Learn what clipping is and how this strategy can help in digital marketing

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One of the strategies most used by press officers is called clipping, a form of continuous monitoring of the company's image and that if used for marketing is capable of reaching impressive numbers.

When they say something about us, we immediately seek to know what they said, whether it was something positive or negative. Whether it was a truth or a lie and who are the people who made the comments.  

Our personal image is something we tend to preserve as much as possible and when we feel that our honor has been violated we immediately seek a solution. Whether personal or legal. 

The same occurs with the different companies around the world that seek to be known for their work and therefore need to keep up with digital media. There are even companies that pay for advertising just to be talked about out there.

You must have seen some celebrity that is forgotten and just out of nowhere appears on the gossip sites or newspapers out there. Even if it's not very comprehensive news, the fact is that these people may have spent money.

In today's article we will talk about clipping and its strength when used in digital marketing as a way to engage a person or company. 

What is clipping? 

The expression clipping was widely used in journalism and expanded to other areas of communication. The strategy consists of investigating various websites, portals, physical media and other means of communication on a specific topic. 

The question is to know what they are saying about you or a particular company and to check everything that has been said before to consolidate a strategy that until then was just image preservation or leverage. 

Just as a company does soil collection from different places to make the comparison. Clipping aims to collect news, articles, photos and video comments. 

It is an extremely exhausting work, but when done correctly it can generate several benefits for companies in the strategic issue. Many football players, celebrities and politicians use clipping to find out about their images. 

Clipping and keywords

Once again we show the importance of keywords in digital marketing. Clipping uses them precisely to check news and published articles of interest to the research.

It is clear the need for the company to have a marketing plan with keywords being used frequently in practically everything the company publicizes. There are several clipping programs that make the agglomeration of articles by keywords.

Therefore, in the same way that clipping can help in the digital marketing strategy, the marketing plan must be built to facilitate this type of consultation and many other marketing strategies supported by this “manual” of action; 

Whether to be found on social media or search engines, keywords are like a calibration service for when the company is going off course or without the opportunity to gain more engagement.

Hashtags in clipping

To complement everything we are saying, keywords are essential in building an integrated system with hashtags. Hashtags are shaped according to the moment, therefore, continuous study of their use is necessary. 

Think different from the keyword that directs your texts to a certain subject. Hashtag follows a subject that has been talked about for a long time. When people go to do their research it is usable even within a clipping. 

Social media monitoring 

Within traditional journalism, there is a work of monitoring social networks to ascertain possible news. This same work must be done when the objective is to clip a famous company or person. 

Follow the social networks of certain relevant people or possible comments about your company access controller it is part of the process of implanting a good image with the internet user, in addition to adding to future strategies. 

Many people receive frequent responses from their favorite companies, whether for a comment on social networks, but the fact is that this behavior of networks is necessary to integrate the brand image into the strategies of the marketing plan. 

But don't forget that in addition to following up with relevant people, it's essential to see what your audience says about your company. 

Offline media in digital marketing?

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is forgetting the power of radio and TV, for example, especially when the company's segment is aimed at an older audience. 

This means that not necessarily one medium influences the other, but it is important to know what each one is saying about you. The opinion of those who consume only social networks is vastly different from people who watch television all day. 

They are customers in the same way, so they need attention and monitoring, in addition, you need to know where your marketing campaigns will be more targeted in order to compose new customers on the axis of success foreseen for your dough divider.

Without offline media monitoring, how will you and your company sell to this audience? 

And when we are talking about companies located in the interior of capital cities, often the greatest access to information for these people is the local radio. Everything will depend on a case by case basis, so make sure you are aware of all media. 

Why have a clipping? 

Managing your company's image environmental projects It is extremely relevant to her progress. Just remember several cases where the image was tarnished and sales were never the same.

When you are growing and publishing content on digital media, you are no longer only responsible for what you sell, but for everything you do. Both the image of the company and the image of the individual need to be preserved.

Two interesting cases where clipping was important for image preservation was with two of the greatest football players in the world. The first of them was with the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and the Brazilian ace Neymar Júnior. 

Both were accused of a heinous crime and went public even before the mythical mass was publicized by the mainstream press. The opinion of right or wrong is divisive, but we are not judging the case, but analyzing the speed of the teams.

Before the news broke, Neymar had already published a video on his networks forcing all portals in the world to publish the news with the player's version even before the accuser's version. 

The same did not happen when the shirt 10 of the Brazilian team went to parties later in the pandemic. It's all about image monitoring and when that doesn't happen it's not possible to do any of these things:

  • Find out what people think and say about your brand;
  •  Anticipate problems;
  •  Detect outbreaks of crisis;
  •  Turn around in adverse situations;
  •  Control your own reputation in the media.

The image of the Brazilian is much more the target of news than the Portuguese star who, after the exhibition, managed to shield himself and today few people remember the case. We're also talking about the person who owns the biggest Instagram page in the world. 

Don't be afraid to use software 

Finally, all this clipping work is done with the help of different programs and trained people, doing it alone can be complicated, but not impossible. You will need a clinical eye, but time will be the greatest teacher. 

Use worksheets to help and make a IT consulting for small businesses capable of offering you a program or even developing a clipping system to preserve your image. All this is necessary and important in these matters of relevance. 

There are free programs that are widely used and easy to find on Google, but there is also the option to pay for exclusive tools. It is recommended to use free programs only at the beginning, but always with an automated spreadsheet.

This entire process is part of the care that your hydraulic connections need to have in order to preserve the image that it has tried so hard to build over the years. 

So don't forget, monitoring your company's image is essential to avoid and control possible future problems.

These benefits only add to your company, being from any branch from supermarkets to even a metal perforated sheet.

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