Data Marketing: Know What It Is And How To Use This Strategy

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O marketing date is one of the strategies that is gaining more and more users in recent years. Large companies were already using data to build new strategies, but with the new programs, its use was improved.

The constant attempt by numerous companies to record the purchase pattern of their consumers and leads (possible customers) in order to map them and build more assertive marketing strategies that justify the investment made.

In other words, obtaining data generates the insights used by the company. For this data to be collected, it is necessary to extract it from the consumers and leads themselves.

There are even several companies that provide IT support for small businesses and others that make the so-called consultancies, where through performance analysis solutions are proposed that aim to increase the gains generated.

There are many consumers who unfortunately do not give due value to this type of strategy, especially when it comes to segments where there is a large volume of customers and the impression is that if the house is full, everything is fine.

Many factors that can involve the volume of customers, competition, actions and quality of communication with the consumer must be taken into account before taking a verdict that everything is going well.

Full house is a good sign, but there may be factors that mitigate these results or mask the reality. To find out if this is the case for your company, you need to know how to perform data analysis carefully.

Today we'll talk about data marketing, with the aim of showing you the importance of obtaining data and how to acquire it without invading your consumers' privacy.

At the end of the article, it can benefit your business in several sectors.

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The relevance of data marketing

Data is the best way to guide a company's actions. O Google, for example, is a company based on billions of data that are used in different ways in more than 100 different tools.

Note that there is a type of tool for practically every action of our day, such as: maps, transportation apps, food, supermarket, delivery, parties, drinks, discount coupons, clothing, appointments, messages and others.

There are even tools inside our phones that calculate the daily usage and the time we spend specifically in each app in order to map all our actions. Whenever we install something on the cell phone or computer, we accept different terms of use.

These terms are accepted in exchange for internet solutions for different situations that we live. It is clear that there are laws such as the recent LGPD (General Data Protection Law) that mandate the healthy use of data obtained by these companies.

Virtually all companies use this data in Data Marketing, which aims to generate the following benefits:

1- Facilitate decision making 

A company that wants to build a safer and more assertive investment environment needs to have a good database. You can't just put a corporation's money on guesswork.

Make a decision that involves the entire development of a project that will demand of all employees of the company is not something easy. 

Data marketing helps to understand in a cohesive way the consumption pattern of people who consume different brands.

In this way, it is possible to create the best strategies and direct the different investments to improve the brand's results.

2 – Trends are understood more quickly

There are branches in which the work is fixed and based on the fulfillment of tasks as a accounting consultancy, but there are other segments where it is necessary to always be aware of new trends. 

Data marketing is responsible for checking consumption changes that may lead to the generation of a trend. The sooner managers identify them, the easier it will be to adapt to this change.

Thus, it is possible to prevent future losses or even surf the wave and make a very interesting profit. Anyway, the data works like safety valves that help companies understand the changes.

3 – Companies become competitive

The more applied data marketing is, the greater the understanding of how your customers act. 

If your product matches customers and solves their needs, your business will almost certainly always be among the most competitive industries.

Thanks to all this new reality, it is possible to achieve what we call better measurement of results. 

Think that through digital tools it is possible to demonstrate other diverse services that are obtaining the most varied results.

Just like the thermometer calibration is done after several trials and errors, the result is generated with the potential return on investment generated thanks to the competitiveness of the brand.

All of this creates a kind of success route, which basically works as a path to be followed by the company that worked on several other occasions. 

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Applying in your company 

Now that we understand a little bit about Data Marketing and the benefits it can generate for companies that started to apply it, we need to know how to make this data a reality close to the brand.

Many companies understand what they need to accomplish, but unfortunately they get a little lost in carrying out the tasks. Maybe it's because of the difficulty in finding a good leadership capable of managing the actions of the business. 

It is necessary to create a type of level sensor focused on understanding the trends and actions needed by a company. We already know that data marketing is based on obtaining and using data in order to understand the brand's consumers.

Using Big Data

Big Data is a set of techniques used to deal with large volumes of data, that is, in addition to being able to understand the quantitative limits of all data, it is necessary to interpret them correctly for the right exposure.

There are professionals specialized in organizing data in dashboards using Big Data and they are very well paid people. This shows the market's need to bring people specialized in this field. 

The main ones are:

  • branch of medicine;
  • traffic management;
  • Marketing and sales;
  • Quality control;
  • General finance (personal or corporate).

Using Big Data within your company's Data Marketing platform is like a autotransformer of reality, but for that, it is necessary to understand what we call the 3Vs of Big Data.

The first V is Volume, that is, it is associated with a large amount of data that can be generated and captured in different ways and means. Whether inside or outside the company.

Variety is second, and is linked to the different types of data generation. In this case, it is necessary to look at the complexity of the data and what are the chances of being useful for the business. An entire organization is made to understand this.

And finally, the speed to be able to transmit and handle all the data. As difficult as the data is to use, it needs to be filtered and organized quickly so that actions can be taken as quickly as possible. 

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hitting the right person

A company that will start working on social media in search of greater engagement for its brand image needs to understand which publications will be made and who it will aim to conquer.

The competitive differential, as we've already said, is how you can leverage the effects of your actions, acting directly on the consumer.

There are many effects that can serve as sinks of engagement, but for this to be understood, it is only through the study of obtained data. 

Think that you may be all the time carrying out the type of action that is not what should be done.

Be it more aggressive actions or greater contact with the consumer, the important thing is to know the type of content you should publish. And look, we're just talking about an example, which makes up social networks, but which could involve other areas.

This is how scientists and designers understand which types of colors and designs are most effective on consumers. Adding to a whole psychological study, but understanding the reality of the company they are working for. 

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Final considerations

Throughout the article we understand the real importance in marketing for the life of any entrepreneur. Today's world, just as before, is dependent on the amount of data obtained. 

Therefore, above any number of data, it is necessary to know how to interpret and expose them correctly so that understanding is possible. In this way, actions involving the company can be taken much more easily. 

This type of action is done with the largest companies in the world, and is not far from the reality of a municipal ice cream parlor or even a real estate office.

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