CTA: Learn how to create calls to action in your e-commerce

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the use of CTA in your marketing strategy can be very important to increase the quality of your communication for selling business management system, especially in an increasingly competitive environment such as the digital market.

The world has been going through a process known as digital transformation, in which a series of technological resources have become more popular and thus become part of people's daily lives.

With that in mind, the market began to adapt and migrate to a digital environment, where many new opportunities began to emerge. However, some changes had to be made to the way people do business.

At a first point, the process of digitization of companies made room for many new entrepreneurs, who often did not have the capital or knowledge necessary to start their activities.

Because of this, the market heated up quickly, increasing the number of competitors in the same niche. Therefore, most companies printed sticker started thinking of ways to stand out.

This is where the figure of CTA comes in, an acronym that stands for call to action, or, in Portuguese, call to action. This type of tool leads the visitor to your website to take the necessary action for you to achieve a conversion into sales.

There are several ways to do this type of action, such as:

Regardless of the model you choose, the basis for a CTA is to present content that expresses your will in a direct and objective way, often accompanied by an imperative verb so that the consumer accepts the request.

CTAs can be used for a variety of purposes, from increasing traffic to your digital channels, so that everyone can keep track of what you are posting, to collecting user data looking for security sensors.

When you trade online, you have to keep in mind that the customer's profile has changed a lot. These people are becoming increasingly demanding, so you need to create an experience that exceeds their expectations.

In order to be able to deal with this type of communication, most companies have invested in the production of content as a tool for dialogue with the consumer, keeping them interested throughout the purchase journey process.

Evaluating this journey is very important for the company to understand its needs and how to deal with this type of action. Because of this, professionals in the area have structured a sales funnel, in which the consumer starts as a visitor and goes through several stages.

When he effectively closes a deal with the company, he is now considered a customer, and he closes this process. CTAs are present at various points in this journey.

This is because they can be an excellent tool to encourage the consumer to move to the next stage of the funnel, entering the communication with the executive project and enabling a series of actions in this relationship.

The more you can optimize this type of process, the greater your chances of engagement, which becomes essential in the long run.

Using a CTA in Practice

There are several ways to use the CTA, from forms, highlight buttons and even through verbal communication, in the case of audio or video content. The important thing is that he is direct in his objective, and preferably with imperative verbs.

The purpose of a CTA is always to keep the customer closer to the company, eliminating doubts about what is the next step to take and understanding that this negotiation is the best solution to a problem or pain that he has.

In the case of a visitor to your page, the CTA can serve to encourage them to become a lead, offering exclusive content, promotions and other tools that attract the consumer's attention and allow this type of action.

For a lead, the interest is to keep them absorbing content and taking them to new stages of the funnel, helping them to determine their need to buy a product or service you have to offer, such as a Climatization System.

In this case, it is interesting to use the CTA to offer new experiences and better understand the need it has, so that you can make a more structured segmentation of this type of action.

Finally, the CTA doesn't end when the customer closes a sale. It is interesting to use the tool to help create a series of new possibilities for this type of action, increasing the potential for customer loyalty.

The more he feels good about the operation, the greater the chances of him becoming a supporter of the brand, in some cases even promoting it in his social circles and increasing the chances of engaging with new customers for you.

Creating a good CTA

Now that you can understand a little more about the concept and importance of call to action, it is interesting to understand how you can obtain more expressive results with this type of action.

For this, it is very important to ensure a good communication structure with the client, but it is necessary to understand that each company is unique and not always the same CTA format will work for two companies. advertising balloon different, even if they are in the same segment.

Therefore, it is very important that you adapt this type of action to your reality, understanding all the potential you have to act and being able to complete this strategy with much more assertiveness.

In this way, your CTAs will achieve much more positive results in the long term, optimizing this type of interaction.

flashy design

The CTA doesn't have to follow your website's design rules. In fact, the more out of the curve it is, the better, since the differentiated look ends up catching the consumer's attention immediately.

Try to create a more flashy and brighter look, but it is important that you are careful not to interfere with the consumption of your content with this type of action, as this can end up hindering your engagement.

The more you can highlight your CTA, the greater the chances that a customer will be interested and want to know more about this type of action. environmental solutions.

proper writing

While imperative verbs are a necessity in the CTA, they don't work alone. You need to know how to handle written communication to create an element of attraction in consumers, quickly and effectively.

The CTA doesn't have much time to introduce itself. If it is not interesting material, the consumer will hardly give the necessary attention to follow the order that is being presented in the call to action.

Therefore, investing in attraction techniques, such as copywriting, is an excellent way to properly position yourself in the market and make the best use of the CTA.

Sense of urgency

One of the main ways to keep a consumer's attention is through a sense of urgency. The more he understands that the available content will not be there all the time, the faster he will have to do what the CTA asks.

This can be either limited offers or items that will expire soon, thus generating a need to resolve this type of action as soon as possible. But special care must be taken with this type of activity. IT services.

Don't lie to your customers. If you say something is close to selling out, and that item never runs out, people will start to doubt your company, which can have very negative repercussions.

objective promises

It's important to stress this point: don't lie to your customers. Make your promises and offers extremely clear, with no chance of confusion or misunderstanding on the part of the customer.

The more transparent and honest your marketing strategy, the greater the chances of results. The CTA works directly with activities that attract attention and give orders to consumers.

Because of this, it is necessary to think of tools that can have a real impact on this type of interaction.

Final considerations

When done with quality, CTAs can have impressive results for your marketing strategy. They can arouse consumer interest, help you continue on your journey and have direct impacts on your revenue.

However, creating a CTA is much more complex than giving a simple order to the consumer. You need to understand how to use this type of tool in a useful way, so that your company can achieve really positive results.

The more you can master the act of using a CTA, the greater the chances of guaranteeing good results for your company as a whole.

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