorization.

It is a prominent option because it leads a company to have contact with an audience that actually shows interest in its products and services, which can lead to a greater possibility of conversion, for example.

In general, it is necessary to pay attention to these options in order to establish a strategy that presents the best success rates for your company, and it is even recommended to study your results to establish optimized practices.

For this, using digital marketing to observe some highlights, such as:

  • Email opening number;
  • Clicks on available links;
  • Relationship between converted users.

A set of data that can lead a company to ensure that a public is not only informed about the importance of dealing with a environmental authorization for your business, but also start the process of acquiring this type of permission.

All through a particular permission, in this case the authorization to receive an email associated with that particular area.

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