Changes in consumer behavior in search of offers

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Fractionation of purchases is an alternative to reduce costs with monthly purchases

The high inflation in 2022 and the covid-19 pandemic were crucial for a change in Brazilians' consumption habits. With more unstable prices, adopting new strategies and resorting to the security of buying online with discounts has set the tone for new ways of consuming products in the country. 

In addition to looking for deals, consumers are adopting digital solutions such as apps to get discounts in stores.

We noticed several trends and surveys and we will show the main changes in the behavior of the Brazilian consumer. Check out the main changes below.

Monthly purchases became weekly 

Grocery purchases take a good chunk of our monthly budget and with high inflation over the last year, consumers have been forced to change their shopping routine. Instead of a more complete monthly purchase, many consumers have adopted a weekly or almost daily shopping routine to take advantage of promotions throughout the month. 

As with the hyperinflation period of the 1980s, today's consumers are adopting a similar strategy. No monthly purchases, going to the market after receiving the salary is just to buy the most essential items and in small quantities. 

From that initial purchase, consumers make weekly visits to supermarkets to take advantage of the day's promotions. This was the way found to reduce the weight of food prices in recent times in the budget. Weekly purchases allow the consumer to take advantage of offers and keep the pantry with the essentials for food, hygiene and house cleaning. 

Consumers are trying new brands to save money 

According to Kantar consulting data, 24% of consumers admit to changing their favorite brands for other cheaper brands. In other words, in addition to taking advantage of promotions, consumers are making room to try new brands to save on purchases. Knowing more brands opens up a wider range of alternatives to buy everything you need and spend less. 

Online and app purchases are already a reality in the country 

Another change in consumer habits was the growth of online purchases and in-app purchases. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce grew a lot in Brazil and in all segments, including the most essential ones like market purchases. 

Today, it is already possible to shop for supermarkets, hygiene and beauty products through the application of your favorite market network. And even those who don't shop online, always take a look at the promotions on the stores' apps and websites before going shopping. 

Pix and digital wallets grow as a payment option for everyday purchases 

Although the credit card remains the main means of payment for purchases in Brazil, PIX and digital wallets have grown significantly and are now common options for everyday purchases. Because they are easily accessible, being present on consumers' smartphones, making purchases using PIX or digital wallets has become a habit for many people. 

In addition to ease, these means of payment also offer opportunities for exclusive offers and cashback (cash back) when purchasing at partner establishments. For consumers looking for better discounts, keeping up with digital wallet offers, for example, is an excellent way to save on purchases. 

As mentioned, the pandemic and economic instability in the country meant that consumers were forced to get used to new consumption realities. Thus, understanding how to save money and take advantage of technology to your advantage is essential to circumvent inflation and maintain a good quality of life.