Dropship – Facebook and Instagram ad cheating

Have you ever browsed Instagram and facebook and come across an innovative product like a cheap bluetooth earphone or an indestructible cell phone case? In this article I will tell you how people make millions by selling these junk.

The premise is very simple. The smart guys study a market called Drop Shipping which consists of selling things directly from other stores without stock. As soon as you buy the product, the person sends it directly from another store without spending anything beforehand.

Of course, the practice of Drop Shipping it is well known and does not always generate profit. To get millions, these smart guys study a product that is flashy, that changes a person's life and solves a problem.

Malandragem nos anúncios do facebook e instagram

The purpose of the product is to make the person buy immediately, through a text or video called Copy. The purpose of this Copy is to provide all the eye-catching details that are often a lie, to make the person buy on impulse.

The same thing happens with online courses. Where the objective of the ad is to deliver something of value, capture an email and further ahead make a sale through the impulse of the customer. All ads are aimed at generating profit (obvious).

What's the big problem with product ads on social media?

Basically no problem, since any trade we know very well that the seller needs to profit. However, he often takes advantage of the impulse, the lack of consumer intelligence and lies to make his sales (nothing different from commerce in general).

The point I want to highlight in this article is that any product you find in a Facebook ad and Instagram, can easily be purchased much cheaper on other sites like AliExpress, Amazon or Wish.

Malandragem nos anúncios do facebook e instagram

In reality, most salespeople who use Drop Shipping, use AliExpress to export their products. You buy from a national store, but in reality you are importing something from China that can take up to 60 days to arrive.

Directly I come across advertisements talking about a magnetic case for iPhone. I bought the same Case in a physical store in my city for only 50 reais. Being that in the ad, it was being sold for 80 reais.

The prices of Facebook and Instagram ads say it's cheap, but you can get it for much less in your own city. Not to mention that you are not purchasing something from China that will take many weeks to arrive.

Products that solve problems you don't need

This is very common, sometimes we buy a product that we don't need at all. I was already excited about those portable translators, I even sold it on one of my sites. Consumers who purchased the product were unable to see any use in it.

People are increasingly desperate to invent things to sell. This is very dangerous due to the poor quality of some products and their useless uses. Buy only what you need, always branded and quality things.

Malandragem nos anúncios do facebook e instagram

In no way am I trying to criticize the work of Drop Shipping. In fact, I myself enjoy working with Drop Shipping, despite avoiding as much as possible trying to deceive customers with ads that promise the world and not even deliver an island.

Setting up a store out of stock is a wonderful thing. You have less headaches than usual, and you don't have to invest fortunes initially to set up your store and manage your inventory.

Other absurdly misleading Instagram ads

Instagram and facebook ads are not just crowded with Chinese products or online courses. Even cell phone games use deceptive advertisements that appeal using scenes that are not in the game or even indecent scenes.

Tools cryptocurrencies and traders are also quite frequent on Facebook ADS. The ads always offer riches, and I have no idea how there are so many stupid people to fall for this deception.

I already came across a wonderful game ad, full of puzzle and strategic, for when you open and download, find a generic online RPG.

Malandragem nos anúncios do facebook e instagram

The same is true with cell phone applications that promise interesting features, but that are often paid for and do not perform the promised task. These ads are called scams. This scam can also be frequent with physical products.

Others say they give out headphones and other items for free, but you pay the full amount through shipping. This is basically what Wish does when selling its products from china for free. What's the use of winning a cell phone case and paying 22 for shipping?

Be very careful with these scams in Facebook ads. Do not buy something on impulse, if you want to buy a certain product, always remember to review it on Aliexpress. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you liked it, share and leave your comments.