Google Analytics: Learn about the changes coming to the platform over the next year

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O Google Analytics is the main tool to help people who work and constantly use digital marketing, being specialized to help measure not only user engagement, but also the quality of the content being produced.

However, some changes are coming, and even those who have been using the tool for some time need to adapt to them to be able to continue producing content and ensuring their presence and reach on the internet through digital marketing.

Therefore, today's text will address the changes that will come to the platform, exploring what has changed, how Google Analytics works, what are the advantages of using it and why your brand should continue to invest in it.

Regardless of whether your brand's focus is on business automation software development or in sales of industrial services, using Google Analytics is essential for the growth of any company, especially if it is just starting out.

However, even though it is widely used, the current service will be deactivated after more than 10 years in use, making room for a new update that will come in 2023. This has generated a lot of comments on the internet and we are here precisely to show you what these changes will be. .

Of course, a lot depends on personal tastes and even attachment to the tool, but a large number of the features were late and receiving repairs and patches update, harming even a commercial video producer.

Not to mention that when a company or person consumes a service that doesn't satisfy their needs, they start looking for others that do better, causing Google itself to lose some customers with the situation.

With that in mind, it becomes easier to understand why such an update was necessary and why to create a new tool, successor to the previous one.

It should also be mentioned that, being the flagship in quality maintenance, data management and analysis, it is necessary to be attentive to the job market.

So use you to manage data from the promotional mobile or for your logistics company, the following topic will better contextualize how Google Analytics works and what are the changes that will occur for the year 2023. Check it out.

Understanding Google Analytics

First, it is necessary to understand that the tool currently used is GA3, which is commonly known as Universal Analytics, also having a second version, which is GA4. Also remembering that GA is the abbreviation of the term Google Analytics.

Both tools are widely used, with the first being launched in 2012 and the second in 2020. 

Professionals use them to improve their SEO rankings and ensure the effectiveness of some demands, as well as better understand the behavior of their users.

Therefore, from companies that work with calibration of measuring equipment or simply with digital sales, they will all have to migrate to GA4, abandoning Universal Analytics.

Some of the features that will change along and have been improved and redesigned are:

  • Cross-Platform Analytics;
  • User interactions with the content;
  • analysis of apps and web;
  • Greater interaction of Google tools;
  • All users on the same platform.

Of course, it varies from company to company, how this adaptation will be and what difficulties they will encounter along the way, but once Google sets a deadline to change the tool, things will become a little faster.

This is because there can always be companies that will migrate to the new and others that prefer comfort or do not want to go through all the trouble of adapting the organization to the new molds.

This can harm companies that provide manageable switch configuration, which does not receive new updates because Google needs to divide its efforts in more than one tool. In other words, it becomes more difficult and less intuitive.

Therefore, to facilitate understanding, we are going to comment on the changes mentioned above and how they make a total difference from one tool to the other.

01 - Reports and analysis

be a report of environmental authorization or how engaged users are in your content, it is important to understand that app and web analytics are features that are very present in the new GA4 tool.

A company has several communication channels and, consequently, several data that need to be consolidated and analyzed in an assertive way to help in the brand's decision making, regardless of which path it wants to follow.

It is therefore normal for organizations to have a website and an application to increase not only the reach, but also the number of sales and make it easier for all types of people to purchase their products, whether they are t-shirts or pressure transducer.

Therefore, using and analyzing both internet and application data is just one of the changes that GA4 allows, allowing the company to have a greater integration of information and better consolidate it.

02 – Analysis across multiple platforms

It is normal that, in current Google Analytics, people need some pre-defined reports to generate new reports and assertive analysis, always aiming to seek and offer a stronger and more pleasant user experience.

With the GA4, we have the exploration, funnels it's the Path Analysis that provide improvements for professionals who have to do all this data filtering to be able to extract as much important information as possible from a large amount of data.

O exploration allows you to drag information and place it where it is most convenient for the professional, organizing data, even if it is the sales number of industrial control devices creating a canvas model.

O funnels, as its name implies, is a great helper in the perception and identification of the stages in the purchase funnel that the users are in, making it easier for the company to intervene and give that little push if necessary.

Last but not least, the Path Analysis It is essential to understand why the lead was or was not converted, providing very important information so that the company does not repeat the mistake or continue investing in what works to attract more and more customers.

03 - Other changes

Although the topics above summarize some of the changes quite a bit, they are still few when we think that part of these tools already existed in Universal Analytics and that either were improved or are still close to what existed.

GA4 will greatly change not only the way professionals in the field will work, but how different data models will be measured and the way different events will be created to use their full potential.

Not only that, but the simple fact of changing the data integration of different platforms, the operation between them and not depending on cookies to function or update already shows how this new tool has a lot to offer.

Another point to mention is that IP addresses will not be stored, which makes working with the tool much more viable as it is directly within Google's conduct guidelines, agreement and privacy regulations.

Final considerations

Today's text addressed what Google Analytics is, its importance for the job market, how it works, the main changes that will happen with the new tool for the year 2023, as well as more details about.

Although there is a lot of resistance to change, it is indisputable that everyone will have to adapt to the new platform format and the sooner the company prepares for this, the better this change will be and the longer it will have to adapt.

When we think about it, it is clear that the main advantages are directly linked to the user experience and how the company can better interact with them to be able to offer the best to its audience.

By being able to act directly in the sales funnel, it is possible for the company to act through the tool and solve the problems that the consumer encounters, making it easier for them to be converted and feel more confidence in the brand.

Another point is that when you have enough data about the persona, it is easier to know what to expect from them and their next steps, also making it easier to understand where to focus the brand’s efforts, increasing the number of leads that will be generated.

All these benefits become essential to generate greater engagement on the part of the customer, who will feel good about the brand's effort, even if they do not directly perceive the company's strategy, making it stand out in the market.

We hope this text has been useful to better understand the changes planned for the year 2023 of Google Analytics. Use this text as a guide and prepare as much as possible to get off on the right foot in this new era of Google.

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