10 mistakes doctors should avoid on Instagram 

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To be doctor in Brazil is a task dreamed of by many and a duty that few are able to carry out with primacy until the end. The truth is that the gift of guaranteeing people's lives for as long as possible is conquered after many years of dedication and continuous studies.

These professionals are not always valued, so many end up going into the world of entrepreneurship and creating their own clinics to provide more accurate and personal care to each of their patients.

This is a reality present today, which generates a lot of competition. The best way to deal with it is to have a good marketing plan. And medical marketing is experiencing the fastest growth ever.

It is increasingly common to see doctors on the most varied social networks present today. Some more famous than others, but it is quite likely that you have met a doctor and consulted their value because of the posts on social media.

The advent of the pandemic brought hundreds of doctors to the spotlight with different types of treatments and explanations about the most varied problems, as people could no longer leave their homes to attend appointments.

This made it necessary for this type of professional to know not only about the health area, but also about technology, because now they need it to disseminate their content. These doctors even needed to learn about the concept of firmware update to keep everything in order.

This is the greatest possible example of marketing we could give. A patient's need that is linked to different types of doubts that are resolved and answered by a certified professional with the freedom to act and speak the way they want.

That made the medical equipment sales explode on social networks, as well as online consultations and treatments and other means that different doctors can enjoy thanks to the strength of social networks in this century.

Be careful, not everyone can 

Although there is a high demand from people interested in the work of these professionals, we can say that, at least in the first moments, dealing with social networks is a hitherto unknown area.

If the professional then wants to be known or to increase the number of patients in his clinic using social networks, it is necessary to use strategies for this. As much as we are talking about health, it is still a product to be consumed.

As there is a product to be marketed and an image to be preserved, trained marketing professionals are needed to guide the best ways to make this successful case work.

a disposable apron, after being used, it must be thrown away, as it has already fulfilled its duty of existence.

But the image of the doctor is something that a person carries for a lifetime, so while acting correctly on social media can be amazing, it also has the chance to be disastrous.

With that in mind, we’ve separated 10 mistakes selected exclusively by professionals specialized in dealing with medical marketing so you don’t make them on Instagram. What is right we will talk about another time, but focus on what you shouldn't do now.

1- Not having a professional profile 

Having a professional profile is the first step for all doctors who want to be featured on Instagram, as they guarantee various data and benefits that ordinary accounts are not able to offer.

It's like having a list of hospital supplies at your disposal and simply ignore them during the surgery. The risk of putting the patient at risk is enormous. Therefore, create a professional page already guaranteeing the benefits and exclusivity that it offers.

2- Not having a strategic plan

There are thousands of medical pages around the world, so if you want your practice or your name recognized, you need to be different from the rest. And to be different, it will be necessary to adopt a strategic marketing plan.

They are usually made by social media, but you can mount them if you do the following steps:

  • Study competing doctors who worked on Instagram;
  • See the trends of social networks;
  • Study the best hashtags and titles for your specialty;
  • See daily relevant content for followers.

Doing all these analyzes is important when defining your strategy and knowing for sure what the best decisions and opportunities are. Many doctors don't do this and don't even know the best times to post, so they end up with no engagement.

3- Not publishing relevant content

Most of the audience that will follow you will not be your patient, but they are people who admire you, comment on and share your posts. At some point you will capitalize on someone from these networks.

Content created should be for people of interest and draw people to your clinic. Talking too hard or posting something that excludes surgery photos depending on the case can harm your engagement.

If you are an orthopedist, for example, you can talk about a electric wheelchair, but not from your tech specs as people will look for this on an engineering page for example.

4- Not practicing SEO on the internet

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, are formulas that aim to improve the ranking of your page and business website in search engines (such as Google or Bing). There are different ways to write texts or caption images to get a good rank.

Even the colors and calls make a difference in this regard. Many doctors care too much about words within the text and forget about keywords. No matter how good your content is, without SEO it may never be seen as a hospital sheet.

Many programs help pages to write texts, posts and captions with IF THE correct, but the ideal would be to have a specialist in the subject for this. So be careful about simply writing, but how you are writing and publicizing your posts.

5- Not defining your identity

One of the most recognized doctors in recent times is the orthopedist Paulo Muzy, who consolidated his image in the bodybuilding world, but added his image to a docile, sensitive husband in love with his wife.

That was the image that Muzy showed his more than 4 million followers. Many doctors do not do this or even try to build an image for their pages or clinics.

Whether more serious or relaxed, failing to have a well-defined image makes your follower not know who is following and all this generates disinterest. It's like seeing someone's story: either you watch everything they post, or you just ignore it.

6- Fail to advertise the office on Google

As much as there are several forms of online service, procedures and exams are usually done in clinics, so you necessarily need to advertise your office with images on Google as a occupational medicine company.

That way, by typing your name or the name of your clinic, people will be able to come to you. See telephone, price and everything necessary for a consolidated and structural service. Many doctors lose patients precisely because they do not use this strategy.

7- Stop investing in ads

Ads are clear ways that you're selling something, and when they're not made, people end up not knowing for sure what you're selling. It is necessary to invest in advertisements and publications so that your name is publicized on social networks.

8- Not speaking the language of the patients

Being too technical can lead to a different idea than what you're trying to convey. Authority is not hard talk, but knowing what it is and how to say something to your followers. We're talking about marketing a occupational medicine service.

If your patient doesn't understand, why will he pay a fee to come to your clinic? Be calm and create a question box, talk to them, let them ask.

9- Ignore criticism or recommendations

This is a point that directly hits our ego, so it's relevant. We know that the area of Medicine is exclusive as the area of Law and the mass public does not know, but if you do not listen to criticism and recommendations, you will never know what bothers you.

Even if it's hardly your fault, it's good to know and change or improve your speech so you don't make such an impression. Pay attention to patient feedback.

10- Fail to track results

Results are also the lifeblood of the business. You need to know what is engaging and what isn’t on your social networks, as well as what kind of content your followers comment and share the most and which they ignore.

Understanding all the ad campaigns and the profile of the people who follow and comment on your posts, all this data can be obtained by Instagram, but many doctors simply ignore it and keep investing in outdated practices.

Don't be one of those doctors anymore, see what works and avoid all the mistakes we've talked about so far precisely to increase the number of patients and followers of your page. Consider seeking help if you are short on time and knowledge.

Maybe a push from a marketer will help you get the engagement you've always wanted. Make an analysis of your reality and invest if you think it's necessary.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content on different segments.