EduGram - Monetization for Educational website


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Looking for a way to monetize and generate income with an educational website, courses, schools, contests, college, law, universities and the like? In this article we are going to talk about the EduGram affiliate platform.

What is the Edugram Affiliate Platform?

Edugram is a affiliate platform of Russian origin specializing in CPA campaigns with a high commission rate in the education, school, learning and knowledge niche. We have provided courses from universities as work elaboration platforms such as Studybay Brasil.

On the platform you will find campaigns for all countries, in addition to the international and Brazilian StudyBay, we have some platforms such as Author24, Skycoach, unopar, anhanguera, and 24h school which is a kind of Subscription Reinforcement.

One of Edugram's advantages is the types of advertising they offer to convert leads to your website. They have several banners, chatbot, widgets and capture bars that dramatically increase your conversion.

The program also has a referral system for affiliates that motivated me to write this article (5% commission on referral sales to Edugram). So I invite you in advance to register using my link on the button below:

StudyBay's educational niche generates a lot of income

Thousands of people go to college or graduate school every year. Many need to do academic work, monographs and TCCs but do not have the time or the patience to do so, so they prefer to pay someone.

When I visited my cousin in 2016, I learned that his wife had a website that generated 10,000 reais a month just by outsourcing teachers to do academic work. This in a simple Wix site paying Google Ads.

From then on I completely forgot about it, but I have a website that usually publishes articles about languages ​​and word lists, one day my friend told me about the Edugram platform, I registered and started posting advertisements on my website.

Soon I had several Leads generated and the first conversions. I personally found it more advantageous than selling Hotmart courses, since there the student looks for what he wants to pay. Studybay also does a lot of work like translation, writing and others.

Edugram - monetization for educational website

My first Edugram earnings

My first commission was 150 reais out of 500 from the client's order, a total of 27 dollars went to my wallet. StudyBay's commission is 30%. The sales funnel can be a little thin, but it is worth mentioning that in addition to the 30 days of cookies, the orders generated are like leads and are eternal.

As you can see in the report below, traffic conversion is 11%, a very high number of leads generated in relation to clicks. Of 336 visits, about 40 people requested a quote on the Studybay platform.

These tests were performed on a site that receives organic visits, with a side chatbot and indications to the Studybay platform within the article. I believe that these 336 clicks were obtained in the middle of 3000 visits in specific articles.

Edugram - monetization for educational website

How to Become a StudyBay Affiliate?

Just register with Edugram and click on campaigns, there you will find all the platforms you can join, all the details like commission, duration of cookies and others.

The advantage of Studybay is that you can not only sell finished jobs, but you can also earn commission from teachers who sign up on the platform to generate income by doing jobs for others. You earn commission from all sides!

In the campaign in question, you can click on Access and then leave a message, 1000% sure that they will approve. Edugram also has great support and chat to answer questions. They also get in touch through Facebook and Telegram, a very nice platform to work with.

To increase your sales on StudyBay, you can do articles related to CBTs and Monographs, usually yields a lot of visits and conversions. You can also include banners even on college job sites.

PubEditoriais, paid ads, everything can be used to convert and generate income on Edugram with Studybay and other educational platforms. If you know other strategies, you can share in the comments.

Edugram - monetization for educational website

Double your earnings on Edugram Translating your website

If you have an educational website with articles, word lists or knowledge for students and students, you may want to expand those articles by translating them into another language. This allows you to generate income with Studybay international and other work platforms within Edugram.

We recommend translating your website into English, Russian and Spanish. You can do this using WordPress plugins like Translatepress or Tools that translate website into any language like GTranslate PRO.

So you will double your website visits, increase Adsense income and sell more with Edugram and other CPA affiliate platforms. I wrote a full article on how I translated my site and circumvented the Google Translator API.

If you found Translatepress a little expensive, I have a Developer license and can translate the site for you. Enter in contact so that we can make a budget. What do you think about overcoming language barriers?

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