Stairs and Pyramids in online courses

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People working as an affiliate on the internet are happy to reply to anyone who believes that we are involved in pyramids or multilevel marketing. Are we really free? Today I will talk about the pyramid present in online courses.

A few years ago I noticed the presence of some similar products that are sold with the same strategy. I can't say if pyramid is the correct word to describe it, but unfortunately I feel disgusted by such a farcical sales strategy.

I think I will call this phenomenon that I have been observing a staircase. Since there are no commissions on indirect or sub-level sales. The fact is that both a ladder and a pyramid, depending on your height, can simply fall.

Of course, by itself, the online course market is already crap full of lies and hoaxes, where producers defecate online courses and sell like gold bars. Of course, for the layperson, the product itself is wonderful and satisfying.

Remembering that this article is a personal opinion. I don't want to belittle any product mentioned in the article, I just strongly dislike any product that forces you to buy it to work with it. Common thing in pyramid and multilevel marketing.

Another thing that I really dislike is companies that in addition to earning commissions for their sales, they also charge a monthly or annual fee to use the platform. This is quite common on t-shirt and other retail platforms. But that is beside the point today.

Escadarias e pirâmides nos cursos online - marketing

Hotmart courses that use an endless staircase

As I said, there are several courses with high temperature at Hotmart that use the same strategies as pyramids and products of multilevel marketing or network marketing. The first point is that they force you to buy the product to be an affiliate.

The products have a very high commission to attract attention, usually up to 80% commission. Usually they teach you how to sell their own course using social media and the same strategies as always, a profile of marketer on insta.

Of course, we do not want to devalue the content taught in the course, nor the techniques of generating more sales used by them, but unfortunately it is undeniable that all this creates a herd effect in all digital marketing.

I have noticed the absurd increase of so-called digital marketing professionals who keep posting their earnings on instagram (which I also do). When I ask what they work with, guess what? MSR, 365 and other similar courses.

Not belittling anyone, but I believe that many of these people are trapped in the little world created by such products instead of exploring new areas. I know very well that courses are always encouraging people to innovate, but many do not.

The simple fact that these new affiliates persist in the branch or niche money and affiliate marketing, causes the market to lose its strength, leading many Brazilians to buy courses that they simply will not use or apply.

The person buys the course, learns to sell and offers it to another person, thus creating an endless ladder, thus enriching the product owner. It is a good strategy, but it is something that I personally find too mercenary.

I don't have to complain, as much as these courses say that the affiliation is closed to members who bought the course, I had my affiliation approved out of the blue, perhaps due to my history of achievements and sales at Hotmart.

Everyone wanting to become a digital marketer when buying these cheap, high-commission courses, eventually the ladder will reach so high that it will fall like a pyramid.

There are many picks that create courses teaching how to sell the course itself.

Escadarias e pirâmides nos cursos online - escadaria piramide

Builderall - Pyramid disguised as Marketing tools

Browsing Facebook groups I noticed thousands of desperate people trying to sell me a Builderall, offering a free course, sending messages via whats or calling privately on Facebook. I just started laughing.

It is a supposed platform of marketing tools all in one, which offers page construction, email marketing, marketing courses, affiliation for reselling the platform and much more. It seems to be a good thing, but nothing advantageous.

I don't know what they teach on the platform, but if you teach people to join groups, send evasive messages on facebook and whats, I already think it sucks. I hate any course that teaches SPAM on social networks.

Another proof that this tool is nothing more than Multilevel Marketing is the simple fact of having options where you gain a recurring percentage of referrals and others indicated by your referrals.

It is not possible to advertise and earn commissions from the sale of the platform unless you are a member of it. I understand that this is something that the owner decided, but still, it just supports the fact that the platform is not at all advantageous.

Even if Builderall offers thousands of tools for only 150 reais, you do not have full autonomy, the tools are not accurate. You can achieve much more for less by searching on your own. Not to mention that sites in WordPress are better than website builders.

Escadarias e pirâmides nos cursos online - piramide

How can I not be part of this staircase and pyramid?

I am not encouraging anyone to stop selling such high temperature products on hotmart. In fact, I publicize and believe in the content of these products myself. The problem lies in the obligation to buy and how people react to what they learn.

I believe that courses like Online Business Formula are much more satisfying for those who want to get into digital marketing. That's because the course is always open, does not expire due to lack of sales, in addition to teaching much more.

Or you can do like me, you don't need to buy any course to work with digital marketing, unless you're a layman with computers and you don't have the ability to learn by yourself searching and digging on the internet. I try to help as I can with my tips.

I'm not talking about abandoning the money niche, it's a very good niche, the stairway is really endless. Can fall? Yes, but it all depends on you. Be like me, try to approach and see things from a different perspective. I doubt that you will find another website about marketing that says things the way I do, with sincerity and transparency.

Sometimes I can end up transcending my words, nor do I even know what I'm writing about right now. The idea came simply to look at how these marketers use silly techniques to teach new entrepreneurs who are desperate for money.

So, those were my tips, be careful about the courses they offer. If the person is supposed to speak well of something, remember that it is just advertising, the only goal of the person is to sell the product, nobody really wants to help you!

This is the reality of digital marketing! So, stay tuned! Thanks to the readers, sorry for my follies in the middle of this article. As I said, I have no intention of criticizing any product, because I publicize most of them. I only condemn some practices of the producers.

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