7 Secret Strategies to Grow Your Website

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Want to increase visits to your website? Increase earnings? Facilitate content creation? Generate content massively? In this article we are going to give you some secret tips to grow your website organically, increase your SEO, authority, visits and profit.

Some tips really go unnoticed by most users. Other articles with similar proposals don't even think about mentioning the tips that we are going to share here.

1 – Take your website to other languages

One of the things that increased my earnings and visits the most was taking my sites to other languages such as English, Spanish, French and German. The more languages, the more places your site can reach on Google.

Many have the erroneous idea that browsers already translate websites, but that doesn't mean your website will appear on Google in other languages. Locating your website is important to reach all masses. This also makes a single article a value of 10 if your site is available in multiple languages.

7 estratégias secretas para crescer seu site - gtranslate

Translating websites strengthens your investment in copywriters, increases the amount of indexed pages, increases your Adsense RPM by being in higher earning countries, and leverages the value of foreign backlinks.

We recommend reading our article where we talk about the different translation options. Even with automatic translations, you will still have headaches, so we recommend getting to know our website translation course that already offers the Bonus Plugin.

In the video below, which is the same one available on my sales page, I show my results, my growth and I also talk a little about website translation:

2 – Automate content creation

One of the biggest difficulties of having a website is creating content to compete with large portals. While you publish content, other sites publish 10, which can make it difficult for you to rank.

To increase the production of articles, you will have to spend on copywriters, which can be boring. Fortunately, another option is to invest in creating and automating articles using different techniques.

Some of the techniques available to automate or semi-automate a website are spintax, spinner, AI content, scraper, search and replace, regex, scraping and others.

7 estratégias secretas para crescer seu site -

Of course, Google doesn't like duplicate or low quality content, so if you want to use one of the automation techniques, you need to study them and do it carefully, creating friendly and quality content.

We also offer a course that teaches all content automation techniques, especially spintax, which I use most often. Access our Automation and Spintax Course.

In the video below, which is the same one available on my sales page, I talk a little about automatic sites with good positioning on Google and also about Spintax:

3 – Focus on Content, not Backlinks

One of the main mistakes I see in webmasters is their madness to go after backlinks, completely forgetting about the quality of the content in question.

The mistake already starts when trying to enter a super competitive niche thinking about quick money. Then they spend a lot of money on buying backlinks, but we know that Google isn't stupid.

Even if such an investment can bring results in the short term, the link scheme will never be better than the quality of the article and content.

7 estratégias secretas para crescer seu site - sumario do artigo

Always try to write better articles than your competitors, from different sources, with multiple H2, H3 and even H4 headings. Use Lists, external and internal linking, lots of images, and always try to include a video in the article.

Your articles need to be at least 800 words long, but the longer the better! Do keyword research, try to explore your niche as much as possible, focus on having more quality backlinks than your competitors.

In the video below I talk about the error of focusing on Backlinks:

4 – Use the news available

In the last few years we've had several little-explored new features that can help a site to get off the ground quickly. We've had web-stories, tiktok, youtube shorts, anything new and viral can lead to visits to your site.

Always look for other sources of visits, and try to bring users to your site in different ways. Some even focus on Google News and Discovery which can bring millions to their site. The important thing is to always innovate and keep up with the news.

I could cite each of these things as points to increase your visits, but as the future is uncertain, I decided to cite them all in one point. Consider heavily applying web-stories and focusing on reaching new traffic sources.

7 estratégias secretas para crescer seu site - redes sociais

5 – Optimize your website to the fullest

I see many sites accommodated in the same, without layout changes, some are not even optimized for mobile devices. Always try to push your site to the max both in content and in speed and structure optimization.

Always keep an eye on your site speed, PageSpeed score, CLS and other Google metrics. Invest in a good server, make sure you have the best CDN configuration and if you have one good hosting.

Ask yourself: I'm using a good cache plugin? Am I using Cloudflare or another CDN? Am I using a good firewall and blocking possible attacks with rules? Am I using current technologies like pure Nginx or Litespeed?

7 estratégias secretas para crescer seu site - pagespeed

6 – Use SEO tools

We know that the prices of SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush are absurdly expensive, but there are more affordable options or you can resort to shared accounts.

It is very important to use these tools to check if your site is scoring well, search for keywords from competing sites and try to increase the ranking of your articles.

These tools also present a score and authority of your domain, focus on increasing it. Generally Ahrefs shows a more realistic DR metric, while Semrush plays a little higher.

Don't just stick to one tool, always look for information and suggestions from different SEO tools. The more different opinions, the better!

7 estratégias secretas para crescer seu site - seo

7 – Have a good source of SEO techniques

I Kevinbk, author of this article, have a big ambition! Have the best SEO content ever. Of course, unfortunately I'm just one, with several projects to manage, so I end up not being able to create as much content as I'd like.

One of my projects is siterentavel.com where I have courses in Portuguese focused on administration, optimization, SEO and techniques to improve and grow websites. I also have a YouTube channel where I post free videos on these subjects.

I also follow other channels that share this type of content. We highly recommend following, keeping in touch, leaving comments, questions, looking for information in these content sources like mine or others.

It is very important that we follow the tips and secrets passed by these internet masters. So follow us, do your research, buy our courses, and always try to take your site to the max! I hope you enjoyed this article, if you liked it share and leave your comments!

My dream is to one day reach the level of Neil Patel, who knows if we have not reached this level?