Digital Marketing Strategies on Black Friday

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Turn clicks into customers with strategies that win over and stand out among so many promotions

One of the most anticipated dates of the year, both by customers and companies, is the famous discount Friday.

Digital marketing can be a great ally during this period to transform clicks into people actually interested in your product. Check out the best strategies for investing below!


You can't decide on discounts just a month before Black Friday. Spend the whole year monitoring prices and offering a real promotion, to prevent people from thinking that your company offered a “Black Fraud”. 

No raising prices and maintaining the usual price as if it were promotional. Instead, opt for a smaller discount, from 5% to 10%.

Offer better discounts to existing customers

A very common mistake at this time is to focus only on new customers and leave aside those who already purchased from your company. Also remember older consumers and give special discounts.

In fact, as they already follow your brand, they deserve better promotions than those who don't know you yet.

Analyze data from previous years

Take data from previous years to understand what sales and demand were like during Black Friday for the product/service you offer. Can any strategy be reused? What didn't work?

Analyze all of this and think about what is worth focusing on this year. Suddenly, the previous year's mistake was ignoring the paid advertising strategy, for example.

Create a sense of urgency

Your customer will be exposed to thousands of promotions, how can you convince them to close a deal? It is interesting to create a sense of urgency, the idea that this offer will end soon. You can think about a bigger discount, valid only for one hour, for example.

Therefore, the person needs to be quick if they want to take advantage of the offer. So, set aside products for these occasional promotions.

Work on your presence on social media

Social networks are the best allies to attract customers’ attention. The explanation is quite simple: people have their cell phones nearby all the time and access networks frequently.

In addition to having an active page, think about making advertisements, but don't just focus on the sales idea, tell a little about the brand and who is behind it.

Invest in paid media

SEO is an important strategy and should be part of your company. However, don't ignore paid media, especially during Black Friday. Ads on Google, Facebook and other social networks increase the chances of sales.

The tip is to put something about the offer in the title, encouraging the person to click. She might just be looking for something similar and in the end decide to take your product.

Evaluate your website’s SEO

Website SEO helps with ranking on Google and other search engines. Analyze how this is being done not only on the blog, with content production, but mainly on product pages.

After all, your objective is to purchase, you want the customer to reach your brand, and a website with good SEO helps a lot with this.

Bet on email marketing

The strategy is great for old customers and people interested in your brand. Have a space on your page to sign up and enter your email, but use this technique wisely.

Don't fill the person's inbox with meaningless emails. Invest in something that will attract attention and encourage a return to the cart and, who knows, completion of the purchase.