The Best Online Photography Courses

There are thousands of online courses that teach you how to take photos, be a professional photographer or handle cameras, but which one is the best? In this article we will present you the best photography courses online at affordable prices and with spectacular content. 

The courses presented in this article are 100% online and each one has a different proposal. You need to examine the page of each course on your own and make your decision, based on the content and compatibility with the teacher who will present your course through a video or explanatory sales page. 

All courses are reliable and have a guarantee, if you don't like it you can request a direct refund from the online course payment platform as Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze without any bureaucracy. I hope you enjoy the photography courses presented in this article. 

Most of the courses presented here offer traditional bonuses that tend to be exclusive handouts or extra videos on different or complementary topics. They also usually offer group support for social networks, telegram and whatsapp.

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Photography Course Ninja Photographer

This is a complete photography course where the student will learn from total control of the equipment, photographic composition to the treatment and export of the image. In addition to the course, the student will have bonus classes on specific techniques and sales training and will also be part of an exclusive group where they can ask questions, exchange experiences and have photos evaluated. 

This is a course for those who really want to learn photography from the basics to practical concepts and who finally have the ability to develop any type of photography, whether as a hobby or professionally. 

The name of the author of this course if it is Kyono André. He has over 15 years of experience working in the photography market and has taken a very complete and direct course on photography. Don't miss this great photography course!

Os melhores cursos de fotografia online

Online Photography Course - Cheap

This online course is simple and direct, the author focuses only on teaching without speaking zucchinis, so much so that he doesn't even need to do personal marketing to sell his course. His cliché title online photography course ends up going unnoticed.

The Online Photography Course was developed so that beginners can improve the Indispensable knowledge for the realization of all types of photography, following simple instructions and with Fantastic results.

In the course you will learn things like:

  • Perfect shots
  • Cropping and framing
  • Blurring the background
  • Differential focus
  • Field depth
  • Moving images
  • Positioning your camera
  • Master the lighting 
  • Perspective - lines
  • Lens Types
  • Balance and composition
  • Balance and visual arrangement
  • Texture - visual impression
  • Diaphragm and aperture
  • Perfect light
  • Caring for the camera
  • How to choose your camera
  • Photography techniques
  • Change the sky color
  • Eliminate glare from glasses
  • Make the soft Glow effect
  • Make the effect retro
  • Make the lights effect
  • Change hair color
  • Using soft focus
  • Make charcoal drawing effect
  • Make the ghost effect
  • Make the brushstroke effect
Os melhores cursos de fotografia online

Professional Photography Course

According to the author Bruno Kennedy this is the best online photography course in the country, where he explains step by step, click by click in an extremely easy way to all types of public. He shares decades of experience.

You will also learn to edit photos in the main editing programs used by photographers, Photoshop and Lightroom. In addition to the practical videos, it provides didactic material for students.

After this training, professional photography will be a matter of time and dedication, according to the author. To know more details about this cheap photography course, just access the button below.

Os melhores cursos de fotografia online

Photography Course - Fotoflix Lifetime

Complete Photography course for beginners, beginners and passionate about this art! There are 13 courses in just one, you will learn everything you need to become professional in photography: photographic technique, editing and lighting. Now with lifetime access, you will also have access to the new courses that will be produced forever on the platform!

Fotoflix is ​​an incredible set of courses in photographic technique, editing and lighting that take students from scratch to the same level as great professional photographers.

We have a total of 3 photography courses from basic to advanced, photoshop course, lightroom, creative editing, external flash, 2 rehearsal courses, diagramming course, essay on fashion editorial and advanced editing course.

Os melhores cursos de fotografia online

Photography for beautifying the look

Photography course for beauty professionals to produce professional photos and get more customers and sell more services. For those who wish to stand out in the market with good photographs.

You will learn about the main secrets to achieve good photography and understand how to develop an artistic look to make your photos even more attractive, increasing the sale of your products / services.

The course is also suitable for those who do not have professional cameras who want to take pictures and selfies only with cell phones, make precious editions to stand out in the media and channels they work on.

Click to access the photography course for beautifying the look
Os melhores cursos de fotografia online

Photography Course by Rafael Volsi

A dynamic course 100% online with a lot of content for those who are starting or want to improve themselves in the world of photography. In this course Rafael Volsi will share techniques and knowledge in a practical and direct way.

In this course you will learn the basic concepts of photography and the camera, manual adjustments, other adjustments, lighting, night photography, editing, equipment and composition. The course teaches everything about cameras, lenses and accessories for each type of photography.

The course also has an exclusive module for photos on the smartphone, live demonstrations with live and many others. You also get presents for Lightroom and several other bonuses in this course.

Os melhores cursos de fotografia online - piramide

Photo Treatment Course - Low Key Sensual Essays 

Treatment Course of photos taken in Low Key Sensual Essay. In this course the photographer João Américo will present a practical way to treat photos of Sweet Essays in Lightroom from a practical course of this software from Adobe.

Photography - 65 Lightroom Presets

This is not a course, but a package of 65 presents for Lightroom desktop and mobile made by Gi and Alex. Presets that photographers still use, perfect for weddings, rehearsals and trips

For years Gi and Alex created and recreated presets to help them when editing, according to them, they finally arrived in a collection perfect for all types of environments saving hours of editing.

Perfect for Couples Photographers, bloggers, influencers, travel photos and more. They are packs that work in both the desktop app and the Lightroom mobile app and others that support them.

Other Online Photography courses

Below are some photography courses available on Udemy:

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