Comparison of PHP Server Panels and Managers

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Have you heard of Runcloud, Serverpilot, Cyberpanel, Cloudron, Gridpane, SpinupWP,, Forge and others panels or platforms? Which one to choose? In this article we will see some comparisons of these panels and server managers in PHP and other web languages.

Runcloud - The best in my opinion

I currently use Runcloud, I really like its simplicity and being very direct and objective. It is easy to administer, super secure and fully optimized for your website to perform well.

It runs Nginx native or Nginx + Apache, gives full support to Redis, Memcached, PHP-FPM, uses maria DB, supports GIT and has a backup system. Its price is very affordable, costing 8 $ the PRO version for limited applications on a server.

I personally don't see any drawbacks using Runcloud. There is a free version, but it does not natively support HTTPS. We have already written a full article talking about the Runcloud, you can read it by clicking here.

Comparação de painéis e gerenciadores de servidores php

Serverpilot - The old fad

Serverpilot was one of the most famous systems used to install PHP in one click on VPS or cloud servers. This is all because it was completely free, but currently it only offers paid plans and at a slightly steep price compared to Runcloud.

Like Runcloud, Serverpilot offers PHP-FPM and Nginx with Apache. Unfortunately it does not offer native Nginx and its database system is the traditional MySQL. Its price also ends up being higher if you want several apps and servers.

I used Serverpilot, but I currently don't see any advantage in using that system to manage your server or cloud. Maybe in the future they may not offer better options and plans? It is still a good choice.

Comparação de painéis e gerenciadores de servidores php

cloudron - no more codes and complications

Cloudron it is a system that you install directly on your cloud or VPS, equivalent to a CPANEL. The main difference is that Cloudron is totally user friendly and works by installing things in one click without relying on codes.

The big problem is that the cloudron takes it so seriously that you don't even want to allow a remote connection to your database. Managing your website files is only possible with the terminal, which is also available in the administration panel.

Despite this limitation, cloudron is completely free and supports several applications in addition to PHP. With cloudron you can install Ghost CMS and applications in node.js, email and other languages ​​other than PHP.

Cloudron isolates applications installed inside the server so that they are not affected by each other. This isolation is so strong that it makes your server very secure and free from any complications. It can be installed in one click on Digital Ocean.

The system also makes external backups of your applications and offers installations in one click of applications such as Lamp,, rainloop, openvpn, sufer, gitlab, meemo, mailtrain, roundcube, nobebb, minio, discourse, minecraft server and many others.

Comparação de painéis e gerenciadores de servidores php

Cyberpanel - Alternative to cpanel

Cyberpanel is a free alternative to Cpanel that you install on your cloud or VPS, much more beautiful, lighter and offers more options than another Manager. The great advantage of Cyberpanel is that it uses OpenLiteSpeed instead of Nginx and Apache.

O OpenLiteSpeed is a different PHP server, relatively new and has many advantages over the Nginx, allowing to execute more requests, becoming much faster. Another advantage is the LS Cache perfect for your wordpress site.

Cyberpanel also offers an email server, automatic installers, GIT Deployment, automatic SSL, security and even support for Docker and Node.js. Cyberpanel also uses MariaDB and Pure-FTPD and can be installed in one click on Digital Ocean.

Comparação de painéis e gerenciadores de servidores php

Gridpane and SpinupWP - Wordpress Managers

Gridpane is an online panel like serverpilot and runcloud. It was built entirely for professional wordpress. It offers almost the same things as a Runcloud like nginx, mysql, redis and others. It is possible to create websites in a few steps.

It is said to be superior to other alternatives, promises to be exclusive to WordPress, offers cloning between servers, WP-CLI and even offers ElasticSearch and Elasticpress. I did not get to test to know its real advantage over the others.

The major disadvantage of the GridPane is its price. The smallest plan costs an absurd $ 30 a month. There are $ 100 plans and others that cost up to $ 300. If the person has several sites, it may be advantageous to pay the $ 30 as it allows unlimited servers and sites.

Comparação de painéis e gerenciadores de servidores php

Like the previous alternative, the SpinupWP is optimized to run WordPress sites. Natively it offers Nginx, PHP, MySQL / MariaDB, and Redis. Its price also comes close to Runcloud with plans starting at $ 9.

It also offers WP-CLI, website isolation, SFTP, automatic SSL, Git Deploy and promises the best cache system ever. I have not tested this option either, but I believe it is not different from the other alternatives mentioned in the article., lavandel Forge and others is another perfect alternative for those who want to work with wordpress, php, laravel, github, gitlab, bitcuket and others. Their plans start at $ 15 and offer unlimited servers and websites.

For those who want to use an application using the Lavarel framework, we recommend; It offers Nginx, Postgres, Redis and other features like Github, bitbucket and others already mentioned. The cheapest plan costs 12 dollars.

I believe that all other server management services offer similar functions. So instead of delving into each one, we’ll list below other alternatives for you to take a look at.

  • Cloudways;
  • LAMP;
  • Plesk;
  • Cpanel;
  • ISPmanager Vepp;
  • Ajenti;
  • ZesleCP;
  • CentminMod;
  • EasyEngine;
  • ClusterCS;
  • Cleaver;
  • Cipi;
  • SlickStack;
  • Amezmo;
  • OVIPanel;
  • Webnoly;
  • AgiusCloud;
  • LaunchPal;

What is the best service to manage your server or cloud?

Undecided on which of the services mentioned above to choose? Many sites directly recommend Cloudways as the best option, but in reality they just want to earn the good commission that that expensive service offers.

If you want to save money, better install the cyberpanel or cloudron in your cloud at Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr or any other Ubuntu server. Both are free and complete, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you really want to pay for an external manager, I strongly recommend Runcloud that I've been using for years with no problem. This is actually the cheapest and most complete option among paid managers.

Why use a paid manager instead of a free one? If you choose a paid external manager, you will have a better performance, leaving your server lighter with only the necessary files.

Options like Cyberpanel and Cloudron end up weighing your server more, but in return it allows you to install things in node.js and other languages ​​more easily. No matter which option you choose, they all allow you to install anything via root and SSH.

You are not limited to choosing any of the alternatives in this article. Just be aware that some options are more user friendly and natively offer functions that others don't.

For me the best option is Runcloud which natively offers Nginx + Redis, making my WordPress faster without many headaches. If you want a cheaper and unlimited option, use cyberpanel, if you want something more friendly, use cloudron.

I hope the tips in this article will help you choose the best option for your server or cloud. If you liked the article, share and leave your comments. Thank you and see you next time! Do you know any other alternative?