95 on PageSpeed ​​Mobile with Ads

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Do you know how to get a score above 95 on mobile using Google's PageSpeed ​​metrics? Even with Adsense ads? For many years people often say that it is impossible, but I kind of found the solution to getting a high score on PageSpeed ​​with Adsense.

If you’re like me, you’re paranoid about PageSpeed’s speed metrics and Vitals, you’ve been irritated with never getting a score higher than 95 on mobile because of damn ads Google Adsense or ADX.

I've tried everything Cache Plugin to get a good score but practically nothing went right. I already tested the Hummingbird, PageSpeed ​​Ninja, LiteSpeed ​​and even some plugins premium, but nothing got me close to 80 on mobile because of the ads.

Until one day, with WP-Rocket I discovered a miraculous function that solved all my problems. Look at the results I'm getting thanks to this:

If you don't have Wp-Rocket, you can try to use plugins that perform the same function as Flying Scripts.

90 no pagespeed mobile com anúncios
90 no pagespeed mobile com anúncios

How did I get 90 on PageSpeed ​​Mobile?

How did I have the audacity to get that score even with Adsense + ADX stuffed with ads? The answer is simple, I delayed loading the ads until the page became interactive.

I did this using WP-Rocket and the function to delay JavaScript execution, but this can probably be done with other Plugins. I put the javascripts that contains adsbygoogle and gstatic to be delayed as in the image below:

90 no pagespeed mobile com anúncios

This simple function solves a problem that has been irritating me for years. Of course, I also have to analyze the consequences of activating this function, but I personally believe that it is none.

In addition to the ads I also use the Push notifications plugin and some other scripts and plugins that can weigh the site. I still get a high score thanks to my optimizations and the delay in Google's ad.

Do I lose revenue if I delay JS in ads?

I was afraid that delaying these ads may be breaking some Adsense rule, but I believe not, since there are plugins premium of Ads for WordPress that offers LazyLoad.

I also reloaded the pages several times and noticed that the ads always load without any problems. Only on rare occasions did this not happen, but I cannot say whether it is the fault of my browser or the google script and things like that.

In fact, I wonder what it does is increase the amount of clicks and also the CPC because the ad appears out of nowhere and draws the attention of the visitor who sometimes goes unnoticed because it is already loaded on the page.

The fact is that doing A / B testing I didn't notice any drop in my adsense earnings after I delayed the ad. Including the ADX Network I use valueimpression does the same thing. Of course, I recommend testing it yourself before drawing any conclusions.

The fact is that it doesn't just affect the PageSpeed ​​score, your site will actually load faster. So think about this alternative and have an increasingly faster website.

90 no pagespeed mobile com anúncios

Other ways to increase your PageSpeed ​​score

Of course, just delaying ads will not leave your score at the top. You need to optimize the site, avoid unnecessary uploads like fonts and icons. To make my menu beautiful I chose to use emojis and special characters that do not need any external loading.

You need to use good cache plugins with CSS and JS minification. I also use free CDN with Cloudflare Cache and host my images and javascript at the Jetpack CDN. Not to mention that my theme GeneratePress it's super light.

There are people who have very heavy topics, some manual optimization and removal of vials are necessary to have results like this. Things like Megamenu are unnecessary and only serve to weigh the site. Remember 80% of visits are mobile so it doesn't matter if your Desktop version has more stuff.

We always recommend viewing your site using the web.dev instead of just using Google's PageSpeed, because it guides some interesting information. There is an extension for Google Chrome from web.dev It's from vitals which specifically and in detail points out the problems that are hindering your page loading.

I hope you don't give up on getting the perfect score, it can be hard work, but it is a great satisfaction! If you liked the tips in this article, share it with friends and leave comments. What did you do to optimize your website?