Learn to Improvise on the Piano with Blues Scales

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Do you know what Blues scales are? Want to learn the blues scale on the piano or your keyboard? Do you want to know how it can help you to improvise? In this article we are going to talk all about the blues scales.

What exactly is a blues scale? Before understanding this, we need to know what a "blue note" is, which consists of a musical note that comes from the scales used in the work songs practiced by African American peoples during slavery.

In Portuguese it can also be known as Nota Fora and is often heard in songs of the Blues and Jazz rhythm. The blues scale is the pentatonic scale plus the blue note, which is also called the pentablues.

Although it is something obvious, the Blues scale is not exclusive to pianos and keyboards, it is possible to make these scales on the guitar and acoustic guitar with ease, in addition to other instruments.

Aprenda a improvisar no piano com escalas de blues - piano dark blues

Some curiosities about the blue note and blues scale

The concept of major or minor is non-existent in Traditional Blues, what commands are its dominant chords & its undefined sonority in its melodies. The musician who uses the Blues is playing freely with the rhythmic placement, delaying the intonation and leaving it undefined.

The Blues scale is one of the first taught in improvisation schools and courses, being the only one beyond the pentatonic scale and the major scale. Unfortunately, some keyboard players find the blues scale quite complete and don't even study in fear.

The term & nbsp; "Blues" came from "to have the blue devils", which literally means "to have the blue devils" that is, to be melancholic, homesick and sad at the same time that there is a certain revolt. Is that why the sadness of Amused mind is blue?

Aprenda a improvisar no piano com escalas de blues - piano escala

The blue note is a passing note, it should only appear in the middle of other notes and not as a resting note.

Did you know that there is a Jazz and Restaurant club called the Blue Note quite famous in Greenwich New York? It has expanded and currently you can find these Blue Note clubs in various places in Japan, China and Slovakia.

In the blues scales we have the hexaphonic, which consists of six notes in the minor pentatonic scale, plus the fifth degree of the original heptatonic scale. In addition to Heptatonica with seven notes and Nonatonica with nine notes.

The pattern of blues scales

Blues scales usually follow the pattern of a tone and a half - tone - semitone - a semitone - a tone and a half - tone. The table below can help you understand more about this pattern:

C (p)ofmibfasolbSunsibof
F (fa)falabsibdobofmibfa
Bb (si)sibredmibfabfalabsib
D # (D)re#fa #Sun#over thereover there#of#re#
G # (sun)Sun#siof#rere#fa #Sun#
C # (do)of#mifa #SunSun#siof#
F # (fa)fa #over theresiofof#mifa #
B (si)siremifafa #over theresi
E (mi)miSunover theresibsiremi
A (there)over thereofremibmiSunover there
D (reverse)refaSunlabover thereofre
G (sun)SunsibofrebrefaSun

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Aprenda a improvisar no piano com escalas de blues - piano improviso

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I hope you enjoyed this short article that talks a little about the blues scale. If you liked the article don't forget to share it with friends and leave your comments. Thank you and see you next time!