Google, Gmail and Email account names

It rages when you go to create a Google account and put your new email and soon you are faced with the message [“This username is already in use. Try another.]. Does that irritate you too? In this article we will give tips on how to choose names of email, gmail and google account without headaches.

Google and Gmail accounts are among the most popular and created on the internet, a must for every user of both the Google Chrome browser and Android smartphones. With that in mind we decided to write this guide to help you choose names for Google and Gmail accounts. The tips in this article will also help you create names for your email accounts on other websites when they already exist.

Why is it so difficult to choose the Google Name I want?

As we mentioned, having a Google account is essential for android users and people who surf the internet. You can be sure that there are at least 100,000 people with your name and at least 1000 people with your first and last name.

So it’s very likely that someone else with the same name or idea of ​​yours created the email you’d like to create well before you did. Hundreds of other people also tried the same thing and created the variations you would like to have created. Unfortunately it is always like this!

The e-mail @ and variants are very popular with hackers, scammers and bots. Which makes it quite complicated to create new variations and keywords to have a good login, name or gmail. It becomes a difficult task to put your name and nickname without using random number variations which can be quite annoying for some. 

Because of the gigantic demand for bots and scammers using Gmail, it becomes increasingly difficult to create good nicknames and account names on Google or Gmail. Names for your account can be repeated, you can simply use your name or nickname, but the email address cannot be repeated. 

Nomes para conta do google, gmail e e-mail

Tips for choosing a Google Gmail email name 

The first thing that Google suggests when we come across existing email is to add random numbers. In my opinion this is a bad idea, we do not recommend numbers in your email. 

Numbers is nothing professional and it doesn't usually make any sense. It would be best to try a variation of your first and last name using special characters like [.] Or [-]. For example, [email protected] or [email protected]

Of course, if you have common names and surnames, these strings will probably already exist. You may be able to end your full name using acronyms such as initials and ending letters of a given name. Usually when I register on a website I use login kevinbk, it has nothing to do with my surname but it makes sense to me for remembering a game I liked in childhood (Banjo Kazooie). 

If you want a professional business email, it would be best not to abbreviate your first and last name. Always try a gmail that is short and easy to remember and type. Avoid nicknames or shameful nicknames, especially if it is work email. 

Avoid placing information such as personal tastes, religion, political preference or anything that may affect your neutrality. Things can change with the years, you don't want to change your email because you don't like something anymore.

The worst thing about creating an email that I find very ridiculous is putting the year. I see people with [email protected] and I find this very ridiculous. It's okay if it's the date of birth or an important year in a person's life, but most people only create by creating.

You can also post your job, job, specialty, location, department

Summarizing the Tips for choosing a Google email name are:

  • Avoid numbers; 
  • Use dots and dashes; 
  • Use the first and last name; 
  • Avoid abbreviating your first name; 
  • Prioritize short names; 
  • No diminutives;
  • Use Department name;
  • Use company name;
  • Use Location;
  • Use specialty;
Nomes para conta do google, gmail e e-mail

Suggestions for Email account and Name on Google

The suggestions below are combinations of names and other personal information to create your email on Google or another email service like Microsoft or Yahoo. If the suggestions below already exist when creating your account, you can vary them with symbols and dots.

Names for custom email accounts:

What should I include in my professional email signature?

Your professional email signature must include your first and last name, title, company (with a website link) and contact information. Your company may also provide a logo and / or stipulate that you create links to their social profiles (or your own).

Nomes para conta do google, gmail e e-mail

Use alternatives to

You don't always have to use @ to have a Google account. You can register with Google with any personalized email, you can use an email from your company, website or simply a hotmail or similar. I personally like and use @

Of course, the best thing is to have everything centered in your Gmail inbox, maybe another alternative is to subscribe to G-Suite or Workspace to have your company's email linked to Google's own Gmail. But be aware that you don't have to pay for this to add a specific email to your G-mail box, only if you want to use the Google server to receive and filter emails.

I use shared hosting that is cheaper than paying for Google's personalized email service, as well as being able to host client sites and some projects. Have an email with your own domain [email protected] will open doors for you to have an email personalized just with your name, without the headache of creating long variations to be able to create your Google account.

How much does a professional email address cost?

Although some e-mail services advertise to be free, few really cost anything. That said, if you already pay for web hosting, your domain name usually comes with free business email installed on the server that can be created by Cpanel or another system.

If you want to pay hosting companies just for email servers it can cost about 3 to 5 dollars a month depending on the amount. There are more expensive or cheaper options. The important thing is to always use a custom domain when working with e-mail marketing.

Which is better: Workspace (G Suite) or Microsoft 365?

The G Suite which is now called Workspace costs from R $ 24 per month. It is incredibly scalable, with no limit on the number of users, regardless of the plan. Simple and easy to use, it offers cloud storage and other perks for that amount.

Microsoft 365 is similarly priced and is best suited for companies running Windows. It offers more functionality than the G Suite (for example, it allows you to sort and group emails) and provides more storage in your basic plan.

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How to choose an Easy Password for Gmail and websites?

Something that often happens to people is that they forget their Google Account password. This is mainly because Google requires us to use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. 

One way to never forget passwords is to start with a capital letter, a sequence of numbers and end with a period or special character. You can use the same similar password on all sites where you register, just create variations in the words before or after the standard numerical sequence to avoid vulnerability from hackers. 

For example: AB134679gmail. or Gmail316497!

If you start to standardize your passwords in this way, changing just a few positions and names from one account to another, you will be safe and easy to remember your password. The most difficult thing will be to create a numerical sequence.