Is Apple products just brand? Why do I use iOS and macOS?


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In Brazil, those who use Apple products such as Iphone, Ipad or Imac are called Burguês Safado. Unfortunately Apple has become synonymous with the brand, where people use their products to show off, taking their true merit.

You can see that most people in the middle of digital marketing use Apple products, not least because they have a lot of money and don't even mind buying a product at the official Brazilian store.

It is undeniable that the prices of apple products are well above the competition. You can be sure that nobody likes it, but abroad people just don't care because it is a small difference for their pockets compared to the people who live in Brazil.

- Why do I like Mac Os? - My iOS experience

Are we paying more for less?

Unfortunately yes, there are no excuses, whoever buys apple products is aware that they pay more for less. It makes no sense to pay 4,500 reais on an Iphone XR, since abroad it sells for 750 dollars, which is equivalent to less than 3,000 reais.

With about 1,200 reais we can buy a Chinese brand Android with finish and hardware similar to the Iphone or even better. Nothing justifies paying 4,000 on a phone, even more so in a country where the minimum wage is around 1,000 reais and there is no security.

Android phones with similar hardware that are sold abroad cost about $ 300, while the top-of-the-line iPhone costs almost $ 1,000. It remains expensive compared to the competition, but the person does not feel injured as in Brazil.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

If a Galaxy S10 costs 500 reais and an Iphone 1,000, even if the samsung is half the price, paying 1,000 reais on an Iphone would not be bad for your pocket. This is the reality of foreigners and the rich, it makes no difference to their pockets.

a X-all it costs half the price of a homemade hamburger, and usually has many more ingredients. Still, they are two similar things, but different. Many prefer to eat an X-tudo for the price and because it is bigger, but others prefer the handmade ones.

The same thing happens with its other products like Mac and Ipad. Abroad you can buy a new Ipad at the store for less than $ 350. It is as if you were there at the street vendor and paid 350 reais on a tablet, although there are 150 reais.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

In my opinion the Ipad is the cheapest part from Apple, while the Iphone is the most expensive and insecure part. Still, apple offers premium products at a very high price, such as its accessories and computers that cost at least $ 1,000.

Despite its high cost, when using Apple for a long time I guarantee that my savings and profit was much higher than if I spend my money buying products from another brand, later on you will understand the reason.

Why is Apple so expensive?

Many claim that Apple profits about 40% from the sale of each device. Other surveys say that Apple profits only 20% from the sale of each device, while the other brands of android phones usually profit about 5%.

I firmly believe in 20% profit, as shown in the video below. The other cellphone brands only need to worry about the manufacture of the phone, every operating system is open source, in addition to being managed by Google and not by the manufacturers.

Brazilian finds a daughter of the pot the company to profit 20% while the others profit 5%. Have you ever stopped to think how much companies in Brazil do not profit on your back? The profit of street vendors and shopping malls on products exceeds 100%. A basic example is the cell phone cases that cost 0.50 cents and sell for 15 reais.

Company CEO Tim Cook says the iPhone's price is in line with the technology you're getting. It probably includes iOS in the final product value. You are not only paying for the hardware, but also for the operating system.

We can see that it's not just the iphone that goes up in price. The Samsung S10 can cost more than an iPhone XR and I don't see anyone crucifying the company. So I put Samsung and Apple at the same price level.

The main difference between Samsung and Apple is the demand for mobile phones that makes the price drop. An iPhone takes time to be considered outdated, its value does not fall quickly like other brands, this keeps the price up there. Not to mention that Samsung releases dozens of models a year.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

Something similar happens in the gaming world. Nintendo has the exclusives with the highest number of sales, where their physical media does not drop in price even after 3 years of release. PS4 games in a few months, you can buy exclusives for less than half the price.

Unfortunately the biggest cause of the iphone being so expensive is our shitty economy in Brazil with a dollar above 4 reais. Apple will not lower the price of its iPhones because it does not even manage to keep up with demand, so it would have no reason to lower it.

I spend less using Apple products

Many do not invest in Apple due to its price, but in reality I save more using Apple products, that's why I like the company so much. After I started enjoying your products, I saved time, patience and money.

My first Apple product was purchased in Japan and it was the Ipad Air 2 in which I paid 1300 reais new in the store in 2016. Together I bought the mac mini i5 dual core 3.0 8gb ram 1tb of fusion drive for 3,000 reais new in the store.

I spent 2 years with the iPad and Mac Mini, without any headaches and with a wonderful experience that saved a lot of stress and time I had with windows and exchanging parts with a desktop.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

I believe that my experience with macOS and iOS improved my productivity by 200%, thus improving my profit and patience. With my old windows desktop I spent much more than 3,000 reais making upgrades and exchanging parts in a period of 3 years.

In 2018 I returned to Japan and decided to upgrade my Mac Mini by buying the new model with 6 cores. It heats much less and is fully SSD. I paid a total of 4,000 reais on the new mac mini, but the dollar was also 4 reais.

On that trip I also bought an Ipad Pro of 3500 reais with smart keyboard + Apple TV 4G 64gb for 700 reais. It seems like a huge expense, rich thing, but in fact, do you know how I paid for this product upgrade?

As soon as I arrived in Brazil I sold my old mac mini for 2800 reais on the open market. I could have sold more expensive if I wanted, but since I had missed the return flight and was in debt, I delivered it cheaper.

That is, by selling my used Apple product, I was able to upgrade with just 1,000 reais. As an Apple TV I was able to let go of my computer cable set for TV, as well as being able to mirror all my devices on the TV.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

Of course, there are cheaper and even better alternatives, but it is exactly the simplicity and limitation of Apple products that makes me like the company more. I'm not a fanboy, I know that Apple falters a lot, a lot, and more than the others.

I am not a masochist, I really need Apple's limitations for personal reasons and also to totally improve my productivity. I spent a lot of time doing random things when I didn't have such limits.

Why do I like mac OS?

I spent my entire life using windows and always its latest versions, while there are still people using windows 7. I was tired of spending so much time installing programs, removing viruses and formatting the computer.

I was also tired of the numerous windows of errors and bugs that I encountered in the course of my life. Wasted hours with compatibility issues, driver updates and weekly system updates.

I tried an alternative to improve my productivity and stop wasting time with random programs and games. I installed some linux and ubuntu partitions, but I also had compatibility problems with my video and I came across many bugs.

Apple products is only brand? Why do I use ios and macos? - terminal

I thought it was really cool to use linux, but I missed a lot that I didn't have for the system and ended up realizing that I spent more time with the terminal than with the distractions of the windows. I had a tremendous desire to use macOS.

I even tried to do hackintoshi but with no success. When I went to Japan I decided to invest in a mac mini, the cheapest option. I tried to get the more robust version, but it was still a downgrade compared to my old 4 core processor.

Windows is still the largest operating system compatible with all games and programs, but the mac was well above linux and maintained its fluidity. One thing I loved about macOS was how easy it was to install programs and how they work.

I think apple's work apps are far superior to Microsoft's Office. I also loved the video editor iMovies and other programs native to the system. For the first time I accepted and had a good experience with icloud cloud.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

So much so that unfortunately I feel obliged to buy an expensive iPhone to maintain the integration that I have between my macOS and iPad. I defend the operating system and the Ipad, but the price of the iPhone cannot be defended.

Both macOs and iOS are not bug-free and totally secure as some might imagine. All operating systems have problems, I feel that macOS ends up being delayed in its updates that do not bring many innovations.

Your default browser, Safari, was the only one that managed to get me out of the Google Chrome disease. This was not an easy task, I still suffer from a lack of extensions that were removed in version 12 of Safari, in addition to the lack of constant updates.

Although Google Chrome is superior in many ways, I managed to adapt and like Safari, even because I use it on iPad and iPhone, maintaining a unique integration between the systems.

My iOS experience

The truth is, I never liked Android. I've worked in cellphone stores and got angry at Android, a deadly hatred, even though it's currently 100% better than it used to be. Before iOS, I used the late Windows Phone.

I loved Windows Phone, but the lack of applications totally killed the system, forcing me to go to the iPhone despite being reluctant with the price. I refused to go to Android, and even today seeing him as superior, I'm still afraid.

I recently bought an android for my grandfather, the rugged Huawei Honor X8, I thought it was beautiful. Only 1,000 reais and already had face ID and everything that a top of the line phone has to offer. Still, I was unable to adapt to the system.

Apple products is only brand? Why do I use ios and macos? - ipad pro menu

IOS has its limitations, but it's still more fluid, my old iPhone 6s is more fluid than the Hauwai Honor X8 that I liked so much. After you start using something fluid and take something non-fluid, you notice the difference.

I was also unable to adapt the settings and how to organize the system. I prefer the simple way that iOS does things, even though Android allows customizations. IOS also has outdated things like Siri with a Google Assistant.

The iOS apps and store is much more organized, some apps that I use daily are better on iOS than on Android. The fact that it is closed to the user is another strong point that I like the system even more. Many must think contrary to mine.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

Despite all this, the only thing that makes me have an iPhone today is the integration with my other devices, if I would not have migrated to Android, because in Brazil it is not worth the price paid. Of course I also like the system, since I got used to just about everything on iOS.

I believe that only rich people like to pay more than 4,000 on an iPhone, not to mention those who buy only by status and brand of apple, without even feeling a difference between operating systems. Despite feeling like criticizing these people, let them spend their money as they want.

Is it worth buying an APPLE PRODUCT?

I already mentioned in the article that I find the iPhone the most insignificant part of the company, despite the most popular. I couldn't resist myself and bought the iPhone XR for 4,000 reais to avoid abandoning the operating system and maintaining my integration with the other devices.

A person can opt for the iPhone if he is looking for a simple device to operate, with more developed and optimized apps, works with content creation and social networks like Instagram. It needs restrictions and native limit functions that are impossible to circumvent.

Apple products is only brand? Why do I use ios and macos? - ipad pencil

Another advantage of the iPhone is its falling price. You can use the device for several years and then sell it at a high price, showing that your investment was not a waste. Unfortunately it is a fragile and small piece that can fall and break like any cell phone.

The person can opt for an iPhone if they want a device to be used for several years and that does not stop receiving updates for a long time. Or for those who want to feel satisfied with fluidity, brand, status and a little ostentation.

The iPad in my opinion is the best product from Apple and also the cheapest and most cost effective. I already wrote an article saying that an iPad can replace a computer in many people's homes.

The Apple Watch is literally a watch for anyone who wants to replace a phone. I never got to test it but I really want to, although there are many Smart Watch cheaper and with many similar features. I cannot give an opinion on such a product, but some claim to be the best product of the company.

Is apple products just brand? Why do I use ios and macos?

An iMac is wonderful, but very expensive, so I chose to easily import a MacMini. If you live abroad, an iMac must be your best option. About MacBooks, I personally prefer the iPad that meets my needs outside the home.

Regarding the macOs operating system, it was undoubtedly the best migration I did. Currently Windows is great, yet it is always good to test something different and fall in love with the ease and fluidity of the system. Those who use macOs hardly abandon it.

The only problem with macOs is the lack of support with games, but personally you don't miss out on anything. If you want an easy-to-use operating system, with a unique suite of applications and superior performance, try macOs.

I don't know if I was able to explain it properly because I use Apple products. I may have traveled a little, but that was my text. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.

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