Full-Stack Package Course Review – It's trustable? Worth it?

Today in this post, we will do a full review of the course Full-Stack Package from Danki.Code. Let's see the purpose of the course, its topics, meet its author and see if the course really works.

We have already talked about Danki.Code courses like Games developer. For me, Danki.Code is the best online courses company related to programming, web development and digital games.

Tudo sobre o curso pacote full-stack

Course objective Full-Stack Package

Like Full-Stack Package, you will master the major and major market technologies and become a Full-Stack Developer, with salaries that easily exceed the R $ 5,000.00. Or, you can create your own Agency / Company and earn as much as you want. You will be owner's own time!

In Danki.Code's Full Stack course you will learn HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL, Vue.JS, AngularJS, Node.JS and Sass less. You will also learn Responsive Designer, Domain and Hosting, Photoshop, UI / UX, SEO, webpack, git, gulp, docker, redux, mongoDB and others.

The objective of the course is to teach you all front-end and back-end so that you can perform any service in the area of ​​developing websites, applications and systems.  

There are more than 1500 classes, with more classes being updated and added. There are more than 100 practical projects with lifetime access and individual and personalized support. Always with new updates and languages ​​being added.

In the course you will also have access to live private classes, project consulting, official and valid certificates, projects and support materials, private groups for students and weekly lives.

Tudo sobre o curso pacote full-stack

Course contents Full-Stack Package

The Full-Stack Package course has several modules and extensive content that will solve your problems and teach you fully on the subject. See now a list of modules presented in the course:

Recalling that in addition to the 2 main courses in Front-End and Back-End you also receive as an bonus an ebook showing the way to master the most powerful technologies in the universe.

A course that teaches you to earn more than 5,000 reais per month, a complete mentoring, a module to improve your productivity, a web deisng express course with more than 200 lessons and a PHP Jedai course with more than 200 lessons.

Front-End Course Modules

  • Module 01 - Basic Concepts and Setting Up the Work Environment
  • Module 02 - Understanding HTML
  • Module 03 - Getting Started with CSS
  • Module 04 - Mastering CSS
  • Module 05 - Responsive Design and Project # 1
  • Module 06 - HTML5 and What's New
  • Module 07 - Getting to Know CSS3 in Practice
  • Module 08 - Practical Projects # 2 and # 3
  • Module 09 - Practical Projects # 4 and # 5
  • Module 10 - JavaScript and Programming Logic
  • Module 11 - Introducing jQuery
  • Module 12 - Mastering jQuery
  • Module 13 - Domain and Hosting
  • Module 14 - Finishing Touches
  • Module 15 - Creating E-mail Template with HTML and CSS
  • Module 16 - Creating Layout in Photoshop and Knowing Font Awesome
  • Module 17 - FlexBox Layout and Frameworks
  • Module 18 - Project # 6
  • Module 19 - Project # 7 (BootStrap)
  • Module 20 - Project # 8 (Materialize)
  • Module 21 - Advanced HTML5 and Advanced CSS3
  • Module 22 - Techniques / Tricks for Front-End Development
  • Module 23 - Advanced JavaScript, JS Libraries and Frameworks
  • Module 24 - jQuery Mobile and jQuery UI
  • Module 25 - Project # 9
  • Module 26 - Sass and Less
  • Module 27 - NODE JS
  • Module 28 - Project # 10
  • Module 29 - UX and UI
  • New Module 30 - JavaScript ES6
  • New Module 31 - BootStrap V4.0
  • New 32 module - Webpack
  • New Module 33 - React + Redux
  • New module 34 - Gulp
  • New Module 35 - Angular 7.0 + CLI
  • New Module 36 - Creating Note Pad App
  • New Module 37 - Netflix Project
  • New Module 38 - Project # 11 (BONUS)

Web Development course modules

  • Module 01 - Concepts and Introduction
  • Module 02 - Configuring Local Server and Tools
  • Module 03 - Domain, Hosting and External Server
  • Module 04 - Programming Logic and Algorithms
  • Module 05 - Basic PHP
  • Module 06 - Intermediate PHP
  • Module 07 - Object Oriented PHP
  • Module 08 - Database and PHP
  • Module 09 - Dynamic Website (HTML5 and Markup)
  • Module 10 - Dynamic Website (CSS / CSS3 and Responsive Design)
  • Module 11 - Dynamic Website (JavaScript and jQuery)
  • Module 12 - Dynamic Website (PHP)
  • Module 13 - Control Panel (Interface and PHP)
  • Module 14 - Control Panel (Advanced PHP and Systems)
  • Module 15 - High Productivity Tools
  • Module 16 - Manipulating Files and Directories with PHP
  • Module 17 - Advanced Reading with PHP
  • Module 18 - Creating News + Management Portal
  • Module 19 - Putting Sites and Systems Online
  • Module 20 - SEO, Analytics and Google Web Master Tools
  • Module 21 - Web Services and API's
  • Module 22 - COMPOSER
  • Module 23 - BootStrap and PHP
  • Module 24 - MVC and Routes
  • Module 25 - Advanced PHP Concepts
  • Module 26 - PHP7
  • Module 27 - Security in PHP
  • Module 28 - Creating Customer Management System
  • Module 29 - Creating Financial Control System
  • Module 30 - Creating Inventory Control System
  • Module 31 - Creating Property Management System
  • Module 32 - Creating a Real Estate Website
  • Module 33 - Creating Online Chat
  • Module 34 - Creating Calendar and Agenda System
  • Module 35 - Creating Website with Login + Comment System
  • Module 36 - Creating Website and Forum System
  • Module 37 - Creating Virtual Store / E-commerce
  • Module 38 - Creating Distance Learning Platform
  • Module 39 - Creating Social Network
  • Module 40 - PHP Frameworks
  • New Module 41 - Creating Custom Support System
  • New Module 42 - Creating E-mail Marketing System
  • New Module 43 - Web Scraping
  • New Module 44 - Creating Delivery System
  • New Module 45 - Payment Gateways
  • New Module 46 - Creating SMS System
  • New Module 47 - Creating Custom Reporting System
  • New module 48 - PHP 7.3
  • Module 49 new - Creating Relationship App
  • New Module 50 - Creating Online File Editing System
  • New Module 51 - Creating Search Engine
  • New 52 Module - Creating Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence
  • New Module 53 - Creating CMS 2.0 Panel (Advanced)
  • New 54 module - Chrome Tools
  • New Module 55 - Docker

Tudo sobre o curso pacote full-stack

About the author of the Full-Stack Package course

Danki Code is a web development company and also operates in the area of ​​online courses also focused on the subject. Based in Florianópolis, it develops innovative solutions for companies and also trains qualified and complete professionals for the IT area.

Danki Code was created by Guilherme Grillo, a professional with years of experience as a web and games programmer, who besides being a teacher of the courses, was the creator of the EAD Teaching Platform used by the company.

Today Danki.Code has more than 14 thousand students, from 7 to 60 years old, and this is a number that grows every day. The courses are developed from scratch, most students started from scratch and today are great developers.

Tudo sobre o curso pacote full-stack

Is the Full-Stack Package worth it?

Is the Full-Stack Package really worth it? Your results from the Full-Stack Package course are up to you. There's no reason to buy a course if you don't take full advantage. Dedication is mandatory!

Thankfully, the Full-Stack Package course is completely online. Thus providing many benefits such as:

Simplicity - You learn anytime you want.
You won't have to spend time going out to take the course Full-Stack Package.
The Full-Stack Package course can be opened from any mobile device.
Several payment options, with no monthly fees.
The Teacher has much more time to engage in the course material. 
Several payment options through Cards, Boletos, Paypal and others.
Simpler to learn the subject.
Great online support to help you throughout the course.
Audio, text and video classes.
 Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests for you to polish your knowledge on the subject.

Tudo sobre o curso pacote full-stack

Is the Full-Stack Package reliable?

Many are unsure about online courses. Absolutely right! You cannot trust any online course.

Luckily the Full-Stack Package course is administered by the online course platform called Hotmart. This platform is responsible for distributing most of the online courses in Brazil along with other trusted platforms called Eduzz, Monetizze and Udemy.

Any setback, you are insured by Hotmart's consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund and you will get your money back in your account. The guarantee for Hotmart courses can last for 7, 15 or 30 days.

Tudo sobre o curso pacote full-stack

Alternatives to the Full-Stack Package course

You may not have liked the Full-Stack Package course. So I will share some alternatives below.

In addition to listing more courses, we will show you books that can talk about the same topic as the Full-Stack Package course. We don't want to confuse your decision, but it has a lot of content that can complement your course.

I hope you enjoyed the Full-Stack Package course! If you prefer to share on social networks, we will be very happy. Take advantage of our website, and may it help you to learn more and more about this and other subjects!

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